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I am a Christian so I like to share scriptures within my posts, and I am well aware of the eucumenical one world religion that is currently being put into place through the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England, and other religions, which is a religion all devoid of the only Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ – John 14:6. This false religion that these people think will bring Heaven upon Earth is infact the opposite and will culminate in the antichrist leader of the one world government.  Coronavirus is helping to quicken the vision of the satanic non governmental organisations. There will also be a false prophet (the beast of the earth) of Revelation 13, as part of the unholy trinity.

The false prophet, whoever it may be, will get the world to worship the beast or the antichrist (the beast of the sea) by taking a mark in the forehead or the right hand. This is why they are trying to rid the world of cash and instead encouraging a cashless society. It might seem helpful and reliable today, but come that time during the 7 year tribulation, all the people upon earth will have to make a choice as to whether or not to take part in that system.

These people who are deceived by the dragon (Satan) into believing that this figure is God will receive this mark and are pledging allegiance to the antichrist. It is a false messiah. How to go to heaven?

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