The second part of this video by Dayz of Noah speaks more on the Metaverse and a lot of the creepy technology that they want to push upon people as normal. Children are especially being targeted through use of these technologies. A great video series to educate yourself on the future of technologies and how they could mould into our very society. Watch and read part 1 here.


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Dayz of Noah  00:00

fascinating and creepy.

Satya Nadella  00:01

You’re conferencing with colleagues, you can be with them in the same room. Mesh for Microsoft Teams will allow you to connect with presence and have a shared immersive experience directly in teams.

Jason Warnke  00:15

We’ve also created an incredible immersive space that’s now seamlessly accessible directly through teams. Why don’t we go check it out?

Ellyn Shook  00:25

Here we are, Jason and your avatar looks awesome. Something that I really like is how freely you can move around and have face to face conversations.

Jason Warnke  00:34

That’s exactly –

Dayz of Noah  00:37

Freely you can move around and have face to face conversations. Sure,

Jason Warnke  00:44

– right. We’ve helped more than 100 Team gatherings in these immersive spaces where people can connect, learn and collaborate because they’re truly in the same place together.

Ellyn Shook  00:53

The solution has been a game –

Dayz of Noah  00:55

truly in the same place together. Are they truly in the same place together? Truly? You see the words, you see how they play that everything is elastic at this point. This post modernism has been reified to a degree that I wouldn’t have imagined this early right?

Ellyn Shook  01:17

– changer for onboarding about 100,000 people a year. And like many organisations, onboarding has been remote for the past 18 months. So bringing our new hires into this immersive environment –

Dayz of Noah  01:30

I mean they don’t even got legs. It is just a floating torso. How was that real? How does that feel real? How does that feel normal?

Ellyn Shook  01:43

– postures immediate and deeper connections. It transcends physical boundaries and helps individuals experience a culture in a very personal way. Our new hires meet many more people and grow their professional network much faster.

Dayz of Noah  01:57

Freakin weird man. More than gawkers? Yes, freakin weird.

Jason Warnke  02:03

In IT, we’re thrilled how easily we could unlock meshes capabilities through teams. The integration with Microsoft 365 makes everything feel familiar. But on top of that, spatial audio makes everything sound just like it would in person. And I love seeing and hearing our colleagues collaborating and whiteboarding and using this space for productivity.

Dayz of Noah  02:24

Look she’s just floating around. She looks like Slimer, what was that his name from Ghostbusters? Right she’s floating,

Ellyn Shook  02:40

This doesn’t just feel real, it is real. It’s been exciting to see an idea become a reality in such a short time. Enabling presence and connection that transcends location, keeps our culture vibrant wherever we’re working, and levels the playing field to create equal and inclusive experiences.

Satya Nadella  02:59

The Metaverse is not just transforming how we see the world. It’s changing how all of us actively participate in it. And we can’t wait to see what you build and how you bring people together with this technology.

Dayz of Noah  03:16

Goodness gracious. Jesus help us. Oh. And of course, Microsoft. Oh, no, man. The Metaverse, right? Yeah man. What’s that one movie? There’s a movie where people get like trapped in the television. I know you guys know this movie. It was a good one, like an 80s classic. And they get trapped in the television and they like can’t get out. And they’re like part of shows and stuff it is really good. Somebody has gonna come up with it. Shout out to Frequency in the house. Good to see you, brother. Y’all remember that movie? It’s something it’s the metaverse is like that. I can see how people get trapped in in the film or in the virtual reality. Stay Tuned, was it? Maybe it was Stay Tuned. Yeah, I think that’s what it was. Might have been 90s 80s, it’s been a while. John Ritter was it, yeah, I think yeah, that was funny, man. I was a latchkey kid. So I grew up just watching movies, man. And plus the 80s and early 90s, movies were great. I mean, at least from my perspective, we understand there’s programming and all of that. I know. I know. Oh man there’s a work horizons, Okay, so this is, goodness, this is Oculus. Now we’ve been pushed towards this whole, Videodrome is a really good one too, that’s more of a horror film but that man that one got some predictive programming. So here we go with this. This is an Oculus game I believe. And we were given all of this lately, you know, working from home virtual work, it’s again, you know, I don’t aim to to prove this but I believe a lot of what we’ve been experiencing is pushing us towards this type of virtual experience. They’ve had all of these technologies prepared and ready for us. And here goes an example

Dayz of Noah  05:30

All this crazy music. Just turn that off. Sorry, guys, for those of you with earphones on, forgive me. Here we are right a place to experiment. Right, you could change your shirt and your hair, you create your avatar. A place to try something else, you know, go into the virtual world, you know, have your meetings you know. You no longer have to go to the office, you’re now an avatar. Look you’ve got your little glasses on. Create your world. This is what they think people are going to be down with. They really believe that. Well, actually, this is for kids. They’re just showing us now. This is really for the kids. 20 years from now, this will be normal. This stuff will be normal. 20 years from now, this stuff will be completely normal. It’s not for us. It’s just not. Lawnnower Man, Robtik, Yes, man. That’s something I haven’t really talked a whole lot about Lawnmower Man. But that’s a big one. I’m working on some stuff. We’ll be incorporating Lawnmower Man. Big, you know, I remember when I first saw that at the movie theatre, I was really young. But I was so fascinated by it. I went and saw it again. By myself, I just went to the theatre and watched it a second time. And I was just kind of really intrigued by it, it was just so strange. I was young, so I didn’t really understand all of it. But something about it. Like, you know, really interested me. And the older I got, I started to understand it a little more. And that movie is very predictive. So here, you guys have seen the commercials he did, Zuckerberg. So I don’t have to show you guys that. I’m sure it’s been going viral. I’m sure you’ve seen it. But yeah, look, this thing is coming. Right so Nike is quietly preparing for the metaverse. Nike has filed seven trademark applications as it prepares to enter the metaverse. As part of the application the company indicated its intent to make and sell virtual branded sneakers and apparel. People familiar with Nikes plans that the space is a priority for the brand and consumers can expect to see more virtual rollouts in the months ahead. Can you believe this stuff, man? Yeah, Ready Player One, oh, that’s a big one yeah, for sure. Everyone’s talking about that. And they even admit it, they even admit yeah, it’s kind of like Ready Player One. That was a fairly recent film. Um, look at this, Nike. What is this? Virtual branded sneakers? Do you see how we’re not even using like, physical things anymore? Like, we’re turning sneakers into virtual versions, NFT’s frequency, we’ll eventually get there, I’m still actually doing research on NFT’s to get a better understanding of what these things really are. But yeah, man, we’re moving towards this virtual mirror. It’s the virtual version of the real world. And you can live in the virtual and in the physical world, and you do the same types of things. You buy clothes, you wear sneakers virtually. I mean, it’s just creepy. Yes, it’s very weird. Very, very weird. Very, very weird. Goodness. This is not made for us. This is definitely not for us. So I got all these other clips that we’re not going to get into. Okay, now I have to really start choosing wisely what I want to show because we’re running out of time. So I had a couple clips, there’s something called Sam’s Lab. I’m just gonna save this because this is good stuff. I don’t want to like rush it. And then Verizon. So let me just describe what’s happening. So what we’re seeing now is this new push for STEM research or STEM education for children and young kids, or young teenagers, young adults. They’re pushing everybody towards this new system. I wrote it down here?

Dayz of Noah  09:36

Systems sentiment of catalyst. Why did I write that? These notes here. I just want to get the terms right. Come up with these things and you write them down and then you forget, you know systems based, oh, it’s here. Here it is. Engineering systems based youth. Okay? So this whole idea of STEM, it’s this systematisation of everything, everything becomes a system of some type of data set, everything’s computer, right? Everything is computer logistics, is my point. They’re trying to change, they’re trying to train the young people today, to kind of just engage with life from a very computerised lens. It’s just,  it’s just weird man, it’s like, all kids aren’t going to be interested in STEM, I will argue that a specific type or set of personality types gravitate towards STEM. Other personality types don’t want anything to do with it. And we won’t go down that whole discussion because it would take a while. But you’re trying to address an entire population of very diverse people with a very specialised way of seeing the world. And it’s just foolish, it’s absolutely foolish. So you have Verizon, you have Sam’s Lab, you have all these different companies that are coming out with these very STEM based computer logic based games, gamification, and programmes that they’re putting in schools, right. And I have these clips here that I want to show you, I’ll save those, but it’s just like, they’re really getting the youth into this really computerised existence. Actually, I’m going to show just this one, it’s only one minute, I can just show you this, this is Verizon. Just check this out, this will give you an understanding of this idea of system based youth. And this push towards a type of computer logic, or like our, the way we see the world, it’s, and of course, tying kids very early, to interdependence with advanced technology, Okay, check this.

Jose Gonzalez  12:06

Our kids, they’re going to go into a field that there’s more representation, more faces that look like them. And I can encourage them to use that technology, not only for career opportunities, but use that technology to give them a voice.

Anita Venter  12:23

I think project based learning and hands on makes it come to real life,

Unsung  12:28

Let’s pretend you know nothing about a particular place or a particular point in time. What unsung does is it puts the human being like into that experience in a way that makes it more tangible.

Jose Gonzalez  12:41

Visceral science actually takes the –

Dayz of Noah  12:43

– visual science, everything visual, everything computer generated, no more reading, no more analysis through writing and language. Right. And through comprehension of writing, right. And to critical thinking now everything is visual, everything is based on sentiment and sensibility. Right? This is very, very important to gather here, because this type of learning is very emotional, emotionally based and sense based. It’s not necessarily defined by critical forms of thinking. We’ll discuss this more eventually, I’m still working out some ideas, but this is very bad, very, very bad for the mental development of the future generations.

Jose Gonzalez  13:00

Kids and they can actually experience what it looks like, what exactly is happening when

Unsung  13:38

he puts the human being like into that experience in a way that’s, that makes it more tangible.

Jose Gonzalez  13:44

Visceral science actually takes the kids and they can actually experience what it looks like, what exactly is happening when stars are formed.

Unsung  13:53

Students don’t even realise how much they’re learning. They are learning and they’re participating. And they’re called,

Dayz of Noah  14:01

He doesn’t even know what learning means in this context, he looks like he’s reaching for these ideas that you know, they’re learning and they’re experiencing, no, they’re watching and interacting with video games, man. Like, come on, bro. This is unprecedented, that’s the thing, this type of technology regarding development and actual learning is unprecedented, in that they have no idea how this will, or they have no idea what will cognitively develop out of this type of engagement. They have no idea because there’s no data to substantiate it. And this is something new, it’s unprecedented. There’s no history, there’s nothing to base our future projections off of. So this is experimental is the point. They’re testing this type of highly advanced technology on children, just like they’re testing this type of genetic stuff on kids now, right these injections, it’s the same process. All of this is a massive experiment on the human experience and on the human being, right. So they really don’t know how children will end up cognitively, after spending so much time in front of screens and learning only through screens. And learning through these types of digital platforms. Absent of reading, absent of writing physically, right, absent of reading physical books, this is unprecedented, and the repercussions of this will be huge. And this is just one thing amongst many, many, many, many others. I’m just trying to show you guys all the things that are going on around with this new developments, it’s not just climate change, it’s not just public health, it’s cognitive development as well, amongst other things, which we’re just going to get into

Unsung  15:55

Students don’t even realise how much they’re learning. They are learning and they’re participating. And they’re collaborating,

Jose Gonzalez  16:05

This is experiencing science, not just reading about it, this is what the future,

Dayz of Noah  16:10

You hear that, you’re experiencing it, you’re not just reading it, you’re experiencing it. The problem is, when you’re experiencing it, the senses take over, it becomes a visual experience, and it affects the emotions. And when you get into this side of the brain, the abstract part of the brain, the logical part of the brain, the thinking critical part of the brain takes the backseat guys, this is basic neurological understanding. These are basic cognitive psychology basic. But most individuals, especially if they’re putting their kids through this stuff, have no understanding of the consequences of this.

Unsung  16:48

Are participating. And they’re collaborating.

Jose Gonzalez  16:52

This is experiencing science, not just reading about it. This is what the future is going to look like.

Dayz of Noah  17:01

This is what the future is going to look like huh. And they’re right. If they succeed, you better believe this is what the future is going to look like the future is going to look like a computer generated image, if they succeed. If they have their way. You won’t know what steak tastes like, you won’t know what flowers smell like. You won’t know at all what any of these things truly mean. Now check this out. So now we’re getting into the deeper parts of the metaverse. Now we are getting into the digital twin or shall we say the proxy self, the avatars, the avatar ship, okay, this is the big, this has a lot to do with digital ID. So digital ID is that which gives you access to society, right? It gives you the ability to operate in society to purchase things, etc. The Avatar is your proxy self. The Avatar is the virtual version of you. In the metaverse the physical the material version of you does not exist. Or at least put it this way, it doesn’t matter who you are in the real world, where you are like in the physical world doesn’t matter. It’s your virtual self that matters because this is who you’re going to be playing in the metaverse. This company called Soul Machines. Okay, this company is called Soul machines. It creates digital humans to serve the metaverse. So this is just an example, this is just an early example of how it will be very easy and part of the system to create your virtual identity, or should we say your virtual self, right? Let’s just watch the video. It’s super creepy. But I got to show it to you guys. And let me make sure I don’t blow your eardrums out either. I’m sorry about this volume.

Viola  19:16

Hi, I’m Viola. I’m excited to show you the results of our game changing research into humanising AI. Autonomous animation enables digital people like me to take input from the environment and respond in real time. We’ve now significantly enhanced –

Dayz of Noah  19:32

Can you say uncanny valley? Is anybody feeling a little creeped out when you look at this woman speak or this, I called her a woman, when you look at this computer generated image speak. Does it give you a creepy little feeling? That’s an uncanny valley. This is not normal. This is not okay. There’s nothing okay about this. Let’s make it bigger so you can really get a feel of this. Check this out man.

Viola  19:59

That’s my ability to respond emotionally, give great eye contact, and react to my changing environment. This makes for a truly engaging interaction. I was made in the groundbreaking digital DNA blender and effortlessly launched using our DDNA studio with only a few clicks. My identity and personality were crafted by blending features like skin texture and tone, face shape, eye colour, voice, language, and of course, hair. Now in minutes, anyone can create a unique, high quality digital person that embodies the soul of a brand. And they can do it using the most advanced AI, CGI and autonomous animation technology in the market today. And now we have some cutting edge new features that my digital friends Sam will tell you about.

Sam  20:58

Thanks, Viola. After years of research, I’m excited to announce new features in Soul Machines human OS that unlock the emerging field of humanised AI. So welcome to the revolutionary next generation of dynamic content, awareness and interaction. We’ve created an immersive world that elevates content and allows people to focus on what’s most important. We’ve supercharged my awareness of the dynamic content around me. By using gestures and gaze direction, I ensure high calibre messaging gets the attention it deserves. Thanks to years of research, we’re making the leap from facial gestures to fully embodied gestural performance, I’ll be able to use my whole body to communicate from head to toe.

Dayz of Noah  21:42

That’s if she has legs. But let’s continue.

Sam  21:45

And all the while I’m serving brand new cinematic cuts that boost focus and direct attention. Best of all, it happens autonomously in real time without writing a single line of code. We’re proud of how far we’ve come and excited to bring technology to life.

Dayz of Noah  22:05

Soul machines. Soul machines. How ironic. Because these things do not have souls. Isn’t it creepy? Even even just the name, the audacity, the audacity? Soul machines? Could it be that they’re projecting a future where we live through these things such that they make up our souls in a type of you know, figurative sense. Weird, weird, weird, weird, weird, man. Um, but there’s more. So this is just an example of how the metaverse will work. You’ll live through one of these things. Now this example here that I’m showing you has to do with creating brand ambassadors for marketing for companies and stuff. But the same process. There’s other companies that are doing this too, this is just one this is just Soul Machines. They call this the Humans OS 2.0. What’s interesting about this is this same type of process will be used to create your proxy self, that’s my term. They have other terms that they use, but you create this like proxy self avatar that you live through in the metaverse. Check this out. It goes deeper, though. It goes into medical guys. I’m showing you all of this to tie it all into COVID. I’m tying everything together into COVID, right, and the pandemic and to the Fourth Industrial Revolution by way of the great reset. All of this stuff is tied together, the metaverse, everything guys. And I’m trying to show you enough examples to prove that point or at least to make the case. So check this out, this one right here this I have other clips that I was going to show a couple shows ago that I still have and I still will show regarding robot nurses and stuff like that, right? All of that’s going to play in as well. We’ll eventually get there. I’m going to do actually a whole segment on like telehealth and the whole AI medical industry that’s right around the corner. And this is just a great example of that. Just one example. Check it.

Sol  24:25

Hello this is Sol,  Dr. Beanies assistant.

Tyler  24:28

Hello Sol. This is Tyler. I wanted to ask you about my recent surgery.

Sol  24:32

Hey Tyler, I see that you had a total knee replacement five days ago with Dr. Beanie. I had access to your records and can help you with any questions you may have.

Tyler  24:41

Thank you Sol. First, I don’t remember what they found in surgery, you know I was a little out of it.

Sol  24:47

No worries. I just read your operative report and reviewed the visual records from the operating room. You had exposed bone on both sides of the joint and a torn meniscus. These are both considered excellent indications for surgery so you can expect very good resolution of your symptoms.

Dayz of Noah  25:04

Remember, we talked about the removal of doctors, they no longer will need doctors if all this plays out in the plan. All the evidence is out there, man. It’s all there.

Tyler  25:17

That’s great. The live XR was kinda cool. So I’m glad it was correct. Also, the drone delivery with my medications arrived just as I got home, but I can’t remember which pills to take or when. Can you tell me?

Sol  25:30

Yes, of course. The discharge summary states that you should take the pain medicine about 20 minutes before you put on your headset for your virtual reality meditation therapy.

Tyler  25:40

And my leg, it’s a little swollen as well. Should I be concerned?

Sol  25:45

First? Let’s run a thermal scan.

Dayz of Noah  25:47

Shout out to brother Chris Kelly. Absolutely. Wow, this is so dehumanising, perfectly stated,

Tyler  25:53

You have my permission,

Sol  25:54

Thank you. Voiceprint activation enabled. According to the scan, the skin surface temperature and tensile grade is not suggestive of any complication of a clot in your leg.

Tyler  26:06

Okay, well, that’s super helpful, Sol, I feel much better.

Sol  26:09

Yes, I can see in here that your anxiety measures dropped seven points.

Tyler  26:15

That’s so cool how you can just see that. What else is –

Dayz of Noah  26:20

It’s so cool you just know everything about me. You know, you just, it’s just so awesome. I don’t even know who I am. But you just fix all of that. It’s just great –

Sol  26:29

You were a little behind on your knee flexion goals compared to other people your age and gender at this time in their recovery. You only achieved 100 degrees of knee flexion and are not putting enough weight on your operated leg.

Tyler  26:40

So what do you think I should do about that?

Sol  26:43

I will send your results to Dr. Beanies office as you might benefit from in person physical therapy. I can arrange an automated insurance approval for the treatment.

Tyler  26:51

Okay, well that makes sense. You have my permission. In the meantime, what should I do for exercise?

Sol  26:57

Voiceprint activation enabled, I sent the referral request and it was approved. We can review the exercises you should be doing and if you can put on your rehab sensor shoes. I can help verbally guide your exercises.

Tyler  27:10

Well, I like the idea, Sol but can we do it a little later?

Sol  27:13

Of course. I’ll reach out at 7am tomorrow morning.

Tyler  27:17

You’re kidding me, right? I’m supposed to be resting. Remember?

Sol  27:20

Okay, fine. How does nine o’clock sound?

Tyler  27:23

That’s much better. Great.

Sol  27:25

I scanned your home and see that you have a connected coffeemaker. I’ll set coffee to brew at 8.45.

Tyler  27:32

Well, thank you.

Dayz of Noah  27:35

Wow. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. This is just madness beyond compare. Beyond Idiocracy. Yes, Jonathan? Yes, man. Yes. Beyond this. Yeah. So there we go. A glimpse into the future of medicine, virtual reality actually virtuality not virtual reality. Because I would say it’s different from reality reality. Virtual Reality opposed to what right? No, it’s virtuality. And let’s get a good definition of that. I have here this reference is from the book, The Future Ain’t WhatIt Used To Be: The 40 Cultural Trends Transforming Your Job, Your Life, Your World. Shout out to brother Brad from the Brad from Carolina Channel who put me up on this book, and I copped it and man, is it something? So let me read sign number 40. page 241. Virtuality. What I like about this book is it just confirms all the things we’ve been discussing, everything I’ve been putting out there. This book confirms quite a bit. Virtuality represents the emergence of alternative and interactive realities through technology. The very concept of reality, in fact, is changing. See, it’s no longer reality reality. It’s now a new reality called virtuality. In fact, it’s changing as cyber technology blurs the lines of what is real and what is imagined. Virtuality allows people the opportunity to experience different environments without physically moving, breaking down the constraints of time and space. Although virtuality is primarily used for entertainment purposes, our best and brightest are finding ways to apply alternative realities for constructive and therapeutic purposes. That is education and health care, as I have proven today, and this book was written in the 90s mind you. In the new millennium, virtuality will become as accepted as the once revolutionary technologies such as the automobile and the television. Mm hmm. Yes, yes. James Tzokanow, I’m glad you mentioned that. And I don’t think I’m missing a key factor here. Maybe we haven’t mentioned that today in the show. But this is something that I speak quite a bit about this idea of escapism, and how yes, of course, just like social media. The Metaverse, which is social media on steroids will be absolutely used for escapism, spot on there. Especially given the fact that people will no longer have work, people will no longer have day to day life experiences like they used to, they’ll be a lot more limited in their mobility. They won’t be able to travel and do things that they like due to deforestation and biodiversity, environmental biodiversity, you won’t be able to go to nature, like you used to certain places will be literally roped off for human occupation. So yes, people will be going to the metaverse or escapism, but more importantly than that, it won’t be just for escapism, and this is the interesting part here, you’ll have nowhere else to go. Because everything you do in life will be represented virtually through the metaverse. So not only will you be going there and spending time there, because you don’t have much else to do, you won’t have a choice. Very interesting. I’m very glad you brought that up. Spot on brother.

Dayz of Noah  31:41

It definitely will be escapism. We’ve discussed this with the extremely online show we did about living extremely online and avatars and Second Life and Sims and how all of these things have been precursors to this type of experience. But mostly this has been experienced by certain individuals who tend to be a lot more maybe pathologically introverted, maybe even autistic on the spectrum somewhere or individuals who may happen to be schizotypal. These types of individuals that tend to live in these worlds rather normally and comfortably. Now this type of virtual experience that was previously experienced by certain types is now being superimposed on the entire Earth by way of the metaverse Wall E, that’s another good one, thank you, Kyle Grant. Yo, here we are, I mean, here we are. It’s here.

Dayz of Noah  32:37

Now let’s get into this. We’re going well, yeah, we’ve been on three hours, but we’re gonna go more. We’re gonna go more because we have to. I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks. I got plenty to show you. I gotta show you guys this stuff. I’m sorry we’re going a little long here. We got to do this. We got to, so now I want to show you something regarding Virtual Reality virtuality, but also augmented reality. Okay, because this is the next step. Augmented Reality. First I want to show you something called the zLense. Someone had mentioned Google Glass in there I saw earlier. Oh, we’re going deeper than Google Glass. We’re going deeper than Google Glass. That’s that’s lightweight, lightweight lightwork. Check this out. zLense I’m just going to give you an advancement in video technology first, then I’m gonna show you the next application, okay? Check it. This is zLense’s, very cool especially for those that do media production, this stuff is awesome. But what this is going to do once this type of technology becomes a norm, especially with mainstream media, I’ll tell you right now you will never be able to trust your eyes. That is what the future is all about smoke and mirrors and deception. Here we are.

zLense  34:23

zLense’s introduces its revolutionary real time depth based virtual and augmented reality solutions designed for the broadcast market. In this demonstration studio there is no set, no special lighting, and no expensive furniture. There are only green curtains and basic support stands. In this simple environment by using zLense’s depth mapping technology, Z track camera tracking solutions, and X symmetry high end rendering engine and an AKA Tona multi channel chroma key we can show any virtual world that can be dreamed up in the imagination of a graphics designer. Moreover, with these revolutionary new technologies, not only can the virtual elements look photorealistic, they can behave like real objects with physical properties. They react to lighting, they cast shadows, and they can become part of any camera movements in the studio.

Dayz of Noah  35:46

You know, this creates literally like, I mean, you could make anything up here. So imagine, say news media using this type of technology, you can’t believe anything you see, literally, you cannot believe anything you see on television anymore, or on the news anymore, or anything. Because we have deep fakes that are coming out. Now. I mean, there’s this kind of stuff. And it goes further than this. I’m just showing you guys some basics here.

zLense  36:13

The host can walk around the virtual objects, adding to the reality of the scene, the only limit is your creativity. The New zLense ‘s depth based systems overcome the limitations of existing technologies, opening new possibilities for show producers to make some real and virtual objects and camera movements without limits.

Dayz of Noah  36:54

Yes, so there we are. I think that’s enough of that. Just to give you guys an idea of the level of this technology, and I’ll tell you right now, this is probably nothing. Right? This is probably nothing compared to what they really can do. Again, mixing virtual and reality, right? As I mentioned in this book, here with that definition, it’s the blurring of virtual, artificial inorganic, quote unquote, reality with the physical world the real material reality. This I mean, on a philosophical level, this is so deep, all of this that’s coming out right now just being foisted upon us. This is totally uprooting everything we have learned epistemologically, right? Also, just our understanding of reality itself, you know, is just being uprooted with this type of technology, the more normal this stuff becomes. And of course, they start off with social media, you know, consumer applications, you know, cartoons and video games, mainly, but even movies and stuff like that.

Dayz of Noah  38:05

Now now, now, now now, now, let’s go to the next level. Let’s take it up, step it up a notch here. Now that was just for video cameras and video production. Now let’s go even beyond Google Glass. Dayz this is the tiger all over again. Yeah, Kittysuit was the one who exposed my ignorance before regarding that, that visual that generated image. You know, I love that you’re here. You all you keep me in line. But now let’s  go to the next step. We’re going to the next step. Now we’re taking it to the next level. Check it out. Yeah, this one is something to behold.

Steve Sinclair  38:57

Modern technology promises to keep us more connected. But in surrounding ourselves with screens and devices, it feels as though we’ve (inaudible). Imagine if we could replace our screens with something that informs without distraction? Could we see differently? More clearly? Could it help us find that invisible edge where we need it most? Or allow us to connect in crucial moments providing vital information in an instant. Introducing Mojo lens the world’s first augmented reality smart contact lens. Put Mojo lens on in the morning, and

Dayz of Noah  39:33

Bro ah wow. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. And just wait until they create this, or they probably already have it, a type of injectable where you inject something into your eye and it forms some type of organic substance that works the same way. Oh, it’s common.

Steve Sinclair  39:53

Throughout your day you will have access to timely information without losing focus on the world around you, The Mojo lens is designed not to bombard you with data. But to elevate your vision by providing the information you need exactly when it’s needed all while letting you look like yourself. When it’s not in use, the technology just fades away. We call this concept invisible computing.

Drew Perkins  40:14

Well, invisible computing solution will be a platform that gives you everyday superpowers and an invisible edge throughout your day. But before it does any of that, it first has to be a great contact lens that improves your natural vision even when it’s off. Mojo lens built in display will give you augmented reality wherever you look. It even works with your eyes closed, putting you into an instant VR world.

Steve Sinclair  40:34

The applications are nearly limitless from being able to see in the dark or low light situations to augmenting your memory with instant information, showing you real time translations or giving you a virtual teleprompter. One of our first medical applications is using AR overlays like edge detection and contrast enhancements to help people with vision impairments such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Mike Wiemer  40:59

Building the world’s first AR contact lens is a systems engineering problem. And therefore, we’ve had to innovate in many different areas. The Mojo lens includes thin film biosafe batteries to power the system, as well as motion sensors to enable the world’s most accurate eye tracking. We’ve also developed an extremely,

Dayz of Noah  41:19

Very important guys, what do you see here? Number one thing everyone wants to pay attention to or should pay attention to today is the application in the diffusion of sensors. Because the only way for the Internet of Things and the Internet of bodies to work is through the communication and connectivity of sensors. Here you have motion sensors, right? Now, what’s interesting about sensors is they’re able to be connected to networks. They’re able to network, basically, and collect data. My point is this guys, this type of technology will very easily be able to be integrated into a type of internet of bodies, or Internet of Things. Basically, they could connect these sensors through, they could connect these sensors in this lens here to computer networks, and data can be collected. Guys, do you understand what this means? Do you understand what this means? What you see can be downloaded and saved in a cloud. Your vision guys, I mean, how more invasive outside of of course, going in your body,  your own sight is no longer private, man. It’s no longer your own. It’s like, the potentials the implications of all of this type of technology is mind blowing. And the fact that anyone would consider this okay, you have to be crazy, I’m sorry, and I hate to use that because they abuse that whole concept of calling someone mentally ill or crazy. Let’s not use that. You have to be, I’d say rather negligent right to the potential for failure and error regarding this type of technology. Creepy. But this is the beginning guys, these right here can be connected right away to type of networks and clouds. Right. The fourth industrial revolution absolutely

Mike Wiemer  43:34

The low power image sensor that’s used for computer vision and scene detection.

Dayz of Noah  43:39

There it is. There’s the image sensor, right, your image sensor connected to a network that feeds your data collected on the sensor to a cloud, and all yours, everything you see man. Can you believe it? I mean, it’s just like it’s beyond sci fi this boy,

Mike Wiemer  43:56

But at the heart of the Mojo lens is the world’s smallest and densest dynamic display. With this we can display crisp text, photos and video in a package that’s less than half a millimetre in diameter. We are often asked, how do you control Mojo lens? The answer is with your eyes. It turns out that your eye is an extremely accurate pointing device. With our built in eye tracking in each lens, we believe we’ve unlocked the ultimate hands free user interface.

Drew Perkins  44:26

I like to say if it doesn’t break the laws of physics then it’s possible, and proving that something like Mojo lens is possible, motivates us each and every day to invent the future.

Dayz of Noah  44:36

Another designer fallacy, I’m adding this aspect of the concept designer fallacy by way of Don Ihde. His designer fallacy concept is the fallacy that designers make when making technology that they believe they can design into their technology its use. So if you design a technology to do a certain thing, it’s a fallacy to believe that you can design its use into it because once it’s designed, it will be used in ways that you might not have prepared for. Right. That’s the designer fallacy by way of Don Ihde, philosopher of technology. But I would add to that designer fallacies the fallacy that just because you believe it’s possible, you should make it. Just because something is possible, as he said here, if it doesn’t go beyond physics, it’s possible just because something’s possible, doesn’t mean it should be done, if this gets back to the should not and should of creating anything, it’s always back to a philosophical conversation. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do something. And that’s one of the biggest fallacies when it comes to this type of technological development with all of these weirdos. They’re like, let’s just push the limit of possibilities, nd as long as something is possible, we can keep going and pushing the envelope until we fall off a cliff and we destroy humanity as we know it.

Drew Perkins  46:04

Ultimately, we believe that we can help people achieve their potential without sacrificing their humanity. That’s the promise of invisible computing. Thank you very much for your time today. Eyes up.

Dayz of Noah  46:21

Without sacrificing your humanity, he said. Without sacrificing your humanity. Your humanity is already sacrificed if you slap some of those things on your eyes, and that’s how you experience the world. I’m sorry, you’re no longer human. You’re some type of Android at this point. There’s nothing human about this. What are you talking about? Again, the elasticity of language or words. Now being human or the term human is now elastic. Humanity is now elastic. Humanity is now kind of robotic, kind of digital. Right? Oh, my goodness. So let’s see. We’re gonna keep going here. So I had to show you guys that right. So first we had the technology and the lenses, the video cameras to create this type of altered reality that the audience sees, it’s not truly there but the audience sees it through content that’s created on screens. Now, they have the capability of taking that same experience off of the screen, and putting it onto your eye, making it very subjective, immersive. They like to use that term. It’s extremely disturbing, because as another point on it makes this idea of a digital embodiment, or technological embodiment, I think that’s the term he uses where we want to blur the line between feeling and knowing that technology is there, and not feeling that it’s there. In a sense, we want to merge with the machine such that we can’t tell there’s a machine in us, or we can’t tell that we’re working with a machine, and this is a perfect example of that. And I’ll give you a comparison here. So a comparison to describe this point would be the Oculus glasses, for instance. You’re wearing Oculus glasses, and you clearly feel them on your face. You may sweat, it may even create some type of issue. It may even create, sorry about that, guys, I speak with my hands, I’m sorry. It may create some type of skin issue if you wear those things long enough. But the point is, they’re heavy, they’re cumbersome, and there’s some discomfort. So there’s this clear indication that you’re wearing a form of technology, so as you’re seeing this world, you’re still feeling the technology. So there isn’t that blurring that necessarily, there isn’t that pure disconnect, you still feel connected? Now, when you put on these lenses, it changes everything, because now some will get detailed with the concept of yes, you still feel the lens, I understand that you still have to put it on and you still feel it, your eyes may get dry and so forth, but what it does is it lowers the feeling or let’s just say it, it further blurs the connection between the technology and the body. The embodiment of the technology is extremely altered and changed because it’s smaller, it’s lighter, it’s more comfortable. And after a while you might forget it’s there. That is the goal of these types. That’s the goal of transhumanism. That’s the goal of singularity. Shout out to Nicholson 1968, one of the pioneers of these discussions. He’s been talking about this kind of stuff for years, and he would spend a lot of good time discussing some of this emerging aspect iron in clay. And even the technology philosophers speak about these similar concepts in that, unbeknownst to us, but very known to these technicists and these engineers, they’re slowly trying to make technology seem like it’s not there, to the degree that we experience the fruits of the technology without the overbearing feeling of something on me, or I’m wearing something. This gets to the injectable, this gets into nanotechnology. This is why they aim to shrink things down as much as possible, smaller than a grain of rice, microscopic even, to the degree that we don’t feel that they’re there. And that’s the singularity. That is the singularity guys. And that’s the goal, we want to become the technology. But at the same time, we want to have all the advantages of it. We want to become it. And the way we become it is by integrating it into ourselves more and more and more to the degree that it’s undetectable. That is the goal of all of these technologies. And you’ll see it unfold. Year by year you will see these things. I’m telling you now. I’m telling you now, sorry about that. I don’t know what’s going on with this. I’m telling you this now, but you’ll see it with your own eyes as this unfolds.

Dayz of Noah  51:34

Alright now we get into Roblox, shout out to whoever had mentioned Roblox earlier. Also, nano yes, nano tiny, miniscule, microscopic nanotechnology, the Internet of nano things is another rabbit hole we could probably go down to get down through. Alison McDowell does extremely way more detailed work when it comes to those types of very detailed, nano things. Interesting stuff. Very interesting. I don’t agree with all of her conclusions to this because she’s new agey, but she does good research, I must admit. Now, Roblox Roblox attacking and aiming at the kids man aiming at the children’s. Yes, Ragman. Brother Reg, you’re right. You are the engineer you would know. And that’s probably what’s going on with my mic setup. I’m not the audio kind of tech dude. I can figure things out, but I tend to struggle when it comes to that part of production. The video part I’m fine with but it’s the sound that always gives me trouble. Again, no formal training. I kind of learned all of this stuff on my own. But you definitely would know thank you for that. I have to figure out what’s going on there. Roblox shows new bits of the metaverse to its developers. So Roblox, for those that are familiar with it, I’m not super familiar with it. I know a little bit about it. The main thing is it targets kids. Kids are very aware of this. Who talks about nano things? Alison McDowell, very, very good researcher in that realm. She’s been doing this for quite some time. I think her I think her website is wrench in the gears, I believe. Very, very detailed, very detailed work. Roblox shows new bits of the metaverse to its developers. So this is similar to what we showed you with soul machine. This is another realm of the metaverse where you can create your own avatar and you could create products. Michael John, good to see you, brother, very good to see you. Roblox to meta cradle to grave brother. It’s indeed upon us all. Oh, yes, it’s here. I mean, we talk about antichrist and stuff. This is just an idea. What if Antichrist is AI or a type of AI? You know, like, it makes sense, man. I’m not affirming anything. I just see where this AI stuff is going. And it’s definitely going to accomplish omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence. Now I know it doesn’t necessarily as of yet fit scripture, but something to consider here. It could be a virtual man. A virtual man. An avatar, right? Goodness. Nano nonsense. I love that Hillary IV, yes. I love that.

Dayz of Noah  54:47

So Roblox, what did I wanted to read here? This is a really short little thing here. Let’s just read identity, right? Roblox wants its avatars to be a digital version of you. However you move, talk, and dress the latest updates include the upcoming layered clothing studio beta launch and dynamic heads beta, which is the first step in enabling users to express the breadth and depth of their emotions and identities. See, guys, this whole Metaverse thing is created for the 12 and under, they are to be raised on this experience through this virtual living, where they learn how to socialise and interact and even develop emotions and the expression of emotions through digital means, guys, through virtual means. It’s crazy. If you have children, keep them the hell away from this stuff, man, I don’t care if all their friends are using this stuff. This is eating the generations alive. And this it’s on a spiritual level because once a child is raised in these realms of virtuality and metaverses what is God going to be to these young children? What is God going to be to them? What is spirituality, or the Holy Spirit is going to be to these kids, they’re gonna have no concept of these things, if anything, their gods are going to be created in these you know, these metaverses and stuff.

Dayz of Noah  56:20

So yeah, you could create your own self here, right? Meanwhile, dynamic heads will bring facial expressions and emotes to life. These releases represent important stepping stones in a long line of innovations to improve the expressiveness and combinatorics. They come up with new terms. They have this whole new thing called combinatorics? I guess it’s combining things to create some type of self, I don’t know combinatorics in the metaverse. So it’s a whole new way to live. It’s a whole new life. It’s a whole new thing. And some people might ask, well, what does the juice have to do with all of this? What are the, you know, inoculations, the injections, a lot of things. I mean, we could spend a whole show just on all the different levels that play in here. One level of the inoculation, the injection, I believe, is the implementation of a passport of sorts, a type of digital verification system, because if they create a need for injection by proxy, you need to be able to prove, there needs to be proof of that injection. So if there’s a need for injection, there must be proof for that injection [the] solution being the passport, the verification system. What’s important about this verification system is that this verification system will be part of the digital infrastructure that the digital ID is tied to, and will also be tied directly to the metaverse. This is one aspect of the injections, then there’s a deeper one. We’ve discussed it in the past. I’ll go into it later once things start to develop. But I personally believe there might be some type of connectivity built into this, there might be some type of software built into this by way of graphene and different types of nanoparticles that can make us almost turn the body into a type of wire. Turn the body into a sensor by way of control through magnetic fields. Deep a little bit over the head of most people, I get it. We won’t spend any time on it today. But believe me we will go in eventually. So let’s continue here so we got this Roblox man, this Roblox thing, aiming for the kids fake reality. Now I want to show you guys something I showed you last time and Kittysuit will remember this. We’re going to go into the show Alter Ego. Isn’t it interesting? Isn’t it interesting that alter ego as a show about avatar ship is coming out weeks before the metaverse is released? It’s coming out right when everyone is just so enveloped by this virtual reality. Do you think this is coincidence? I think not.

Fox 61 Female  59:05

To another the brand new singing competition right here on Fox 61. Taking a new twist on some of your favourite songs.

Fox 61 Male  59:11

Your alter ego takes contestants on the stage virtually and uses incredible technology to bring an avatar representation of themselves to life. Well tonight we’re exploring that technology a little bit deeper. Fox 61’s Keith McGilvery shows us all the excitement.

Keith McGilvery  59:32

Contestants taking the stage like never before. The singing avatars behind the new Fox reality competition Alter Ego are ready to rock

Young Man Being Interviewed  59:44

I think that’s awesome man. I love avatars. And I think that’d be really cool to experience.

Dayz of Noah  59:52

Oh, you want a poster child for the behaviour model they’re looking for. That was just it. And that’s the reason they show that young man is because he is modelling the precise behaviour and perspective that they want the general population to take. Let’s run this back, pay attention. They show things for a reason, and with purpose. Okay? You watch this stuff the normal person with a brain is going to be like, this is strange. This is weird. This, of course isn’t normal, but it’s rather disturbing. And I think it could be detrimental to the cognitive health of the population, if this becomes the type of thing. Some I think that’s overboard. I don’t. Anyhow, let’s watch.

Young Man Being Interviewed  1:00:44

I think that’s awesome, man. I love avatars. And I think that’d be really cool to experience.

Dayz of Noah  1:00:51

Be really cool to experience. Yeah, man. Totally. Let’s do it. Plug me in.

Keith McGilvery  1:00:56

State of the art technology building a brand new kind of competitor,

Mike Maven  1:01:00

An avatar, at least in the video gaming sensor and the digital senses a digital representation of yourself.

Keith McGilvery  1:01:06

The show’s a far cry from the early days of virtual entertainment.

Mike Maven  1:01:11

The first avatars were just you know, stick figures in an Atari game, you know, running through and conquering dragons.

Keith McGilvery  1:01:17

Software engineer Mike Maven is eyeing the idea of bringing avatars to the virtual golf courses he creates at about golf, and explains how the technology is turning up the wow factor on reality TV.

Mike Maven  1:01:30

The interesting thing is I think it kind of takes the idea of the blind audition like they wanted to do in The Voice but it takes it to another level.

Keith McGilvery  1:01:38

If you want in on the avatar action Yukons coded boot camp could be a good place to start.

Speaker Unknown  1:01:44

For this programme what we’re teaching is front end and back end web development,

Keith McGilvery  1:01:49

The six month intensive experience offering students skills that are key to bring

Dayz of Noah  1:01:54

Skills that are key, right the future is rooted in the computer and the screen, everything they aim to teach children moving forward from this point is within that realm stuck behind a computer, stuck behind a screen enveloped by the virtual world and in virtual parts etcetera.

Keith McGilvery  1:02:15

Bringing these contestants to life

Speaker Unknown  1:02:17

if somebody like our coding bootcamp graduates would come into play would be building the software that is going to

Dayz of Noah  1:02:24

Look at these types, I’ve no disrespect, alright, but look at the guys look at the people behind this stuff. They all kind of share a similar thing, man, it’s just creepy to me –

Speaker Unknown  1:02:32

Read the motions of a person and translate it into motion for the character.

Keith McGilvery  1:02:36

Technology that’s allowing these performers to step up to the mic without fear.

Mike Maven  1:02:41

The Avatar allows the person to represent a version of themselves that can kind of free them

Dayz of Noah  1:02:47

of a version of themselves that can kind of free them, you see this? I mean when you study narcissism, I mean this is what narcissism is all about. a false self a broken underdeveloped self and a false self, well, an underdeveloped true self and a false self. I mean, this is engendering narcissism through virtual means –

Mike Maven  1:03:06

to represent a version of themselves that can kind of free them from you know the judgments of other people

Keith McGilvery  1:03:13

And as fans cheering them on.

Young Man Being Interviewed  1:03:15

Good luck, be creative, and enjoy the competition.

Dayz of Noah  1:03:20

Party on Wayne yeah man like oh, where’s that butthead? Let’s see. Maybe that’s butthead.

Young Man Being Interviewed  1:03:30

The competition.

Dayz of Noah  1:03:31

Yeah, Beavis, you sad butt Beavis.

Young Man Being Interviewed  1:03:38

Enjoy the competition

Dayz of Noah  1:03:42

Oh my goodness. Here we are guys. Is that competition? Competition let’s go, let’s go, let’s keep it moving here. All right. Yeah, Beavis. You know, Beavis and Butthead, I think really set the tone or the dive in cognitive development that we’ve seen in a lot of the younger generations. And that was my generation. I loved Beavis and Butthead. Honestly, I’m gonna be real with you. I loved it. I watched it all the time. It was awesome to me at the time. And it’s, I guess it is kind of funny. It’s silly, right. Anyhow, let’s see 3.34. Let’s see. What is this. World Economic Forum site stats showing how digital IDs can accelerate national economies. Now I want to read this to you because this defines a lot of the push for digital identification and a lot of, well it implies the digital integration or the integration of digital identity into the broader system right? And of course, this is all about creating this virtual grid, digital grid that’s centralised all around this type of circular economy where everything is treated the same whether that be nature, manufactured products, or are human bodies, everything becomes a process of the circular economy, right by way of metaverse. Metaverse, again, is just a fancy term for web 3.0. It’s a fancy term for the next stage of the internet, which is the fourth industrial revolution where everything becomes pure information, even the human being. So let’s continue here.

Dayz of Noah  1:05:40

A new World Economic Forum white paper finds reason to believe that the digital ID programmes will be decisive in modernised financial services. In turn, those digitised services will play a growing role in a global economic recovery for the COVID pandemic, again, COVID being used as an excuse to roll out all of the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to create the infrastructures. [It’s] all about infrastructure, whether that be physical infrastructure, digitally, through the environment, or the biological infrastructure to the bio digital convergence by way of injections and getting inside your body. Right? Culture. Being a big part of that they have to convince people that this thing is good, and this thing is okay. And they knew they couldn’t do it. That’s why they had to bring in a false pandemic so everybody would acquiesce. That’s exactly what Stefan Oelrich had mentioned earlier. Remember, the guy from Bayer, the one we started the show with? They’re pretty much open about this at this point, because they already got what 500 million people injected already. I mean, globally, it’s probably a lot more than that. So they’ve accomplished quite a bit. Quite a bit, man. So there’s something to say about that. Now, the problem is what the heck is in the juice. Now, I do understand there’s a lot of placebos out there. I believe a lot of it is placebo. But I don’t know, you know, I don’t know. None of us do. First digital ID will be the catalyst of a more fully digital future. Ah, man see, look, I don’t have to say it. They say it for me. You know, I’ve been hammering this home for forever, it seems. But they say for me, again, this is November 3, this is fresh off the press man.

Dayz of Noah  1:07:21

Digital ID will be the catalyst of a more fully digital future, fully digital key, fully digital, virtuality. Second, small and mid size businesses the world over, heavily impacted by COVID, of course, will be helped back to health thanks to digital identification programmes. Do you see this guys? Do you see how they always work? Or they always use the build back better concept. So injections, we’re going to help heal the health? Right? Injections, we’re going to fix the public health issue. Right? Now they’re saying digital IDs will help the health of businesses, Do you see how this works, they use the same arguments, the same concepts. It’s just so interesting how easy it is to pick this stuff apart. So they had to convince you that to become healthy and safe and protect others, you have to take their experimental injection. But now to heal the small businesses and the economic infrastructures, on top of the injections to help the people, we now need to have digital identification programmes to create a more streamlined, fully digital infrastructure. It’s all in here and look who they go to for the model. Third, and more measurable than the first two is evidence out of China that digital services including IDs and biometric systems have transformed consumer habits and delivered tangible benefits to Chinese citizens. Again, China is the model guys. The first accelerator digital ID will give people everywhere access not only to financial services. Access, now we’re talking about financial services, digital currency. But to political and social circles, what is that guy’s? Social credit? Social credit again, the first accelerator digital ID will give people everywhere access not only to financial services, but to political and social circles. Access, you will be given access to your social circles. Can you believe this? The audacity. You guys are nuts if you think you can tell me who I can associate myself with, and socialise. Get out of here. But what they mean is, the social media platforms will require digital identification. And you know what? I think I might have something that alludes to this. Where is it at, it’s France, I believe. France. Where is it? We’ll get there. We’ll get there. It’s it’s in this long list here. Let’s continue. Ah, and again, you know, I talk about this stuff openly and freely and Cavalier, because I’m not afraid of any of this stuff. It doesn’t bother me. Well, I’m not gonna say that, it does bother me. But the fear aspect doesn’t bother me. Right? Because for one, I don’t believe they’re going to succeed, I believe they’re going to fail by way of the ouroboros, snake eats its own tail. They’ll corrupt themselves as they always do, things will fail. Is this to say some of it won’t succeed? No, a lot of it might. And is this to say there will be no hardships on our end? No, we’re going to suffer quite a bit. We’re gonna have to give up quite a lot. If you haven’t noticed already, this has been happening for at least a year now. So I’m just saying, I’m not worried about this stuff. In fact, I think it’s crazy. And it’s funny, because these people are insane. But at the same time, it does have direct effect on real people and real lives, so we have to consider that. But I just I don’t see this actually working out the way they plan because they’re rushing it. They’re just pushing this thing too much. This Metaverse thing came out already. I didn’t think the metaverse was going to be launched like this, at least for another year. I’m shocked that they did this. It’s kind of weird and strange. It’s just out of line with the logic. So I can see their whole plan falling apart. Now of course, they use AI. So they have backup plans upon backup plans. They know all potential and possible scenarios through their different algorithmic systems. I get it. I know that I’m plenty aware of it. Well aware, but at the same time, who’s in charge? Who’s in charge of all of this? Who’s running the show? At the end of the day? The most High, of course? Let’s continue. We’ll go down a little bit. The second accelerator a revived small and mid sized business sector depends on digital IDs making access to financing far easier and more common place and has reported that 66, of course, million or more citizens and legal residents have enrolled their biometric identifiers to get a national ID. Oh, actually. No, no, no, no, I’m sorry. I messed up my reading there. Let me reread this. The second accelerator are revived small and mid sized business sector depends on digital IDs making access to financing far easier and more commonplace. This is as true in developed economies, where proprietors might service electronics, as it is in developing economies, or small businesses might address more basic but just as important economic needs. So as you can see here, they’re trying to normalise the concept, not just in developed countries or technologically advanced countries, but also developing countries, not only big corporations and massive networks, but even small and midsize businesses.

Dayz of Noah  1:13:21

Guys, they are trying to standardise the concept of digital ID because it has been the goal from the very beginning. And they are distracting everybody with politics, with the controversy with all of this nonsense you see on the news, sports figures, actors, all of this garbage that’s going on that people on social media just can’t shut up about. All of this is being developed and manufactured right beneath your nose man. It’s time to pay attention man, this stuff is not a game, not a game. Now the third accelerator is experience gained in China for example, appetites for digital financial management services increased by 10% Since CV struck. Again always looking to China because they are the model. Pre pandemic digital growth of course often was more robust but points to how digital IDs can boost an economy. The size of China’s digital Wealth Management market was 772.6 billion yuan. US 120 billion in 2013 and 6.9 trillion yuan by 2019. According to the paper the market accounted for 13.2% of China’s asset management activity. In 2019 170 million Chinese internet users bought internet financial products. The annual growth rate of the citizens buying financial products online was more than 10% that year, a point that market had held for some time. So as you can see here, we’re looking to China we’re saying, look, guys, look at how good this was working for their their economy, look at how easily and readily their populations are taking on and integrating these technologies into their lives. The diffusion of these technologies isn’t even argued against, we should be more like them.

Dayz of Noah  1:15:22

Y’all get it? Y’all get it? I’m gonna explain it. Y’all get it? So, uh, now, gosh, okay, we’re going through almost four hours now. So I gotta wrap up here. Wow we still got 2400 people in the house, shout out to you guys. Thank you for being with me. We’re gonna have to do another show like, man, I might even do one like on Wednesday or something or Tuesday? Because I didn’t even get through half of this stuff. So um, I’ll hold the injections on the kids. I had a whole section for that. We’ll save that. We’ll save that. Oh, this is a good one, too. Yeah, well, we’re going to have to save this because this alone would take me an hour to get through. So again we’ll take you back to 2019, okay, and there’s this article here, and we’ve showed you this before, ID 2020 and partners launch programme to provide digital ID with injections. This is 2019, alright, so this is no theory here. This is fact. All right. This has been the goal from the very beginning. Many moving parts, this thing is very multi pronged. It’s super complex. And I’m going to try my best to my best ability to filter all of this information and kind of create a type of rubric so you guys could get a clearer view, a clearer perspective of how all of this works together. That’s at least what I try to do on this show. So I hope I have accomplished at least that partly, let me show you this. This this is, what’s this guy’s name. I can’t remember his name, and I don’t have the information. I just have this clip. But this is at one of these world policy, goodness, I can’t believe I forgot this guy’s name. But check this out. Just listen to what he says this is regarding digital ID. Alright, check it

Carlos Moreira  1:17:29

It has also AI does digital identification which is essential to protect the human because if you don’t have a digital identity, you don’t exist. Actually, you might have a consumer identity, but you don’t have a digital identity. Therefore, if you do not have a digital identity and a digital identity is not your credit card, or your passport or your fitness.

Dayz of Noah  1:17:53

This is Carlos Moreira, Wisekey CEO CEO of Wisekey and this is a clip from the World Policy Conference recently in 2021

Carlos Moreira  1:18:07

It is actually your birth certificate of digital identity you don’t exist. Actually, you might have a consumer identity, but you don’t have a digital identity. Therefore, if you do not have a digital identity and a digital identity not your credit card, or your passport or your fitness card. It is actually your birth certificate. As you have a birth certificate from the city you are born one day you have also a digital birth certificate, the moment you enter into the internet, and that belongs to you and it stays under your consent while you need it. If you one day you decide to retire, or you decide not to be bothered anymore with this digital life, you shall have the possibility to revoke that digital identity.

Carlos Moreira  1:18:25

Or you won’t have access to the metaverse if you revoke that digital ID they don’t put in that part

Carlos Moreira  1:18:57

That is back to your control. So this morning, everybody was talking about –

Dayz of Noah  1:19:02

The metaverse might be where you make a living. That’s the sad part. The Metaverse might be the place where you acquire resources, because things are moving digital guys, or should we say virtual? They are trying to get away from physical material resources. Everything is becoming pure information. So the metaverse is important in that we might have no choice but to a degree operate within it. In it, not of it.

Carlos Moreira  1:19:29

Cold War. Actually we’re not anymore in a cold war. We are in an invisible world. The Invisible War between countries and they want to control the metaverse and in the metaverse imagine the metaverse is like a massive cloud. If you don’t have your country in that cloud, if that cloud doesn’t have a space for your country, you are called an ally by others, you don’t exist.

Dayz of Noah  1:19:53

Digital colonisation is what he’s referring to and something we’ve discussed here and this is the new colonisation of humanity, but it is digital by way of the information revolution information age.

Carlos Moreira  1:20:05

So the fourth industrial revolution was a constant launch in Davos in 2016 by the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab was part of that work that was done at that time. We had been working a lot to try to create the awareness required for countries to take the right decision towards having their own presence on that metaverse. And this is something which I think this forum can help internationally to create this kind of diversification which is essential to protect humans as we move forward in the fourth industrial revolution.

Dayz of Noah  1:20:39

As we move forward into the fourth industrial revolution. Isn’t it amazing. Look at this guy. Carlos Moreira, you know, you guys just think you’re God, you just control our future and our lives. You provide all of the infrastructure we’re supposed to operate within. Yeah, Michael Shadel a digital life. They call it digital twin, I call it proxy self via the virtual mirror. It’s like it’s this new realm we’re living in or they want us to live in. It’s just it’s mind blowing this idea of virtual world that we experience now through social media like we’re doing right now, this is nothing. Because this new Metaverse digital mirror virtual mirror proxy self thing is going to be connected to a digital identification that has your most vital and private information connected to it and stored in some cloud somewhere that some rich corporatist owns, and sells to be speculated upon by other corporatists called surveillance capitalism. That doesn’t even mention the fact that there’s going to be medical therapies involved here because you’re sick, and we need to make sure you stay healthy. So we’re going to have to require you to get these annual injections of this, you know, this genetic juice this genetic potion, right, and of course, the digital currency will be involved here. All of these things are coming together and you know what it’s going to be really fun to really put all of this stuff together, there’s something and it’s all I do is just kind of take information and categorise it and make it make sense. But I’m telling you guys, we’re gonna get to the bottom of this, right and in the reason I find this comical in many cases is because they’re going to fail. They’re going to fail. I am seeing all the little chinks in the armour man. These guys are not going to succeed to the degree that they imagined they will. Let’s just put it that way. And we’re not being some you know, Pollyannas here with the optimism. I’m no Steven Pinker okay. But anyhow, let’s keep it going here. So I got a few more things to show you guys. Here, all right. Oh, here we go. Let’s talk a little bit about the CV right, The Phantom Menace here. There we are. CV boosters might soon be combined with yearly flu shots. You see, guys. You see how it’s always been about this from the beginning. For those that have been around for a while, I’m sure you might remember the video I did in 2018, where at the very end, I even showed clips of Fauci and I said, Just wait, go back and watch it if you don’t, if you haven’t seen it. I said, Just wait till they start requiring an annual flu injection. And I put a picture of Fauci at 2018. I kid you not. Because, you know, those of us that do this research, we understand all of this has been moving towards some type of genetic play. And what’s the best way to get into the masses into the entire population’s genes, the best way to do that is through a type of compulsory inoculation system, right? And the only way to really do that is to convince people [that they] are sick, and that’s pretty much all we’ve been seeing. So here we are. They could just combine it right? Because it’s all the same thing. And it’s all for the same thing. Right? It’s all the damn flu. It’s just so frustrating. And it continues, Moderna says, you might need an annual booster right yearly because that was the goal from the beginning. Remember, we showed the clip of Fauci from the 2019 clip, where he said the panel was called universal inoculation. That’s what the panel was called. Because this has been the goal for years, man, because this is the perfect way to play with the gene pool genomics man, transhumanism, the days of Noah. Alright, so now oh, remember I told you that they they’re probably going to be also like they just changed the definition of injections or inoculation. Now they’re going to change the definitions of being fully inoculated fully juiced. Check this out. This is just comedy at this point. I mean, I almost don’t feel bad for people anymore that are falling for this because it’s just blatant.

Covid-19 Response Team  1:25:21

Yeah, it’s a really great question. Booster eligibility for all people currently. So we are going to, we have not yet changed the definition of fully vaccinated, we will continue to look at this. We may need to update our definition of fully vaccinated in the future. But right now,

Dayz of Noah  1:25:38

We may need to update our definition. I love how they call it update. As if like language in words, the meaning of language, or the meaning of words within languages are so elastic that you could just constantly update them as if there’s some type of software. Everything becomes software. Isn’t it interesting? Update. We need to update our definitions. There’s no foundation, there’s no real meaning in anything anymore. Anything just can become whatever they want it to become. This is magic. This is the the simulacra as Baudrillard would have said,

Covid-19 Response Team  1:26:14

Now if you are eligible for a booster, go ahead and get your booster. And we will continue to follow. Continue to look at this we may need to update our definition of fully vaccinated in the future. But right now, what I would say is if you’re eligible for a booster, go ahead and get your booster and we will continue to follow.

Dayz of Noah  1:26:35

Yeah, because we just might have to update it because eventually you’re going to have to get a booster every six months. So you’re only going to be fully juiced if you’ve gotten your recent booster. Because you might, and it won’t be about your first or your second it might be have you had your third, as Dan Andrews had stated in the beginning of the show. Just playing with us. Welcome to lab rat experiment. That’s what everything has become. Now again, digital IDs, how do digital IDs and innoculation connect? Digital IDs and injection verification it has to do with the infrastructure for these types of systems that will create the world in which we are allowed to operate in and given access to.

Dayz of Noah  1:28:01

Now this is a Russian company called addreality, I believe. And this is just an example. It’s happening everywhere. It’s not just in the Netherlands. It’s not just in China. It’s everywhere guys. This is a global effort. This is what some would call the New World Order. That’s an old term. But this is legit. This is their goal, the access society where you’re like basically given access to life. That’s what the future holds guys. No longer can you really operate, you have to be given access, you have to qualify as Hulk would say. Here it is. Here’s the article I was looking for. Found it. Social media accounts could soon require digital ID in France. Yeah, no touch you notice that? Yes. Ryan Popejoy I think that’s who said that? You’re absolutely correct. Yes, you’re absolutely correct. Touchless society, right. That’s all of this is leading towards this sterile cold concrete, steel walled virtual reality of nothingness. And just, you know, lifelessness right. So yeah, it’s all slow, I shouldn’t say slowly, it’s happening quickly they are quickly pushing this stuff and of course, who always seems to lead the postmodern madness, France, no disrespect to France. I’ve never been there but yeah, shoot. It’s amazing. Take your shot pets. Mitchell McNeely spa, man I got a spa man. That’s real talk now let me go back to the model. Let’s go to the model and show some evidence. Let’s give some perspective, shall we? Let’s let’s look at the philosophy behind a lot of this stuff. And who is this, this is Lin Jinyu. He is a theoretical designer of a social credit system in China. Listen to what he has to say regarding these things. This is the future they have planned for us. Are you ready? Will you accept this? That’s the big question. Will you accept it? Alright, check this out guys this here it is straight out the horse’s mouth man? Oh, you can’t hear me. Okay, so that was speaking in French. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to play it. And you can’t see the there’s text here, but you can’t see it on the screen for some reason, so I’ll just read it to you. Okay. I think that we have put in place a good technological method to export it to a capitalist country, I think that France should quickly adopt our social credit system by regressing social housing. If you had had the social credit system, there would never have been the yellow vests, we would have detected that before they acted, one could have foreseen these events would not have happened. Wow. It’s one of the great advantages of the social credit system. Wow. Okay, so he’s saying, Yeah, France, if you guys would have had the social credit system, we could have, we would have been able to quell, we would have been able to quell all of these movements that you guys have, you know, all of these political insurgencies, we would have been able to quell all of this ahead of time, by way of our algorithmic social credit systems that block access to things so the moment people start acting up, we’re able to shut them down before they can even hit the streets. This is the future man. This is the future. I’m telling you, this is what they want. This is what they want. And the way they’re going to begin is of course, melding the verification, injection verification with digital ID, of course, there’s the digital driver’s licences, the MDL that I’ve been talking about forever. They’ve already started in Utah I’ll show you a clip right now. Already started in Utah, they’re trying to get them going in Florida, but Floridians aren’t having it just not seeming to pick up in Florida. They’re doing the MDLs. What else, of course, with this whole process will be a social credit system.

Dayz of Noah  1:33:03

So there’s a lot of lag that has to happen, right? But it’s good that we’re seeing these things early. And we’re able to stop them in their tracks, or at least express some serious non compliance and spread the word right. Or we’ll be able to see signs very early like in your workplace or in your communities or wherever, if you start to see these little, you know, technological changes, and they might have some new, some new requirements to do certain things. Oh, we’re turning this digital. You guys remember when they turned all the TVs HD. I was young, not that young, but I remember when that happened. I thought that was strange. I didn’t think it was good. I knew something was up. And that was the very beginning of all of this as far as this whole informational, this whole digital transformation. I’ll never forget when everything turned HD people turn in TVs and you know all of this weird kind of behaviour. Oh, interesting. And look where we’re at now. The damn metaverse. Goodness gracious. All right. All right. Let me see. Let me pull up this here we go check this out. And this is another angle. So we have the verification processes through injection proof and then we have the just general digital ID passports but now they have another way to get you, a digital driver’s licence, so check this out.

Fox 13 News Reporter  1:34:33

Digital driver’s licences and IDs are coming to Utah Fox 13 tech reporter Jordan Hogan has more on how soon we can expect these and how they’ll protect your privacy.

Jordan Hogan  1:34:45

Utah’s Driver Licence division is set to start a pilot with mobile driver’s licences and IDs. The mobile IDs will be stored on an app which is being called Secure by the divisions director.

Dayz of Noah  1:34:57

There it is the infamous QR code guys. They are turning you into pure information? Will you comply?

Jordan Hogan  1:35:05

Here is Chris Caras.

Chris Caras  1:35:08

We wanted to make sure the technology was at a place that it really could facilitate that level of security. And we believe that it’s at that stage now.

Jordan Hogan  1:35:17

This will change the way Utahan’s travel, bank, buy alcohol, and comply with traffic stops. A big difference to the physical licences or ID cards is you can choose what information you share, for example, the digital ID will let you verify your age without giving away your home address or vice versa.

Dayz of Noah  1:35:38

You see how they get you? Oh you’ll be able to, you won’t have to have your address on there. And so for some people, that might be a thing, but it’s like no it’s getting you to opt into the digital nature of things. That’s the problem. Who cares if oh, I don’t have to put my, I could customise, again back to Avatar ship, creating the self, everything becomes this type of self worship, pure Satanism, everything becomes this type of self worship, everything you get to control yourself personal this personal that private yeah, nothing’s necessarily private, we understand that, they’ve changed the meaning of privacy now, just like they’ve done everything else. But that’s what it is getting you to opt into the digital form. So clever, isn’t it?

Chris Caras  1:36:28

The mobile credential lets you facilitate the transaction, but only share what’s necessary for it so that you get

Dayz of Noah  1:36:37

I’m sorry, I rather just use the physical and share what’s ever on the darn card. Okay, I’m not tripping, because my card stays in my wallet. There’s no form of it floating around in space somewhere for anyone to hack or get a hold of. If I were to go into your system, it just puts a whole new experience and sense of vulnerability on me that I don’t want anything to do with, is that okay? Is that okay? It’s just you know, just asking.

Jordan Hogan  1:37:08

and comply with traffic stops, a big  difference to the physical licences or ID cards is you can choose what information you share, for example, the digital ID will let you verify your age without giving away your home address, or vice versa.

Chris Caras  1:37:25

The mobile credential lets you facilitate the transaction, but only share what’s necessary for it so that you get some control back over your data.

Jordan Hogan  1:37:35

Right now it’s being tested with 100 people to start

Dayz of Noah  1:37:38

It’s the opposite of control. In fact, you lose control, they giving you a false sense of control, just like they give you a false sense of influence when it comes to voting. They give you this false sense of control over your data, your digital data. You have no control, you don’t even own it, you don’t even know where it’s at. You can’t even point to it. But you’re in control, okay?

Jordan Hogan  1:37:59

But the DLD hopes to open the pilot to as many as 10,000

Chris Caras  1:38:03

{inaudible) credential lets you facilitate the transaction, but only share what’s necessary for it so that you get some control back over your data.

Jordan Hogan  1:38:12

Right now it’s being tested with 100 people to start, but the DLD hopes to open the pilot to as many as 10,000 Utahn;s by mid to late summer. The driver licence division has until January 1 2022, to be ready to start making the digital licences unless they show that the pilot has been unsuccessful.

Chris Caras  1:38:32

But I don’t see it in the near future changing the actual cost of renewing your driver’s licence. But if you choose to go with the application, there is a small additional fee for that

Jordan Hogan  1:38:43

The results of the pilots will be shared with the legislator, which will determine whether or not to roll out the mobile ID statewide, Jordan Hogan, Fox 13 News, Utah.

Dayz of Noah  1:38:55

So as you can see, we’re in the beginning stages of a lot of these things. That’s why I am very thankful and happy to be able to provide this type of information for you early before all of these things are at your doorstep so you can see what’s coming down the pike. And this is just another example of that. Isn’t it interesting how all of these new infrastructures, these new technologies are all in tandem, and sometimes concurrently being rolled out? Whether it be in big fashion or in little projects like this one, testing out. I mean, isn’t it interesting guys, how we are being hit with all of these? Just really, really revolutionary technologies and systems all across the board. I mean, come on, guys. Again, you’ll never hear about any of this stuff being really described accurately in the mainstream media. I think you guys see, I think you guys see that all this stuff is tied. together. It truly is, man. Let’s see. I’m going to save those. We’ll save those. Let’s see. We’re getting there. We’re getting there, guys. I just want to show you some really good ones. Ah, there’s the neural interfaces that are part of the metaverse, we won’t have time to go into that today. We’ll save it because I have a whole show on neuro tech and neuro link and all these DARPA programmes and experiments that are going on with the brain initiative that we’ve discussed at length here. So I’ll save some of this, but I just want to show you, they are prepping that type of tech for the metaverse guys. It’s not just, I mean all of this Oculus stuff, the Oculus. That’s just the beginning. That’s just to get kids talking about it. Eventually, they want to have these types of implantable brain chips, and they might not even be chips. They might be different forms of silicon gel or hydrogels. They have a lot of the tattoos they have all types of different technology, but they are aiming and this is something that Elon Musk has been promoting quite a bit. They are aiming to plug you in to this Metaverse through signalling your brain. I mean, I know I know. I know it’s crazy, but this stuff is legit. This stuff is legit. I’ll save this I’ll save this because I really want to spend some time on this. I have a lot and just to round things out, this is 54 seconds. I could show you this. This is from World Economic Forum. Check it out. Check it out. This is just you know, just a little taste, as brother Theo would say, just a little taste, a little taste.

Dayz of Noah  1:41:49

Hold on what’s that let’s run back. Let’s run that back. Let me turn it down, they just got this little music and that’s not important. So close that alright. In five years, your smartphone might be able to read your mind. Sooner than that, actually. This new technology can read people’s minds using brainwaves. In a test, the computer guessed what numbers people were saying based on brain scans. It was 90% accurate with numbers and 61% accurate with single spoken syllables. A team of Japanese researchers working on the technology wants to translate our thoughts. The team is now developing a brain computer interface for smartphones. The technology is similar to systems being developed by Facebook and Elon Musk. Mind reading smartphones could help people who have lost ability to speak, of course, always some angle towards disability. The Japanese scientists say that technology could be ready in just five years. Sooner than actually, and what we’ll see here ad as I just showed you here, this type of technology that they’re discussing here will be directly connected to the metaverse. So we’re not going to be on computers, eventually, if they succeed. Let’s just put it this way. These designers, these technicians, these engineers are creating this type of technology that is gonna allow you to connect to be plugged in, okay, plugged into the metaverse without clickers without mice, or mouse’s or however you would say that, without even keyboards, Oculus, you’re not gonna need any of that stuff. I mean, this is just the begin it is crazy, it’s absolutely crazy. I mean, it’s absolutely crazy. I know.

Dayz of Noah  1:43:51

So I just want to show you that. Okay, let’s see if I can show you a couple more things before we wrap up. And here’s Rand Corporation that we always refer to Rand, and their work here. This is their paper on brain computer interfaces, US military applications and implications and initial assessment. So this is all this is all here. I mean, this stuff is its brain computer interfaces allow people to control machines with their mind. So we’ll be, this this goes into haptics and a lot of other stuff where jobs will be plugging you into a system through neural links or neural linked neurologically linked technologies, and you’ll be able to communicate with machines and you’ll be able to do remote work. This is another part of the metaverse that’s not really described or explained just yet, but these type of remote work is going to be a huge thing and a way many people make a living. Also another way people will be making a living through the metaverse is selling digital products right, we saw Nike’s virtual sneakers as an example, or Roblox also has a programme where you will be able to create custom designed virtual products that you can sell for currencies. Really, really interesting stuff. But also, you’ll be able to do works through haptic technology and brain sensor networks where you’ll be able to control machines in far out places remotely and do work. You see a lot of this stuff in sci fi films. Also there will be stuff that you see in Black Mirror 15 million Merits episode, I think episode two, season one. All of that is already here, it just hasn’t been applied yet. It hasn’t been accepted culturally, for one, and it hasn’t had the opportunity to be diffused or integrated into the society, for two. So we’re still far ahead. Yes, Hector Luma, absolutely NFT’s are one of the biggest initial kind of aspects of this virtual content, virtual products, really, really crazy stuff. It’s like beyond, but this is real stuff man. This emerging technology could result in the medical breakthroughs and other benefits. But it carries many potential ethical and legal risks, of course, we already know about. So we won’t spend too much time on that. Again, I’m going to be doing a brain video that’s going to really go into some of this stuff. And basically, employers are going to try to get a hold of this type of technology, and this is an example of that. So employers are going to have to get a hold of this type of monitoring technology because they have to make sure you’re working. And we’ve already had this with the I guess the problems of the quarantines where people were working from home and not getting their work done, you know. So now they have to make sure that they can monitor your behaviour. Yeah. Micromanagements an understatement This is psychopathy at this point, but this is where a lot of these weirdos are taking this stuff, man, unfortunately, this is. Now let’s watch this little clip here. It’s just one minute, it has to do with exactly what I just was describing. Let’s see if it’ll play.

Dayz of Noah  1:47:10

To be able to understand the brain’s plasticity.

Dayz of Noah  1:47:12

Now, this is sped up, so just letting you guys know now it’s a little sped up. So let me just turn it up so you can hear it. Make sure it’s not too loud.

Ted Talks Speaker  1:47:26

Being able to understand the brain’s plasticity can be used to enhance mental performance in many different ways. For example, many people try to study but find that they are ineffective because they get bored or distracted too easily. One of the key features of effective performance is learning to focus on the task at hand and excluding or minimising the impact of distractions. Well, firstly you need to optimise your environment so you can better understand you know, one of the best times of the day.

Dayz of Noah  1:47:52

They use this term a lot optimising your environment. We have to optimise everything and their concept of optimization has to do with simply turning things digital. It’s back to the old post Neil postman’s argument. And even Aluhan’s arguments, Mcluhan’s arguments about efficiency and this fallacious understanding of efficiency regarding the technician, you know, everything has to be efficient, efficiency equals good and right, which is wrong. Efficiency cannot be equated to some type of moral thing unless you have a moral foundation for it, which they don’t. So again, it’s optimising optimise life by turning everything into a virtual nightmare.

Ted Talks Speaker 1:48:37

What sort of lighting conditions, what about background music, even how often you break for coffee? Then you need to optimise yourself. Now this is a little harder because you need someone or something to provide you with information on what you were doing wrong and what you’re doing right. Fortunately, it is now possible for us to observe your level of focus objectively while you work. You can characterise each learning session or any other activity where you want to improve your performance, learning the best times of the day, lighting, comfort foods, background music. Even (inaudible) patterns is simply a matter of collecting some statistics on different types.

Dayz of Noah  1:49:13

A quantified self. Lipton, this is the quantified self. This is called the quantification of life experience. This is the quantification of all things. This is turning oneself into pure information under the guise of optimization. It’s so creepy. It’s like you want to talk about the concept of neuroticism or someone who’s neurotic. This is neuroticism on steroids aomeone who wants to do this, someone who wants to live a life where everything’s data and everything I do can be measured and everything is turned into some type of equation that I can balance it against something else. I mean this will drive someone mad. This will literally drive someone mad. And now I want to bring, we’re going to end the show off with DeSantis of Florida, no disrespect man, Florida’s awesome, great state, especially for freedom, but a lot of people are, yes, Isaiah Days, is there a chance that you might start breaking these live streams down into 10 to 30 minute segments so that we can share topics. Yeah, you know, and I’ve been doing that with several I’ve done that several times. And the funny thing is, these long three to four hour live streams get triple the amounts of views, opposed to the 20,30 minute clips I make, I don’t understand it, it is strange. Like I thought people want short clips, but they don’t seem to do as well. But yeah, I definitely will. In fact, it’s been on, I’ve been trying to slowly do more of that, so I appreciate you mentioning that. And people ask for it all the time, it’s just amazing how the long streams tend to get the most views, which is fine, because I want people to watch this stuff so they could get at least my view of these things and possibly help them see some things, it’s just perspective, I just try to not only share my work that I spend my life doing, but offer some perspective, because a lot of this stuff is insane. The stuff you see on TV, the garbage and crap you hear from your friends and family every day, it’s hard to even fathom or should I say it’s hard, it’s hard to really accept a lot of this nonsense. So I spent all my life figuring or at least attempting to figure these things out. So you know, I share them with you. And it makes it makes the work seem worthy, you know, when people spend the time to watch these too long videos that I make here. So, you know, I appreciate you mentioning that. So, and I’m trying I’m definitely trying, you know, it’s really all about time editing these things down takes so much time and you couldn’t believe how much time it actually takes to edit little clips and stuff. It’s a lot, but I’m working it out, man, I definitely am. And I’ll get better at it, I’ll get better at it more content will be available. Again, you know, things are a little shaky right now as far as like my ability to record when I can record etc. I’m not in my normal recording situation. So I’m trying my best here, but I’m working at it.

Dayz of Noah  1:52:11

So now I want to bring you to this thing called Florida Department of, or call it the Florida Department of Education. It’s the Florida Department of Education. But it’s regarding this new type of progress monitoring. And the reason I’m showing you this, and I’m not trying to you know, say DeSantis is a bad person. I don’t trust politics period, right? I’m just apolitical in that sense. I believe federal politics are a sham, state politics are a little bit more, I’d say significant, local politics I believe are the only things where you have the only area where you can have some I guess real influence if enough people get together.

Dayz of Noah  1:52:43

I do I do like the way Florida is going compared to other states. I agree with a lot of the stuff DeSantis says, you know, to be honest, you know, but again, politics is always a sketchy situation. So anyhow, I think this is interesting, you know, I have to be transparent and saying that I could easily see or not transparent, but I have to be blunt when I say the Republican Party is really no different from the Democratic Party in many ways, but more importantly in the direction towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution, they’re not in any way opposing it. So they can, they might oppose, you know, COVID restrictions, and, you know, they might promote bodily autonomy, which I fully fully support and actually do understand that it is somewhat of a roadblock to digital IDs until the Fourth Industrial Revolution, so there is that aspect. It’s not like they’re just openly accepting the Fourth Industrial Revolution, supporting human rights and bodily autonomy is a direct offence to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which I fully support. So I want to just be clear on my perspective here, and in my view towards the Florida and DeSantis I I would say great things they’re doing politically regarding this so called pandemic. But, all that to say, this progress monitoring of children I find very disturbing because I believe this is a massive part of not only eventually the metaverse, but collecting data on children, or this idea of progress monitoring has to do with behaviour analytics, and it could be problematic in the future, and I think if we promote this type of technology in these programmes, what we’re doing is we’re setting up a future to accept a lot of these bio metric and behavioural data systems that are coming regarding that Metaverse, etc. So check this out.

Megan Crombie  1:54:36

So excited about some of the changes on the horizon for our Florida accountability system.

Carrie Wilson  1:54:41

Florida is continuing to innovate

Sarah Painter  1:54:43

with the transition to the best standards, the window of opportunity to close the achievement gap is at hand.

Megan Crombie  1:54:49

We need to focus on progress monitoring.

Dr Dakeyan Graham  1:54:51

I am extremely excited about the limitless potential of a progress monitoring system.

Krista Stanley  1:54:56

As a teacher, I’m going to have real time data that can inform my instruction to meet the

Dayz of Noah  1:55:03

Real time data is always a red flag. Anytime you hear that red flag, real time data has to do with data monitoring, and eventually that leads towards a type of biosensor. Okay, so we have to be aware of these things, guys.

Krista Stanley  1:55:20

needs of my students.

Dr Brandon Johnson  1:55:22

You know, we have assessments throughout the year of progress monitoring would be wonderful

Dr Dakeyan Graham  1:55:26

Equipped to support the scaffolded learning and development of our future world changes.

Angie Gallo  1:55:32

With the elimination of common core, and the implementation of the best standards

Sarah Hall  1:55:35

There’s a monumental push forward for teachers, students, and their families.

Manny Diaz  1:55:41

I applaud Governor Ron DeSantis, and Commissioner Richard Corcoran, for their commitment to innovation and change.

Sarah Painter  1:55:46

Thank you for doing what’s best for students,

Megan Crombie  1:55:49

Let’s all work together so that our kids can have the best education possible.

Dayz of Noah  1:55:55

Now, I just want to put this out there as a warning, I want to put this out there as an example of even red states Republicans, even so called conservatives being part of this move towards web 3.0 by way of collecting data, not only biometric data in adults, but also behavioural data. That’s what this is, this is behavioural data collection, in children under the guise of good education, I’d say first and foremost, get your kids out of these damn systems if you can. If you can’t, I totally understand it’s not possible for everyone to do that. But this is not a good move. This is not, relying on technology to fix all of our problems is never the way to go. There always has to be a balance with real world material, human application, balanced with technological or digital applications, right, we have to always come to some type of logical, rational middle ground in our understanding of not just how life works, but the applications there and the type of technologies we’re integrating into our lives, how they change behaviour, the potential for behavioural cultural genetic change. You can’t just think because things are faster, smaller, more efficient, that things are going to ultimately be better. That such a fallacy. And it seems to be that which everyone rests upon as a foundational argument or presupposition. It’s dangerous guys, and I get it, it’s like, oh this is gonna help. I understand that concept, but a lot of these individuals and bless their souls, you know, they’re probably very ignorant to the future of this tech, so they think they’re doing a good thing, you know. I’m not trying to disparage these people here, but this ain’t it as the young kids say today. This ain’t it. It’s just not. And this is not the way to go. We need to start going to, we won’t even get into the whole education thing, I think that would be much too much of a tangent. These people are using spells on you logic won’t work. Very good point. shutDadoe very, very, very good point. And I think the last 20 months describes that, clearly the lack of logic, everything being faith based science, everything being gnostic, right, this type of secret knowledge virology, epidemiology, both not sciences at all. Right. So very good point. Shawana84 says sad facts Dayz. Yeah, you know, it’s just not good. It’s just not good, man. There’s nothing good about it at all. So, um, I think we’re going to be wrapping up there, guys, we really got into quite a bit, I think we covered enough. Um, next show will be interesting, because I could take some of the things we didn’t get to focus on here today, and I could build and structure that show, because there’s still, I have all these notes and references here that I didn’t get to. But I got to show you guys, a lot of examples, you know, of these things. And I think it’s important to provide that for you guys so you understand I’m not just pulling things out of thin air. I’m actually over hours and hours and hours of research putting together this case that they’re leading us towards a type of bio digital convergence, of course as you’ve seen here, but more importantly, a type of restructuring of humanity, a restructuring of civilization, and a restructuring of our physical bodies, you know, such that they’re able to be digitally integrated with an overall circular economy and circular digital system rooted in grids, and, of course, electricity. Everything has to be electronic, because that is how AI runs. Now, of course, they could find other ways, I’m sure, other forms of energy use, yeah, but they want to get rid of gas, they want to get rid of fossil fuels. And maybe there’s some good to that, you know, I don’t know I’m not an expert in that stuff. I don’t even like the term expert but I’m not very knowledgeable in those things when it comes to energy and stuff like that, that’s just not something that I’m very educated or studied in so I don’t feel I have the right to make an educated judgement on it. I can easily say, I just don’t know. But I don’t trust the people behind the tech. I don’t trust the people behind the initiatives. Right. That’s what I can confidently say, I don’t judge the people that are in control. Okay. So simple as that. But I can tell you where we’re going, just based on all the evidence that’s out there. I can tell you and I can show you where I think they’re leading us.

Dayz of Noah  2:00:46

So I’ll try to stay on top of these things for you guys. So yeah, let’s end it there. I want to thank you guys for being with me for another good show. Wow we still got 2100 people in here. Thank you guys for being with me, man. It’s a blessing to have you all. And I want to do another show man because I just don’t feel, I’ve been on four and a half hours and I don’t feel satisfied with what I’ve provided for you. You know I annoy myself. We’ll be back possibly before next Saturday. Because I just have a lot I want to talk about, a lot I want to show you guys though I’ve been gone. As I told you, I was visiting the south looking for a new home, and as I was out scouting, I was doing a lot of research, so I have so much to share. So we’ll be back we’ll be back asap I’ll be in the community tab dropping you guys some stuff as I usually do, maybe provide some memes or some articles, some images and stuff like that. But uh, hopefully, we’ll get together before Saturday, I also want to be doing a show with. shout out to Spiritual Logic Hulk, I’m going to be doing a show with him shortly and AM 1 and brother Brad, we got a show coming together we’re going to be talking about Christ and Scripture, and this idea of Christianity as mind control seems to be an argument a lot of agnostics are making right now. So we have something planned. I’m still editing down about seven hours of video of me and John Coleman that’s going to be coming out soon, shout out to John Coleman. What else, what else, what else and more, there’s more, there’s plenty more. Me and Richie have been in contact. We’re gonna try to get together soon. Of course, I want to get Nicholson 1968 on again, tried to do another one of those shows love those guys and the work that they’ve been doing, you know, they’re pioneers. You know, I understand in this area, especially in the true community, there’s a lot of, you know, disagreements. People have issues with each other, I don’t get involved with that stuff, you know, because I’m not about people as far as like personalities, and persons, I’m about ideas, I’m about concepts, I’m about truth, right? So I don’t play into the backbiting and people you know, going at each other and stuff, I got love for everybody as long as you’re about the truth and and everyone makes mistakes, everyone’s fallible. I understand that right. So I’m not gonna hold that against people because I’ve made mistakes in my life and I’ve been wrong about things too. So I just want to put that out there because I understand this community can get a little beefy you know, sometimes with certain individuals especially the big guys you know like some of these types.

Dayz of Noah  2:03:44

I’d love to get on with KJ again I got to reach out to him we haven’t talked in a little bit but I really want to get back in with KJ and maybe do a show, always a good time with him. And there’s some others there’s some others that I’m trying to to get connected with. Because it’s really about coming together guys you know, we have to join forces at this point, and really share ideas and try to spread this truth in a way that can bring more people to Christ because at the end of the day, that’s what this is about man and I understand everyone that supports this channel and listens to this channel isn’t a Christian but you know, the scariest movie ever channel is KJ but you know, there has to be a foundation for your beliefs, there has to be an overall truth that supports what you believe and your behaviours, your morality, etc. So without God you have nothing at the end of the day.

Dayz of Noah  2:04:47

So anyhow, rip GFC absolutely rip GFC rip, Rob Skiba who had recently passed really really sad. Horrible, you know, it’s just it’s crazy. You know, several people in the fitness industry have passed recently. And I’m gonna tell you, man, this injection thing, we won’t get on that, but there’s just a lot of heart stuff going on right now a lot of heart issues, man. And it’s amazing to me how much death by way of cardiac arrest is going on. And people are just covering it up. It’s really sad, man. It’s crazy. It’s absolutely crazy. Oh, me and brother Theo are definitely going to get together for another Tripnology. He’s been having some serious technical issues for some time now. He’s also in a type of position of transition as well, a lot of us are right now we’re trying to figure out where we’re going to be, you know, because things are changing. And, you know, it’s just, it’s a tough time for a lot of people, you know, so we just have to support each other, you know, we really do. At this point, especially the body of Christ. You know, we really have to support each other because it’s that time things are about to, 2021 was weird, crazy, awkward, strange, damaging, disturbing everything. 2020 was probably just as bad, 2022 is going to be something, if you thought the psyops were big this year, last year, man, 2022 is going to take the cake because they’re just going to keep ramping things up. And again, we might get some lows here and there as we always do, they don’t last very long. But just prepare, prepare, prepare physically and mentally and spiritually first and foremost. Shout out to Brother Reg. Good to see you as always and everybody else all the other mods, thank you for being with us, all the new subscribers, my patreons thank you for continuing to support the channel and make this thing a reality. Okay. We’ll be back definately to our regular schedule show, regular schedule patreons, again I thank you for your patience with me given that we are not able to record and do content as much as we used to. I’m still working real hard in the research end so I’ll be making up all of this time for you guys for sure, and everyone who supports through donations we appreciate you guys, you make this possible. You know I would not be able to do this work without you guys, so thank you. This is a full time gig. And it is supported by the people. This is not a monetized channel though you will see commercials sometimes, that’s only because I use copywritten music at times and you know once you use anything that has a copyright, they throw commercials on your stuff so i can’t do anything about that I apologise, I know it’s really annoying when you try to watch one of my videos and there might be a, you know, commercial but this is not a monetized channel, it has never been monetized, it couldn’t be because everything would be demonetized based on the content. I’m still surprised I’m here, I believe the Most High protects his messengers. I pray that He continues to protect this channel, shout out to Steven DeLay another brother who I’m eventually get together with, we’ve been trying to get together for it seems like two or three years now Steven DeLay man of God and a  philosopher briliant man and very good to see you on the chat brother. Yeah so I’m gonna get out of here because I’m sure I’ve talked your ear off enough, so we’ll be back sooner than later, not as long as it’s been since the last show, so I’ll see you guys soon. I wanna end the show by saying all praises to the Most High God in Jesus’ name. Amen and shalom.

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