There is one local farm shop that my partner and I attend every Friday for our lattes, and it was yesterday that I noticed mask damage in one of its staff members. It was while we were chatting. We were talking about making cakes with ghee and I told himContinue Reading

Complaint Letter Face Mask Exemption Discrimination

As promised, I am uploading this draft letter that anyone can use should you face any face mask exemption discrimination. We know that the mask dictator supermarkets like Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, and Sainsburys have issued their emails to all customers with new policies to ‘keep customers safe’ and one customerContinue Reading

face masks on small children

Face masks on small children is horrendous to see, yet that’s what I saw in a family of three walking out of B&M superstore today. This small child must only have been three or four years of age, and the design on his mask was brown cargo. Why would parentsContinue Reading

rochdale baum

It’s strange in pubs like Rochdale Baum these days. Christian and I normally visit Wetherspoons for a curry and pint every Thursday, but this evening we decided that we would have a meal at Rochdale Baum using the £50 deposit that we put down for our wedding reception, which wasContinue Reading