These useful links are a great source of information regarding facts on Covid, true science, and the massive deception that is happening in our society and world. Please share with your friends and family because this sick genocidal agenda is very real, and they are coming for you. Arm yourself with knowledge and wisdom to go with that knowledge. This page will be a work in progress. So many people are doing so much great work, letter writing, blog posts, investigative journalism, exposing corruption etc. Thank you for your love toward humanity. If you would like to be added to our useful links page, please get in touch.

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Painful Truths

Corman Drosten Review Report

No Jab For Me

Covid Unmasked

Alliance for Human Research Protection – informative website on medical ethics, medical atrocities, current controversies, and vaccines

There is no Pandemic – Useful videos and documents

Lee Garrett – The Truth – Various letter PDF templates

Lockdown Skeptics

Power to the People UK – Letter templates masks, vaccines, testing etc

Miri AF – letters regarding mask discrimination and rights

The Palmer Foundation – Great information on hydroxychloroquine and other effective treatments for Covid-19

UK Medical Freedom Alliance

People’s International Court of Justice

The Daily Expose

Dr Martin Kendrick

World Doctor’s Alliance

Miles G

Law or Fiction

The Liberty Beacon

Health Impact News

UK Column

Dr Colin M Barron

Dr Vernon Coleman

Rational Global – Letters Regarding Mask

Rebel News – Fight the Fines UK


Tara Bleu – WARNING: Links to Buddhism, which is a deception and deceives from the only true light the Lord Jesus Christ. THE GOSPEL BOOKLET – HOW TO GO TO HEAVEN BY RON SHEA