Ever since the beginning of the Covid-19 mainstream narrative in early February 2020, the scene has only grown more worse. The Covid lockdown has caused unprecedented damage to small businesses, and large global businesses like PayPal, Google, and Amazon have increased their sales.

Social distancing measures are everywhere and causing people to fear people. The round stickers are everywhere. Every place you go, the large signs are up telling you to keep a distance. People can actually treat one another like they are a virus just because a media source and Government tells you to. Some families do not even touch one another anymore. Yes, this means no hugs, no kisses, no holding hands. The mainstream Covid-19 narrative is divisive and cruel. First they encouraged masks, then experts discouraged masks, but now the masks have become mandatory the mainstream narrative is questionable. Why has the media been used so much to scare people half to death (which they have) and destroyed and divided families.

If you have experienced any hassle or discrimination from anyone regarding masks, contract tracing etc, this helpful lady, Miri Finch, has created a bunch of letter templates, together with references. Stand up for your rights, because our UK Government clearly do not care for the UK population. Here is another helpful website with template letters as to the right of workers who are being forced to comply to the mask mandates. Finally, for parents who are concerned about mandatory masks on children, here are some letter templates. I also encourage you to check out this helpful article about masks and oxygen deprivation, especially on the developing brains of children.

If you want to find out the truth, follow the money.

Covid-19 links Bill Gates to Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, and Neil Ferguson (all key players in the mainstream Covid-19 narrative). It is likely a planned pandemic, as harsh as that sounds. How did Fauci know that during the Donald Trump administration that there would be a pandemic? He could only know if he was the start of the problem, and now his solution (the vaccine) stands him to earn him billions of dollars. There is no royalty found in a cheap malaria drug called Hydroxychloroquine.

Some doctors and nurses have spoken out over the ways in which Covid-19 deaths are registered on a death certificate. Some Covid wards have even had to close because there are no actual people present.

We, the minority, against the Covid-19 mainstream narrative are known as the ‘nutters’, but the facts are there for anyone to read, and I hope that Covid Truths will help you to face the sordid horrors of the crimes on humanity courtesy of our Governments and the mainstream medias who have agenda to follow by the globalists who want to bring about their cashless society, one world government, and their ultimate leader to usher in this world peace, the antichrist, as spoken of in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13. No one needed to die, and yet because of greed and corruption, tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of innocent people have died.

I question whether there is even a virus called Covid-19 anymore. The independent scientific studies speak against social distancing and face masks, yet lock downs continue across the world because they are now focusing on Covid cases through the vast test and trace system, which is heavily promoted by the NHS.

If anyone would like to join Covid Truths, I can set you up an author account. The mainstream Covid-19 narrative may seem dim, and I question whether the minority can make a difference, but now is our time to highlight the corrupt narrative, who want to kill the economy and have a reason for their global reset and bring in their cashless society and government ripe for the coming antichrist leader.