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Dr Samuel White  00:01

Hi, everyone. My name is Dr. Sam, I just want to share a story with you today about how I came to resign at the beginning of the year really. I had a job for life, I was a partner in a GP practice. I’ve been a doctor since 2004, so 17 years, the last 11 in general practice. Also, until recently working in the emergency department. A few years before that, I helped run a pallative care hospice as well. I had to go because that was the only thing I could do, really, because of the lies, and the lies over the last year or so have been so vast, it’s been impossible to stomach or tolerate. I went to medical school in good faith, because I wanted to help people and make a difference. And that’s not what’s happened this year. And it’s been as if my hands and those of many other doctors and nurses who perhaps have been afraid to come forward, have had their hands tied behind their backs.

Dr Samuel White  01:14

So there are treatments available, safe treatments, proven treatments with lots of evidence to back that up including treatments like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin which can be used as both prophylaxis, and in treatment. Even a simple inhaler called Budesonide has been found to be effective by a doctor who works in the emergency department in the states. So what I’m asking today is that you do your own research, and I’m gonna tag in this video a lot of doctors, perhaps more eminent than myself, who’ve done a lot of work exposing what’s going on.

Dr Samuel White  01:59

Now, let’s talk about the jabbing the arm. Okay, so this isn’t in any way, shape or form a typical thing that begins with v, okay. This is genetic manipulation, okay, and it contains within it a code for the spike protein. Okay. Now, when we look at patients with COVID, the spike protein is exactly what determines the pathogenicity of the virus, okay, it’s the spike protein that seems to be making people really sick. But if you get COVID, chances are well in excess of 99 percent that you’ll recover. The people who have sadly and tragically died, have had multiple medical problems, in the vast vast majority. And just think what we could have done, if we’d have been able to offer them early intervention in the community with those drugs I just mentioned. Okay. Please go and look at the yellow card website in the UK, the VAERS in the US. Look at the number of deaths, look at the number of serious serious adverse side effects, okay, and know that these systems of reporting only probably account for about 1 percent of what is really going on, because these are voluntary reporting systems, okay. There’s not really an incentive for doctors to do these, okay. And the association between someone having a jab in the arm and then becoming sick might not be made at the time, okay.

Dr Samuel White  03:45

So what you’ll see there is probably just a fraction, okay. And as I said, I’m going to tag people in this who I think have really done great work exposing this. I’ve also just listened to an interview by Reiner Fuellmich whose a world renowned lawyer, who is working with a big team of lawyers and doctors and scientists to expose this. And the foundation by which a pandemic was declared was this PCR test, okay, so go and look at what Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test said about it, okay, because that was the key for me once I realised that was how they were diagnosing this, I realised that this was fraud. Okay. So this is a method by which you can find something in someone’s body, and then you amplify it. The amplification cycle goes beyond 24. The number of false positives is about 97 percent. It’s ridiculous. Okay, so remember that fraud vitiates everything, okay?

Dr Samuel White  05:03

Reiner Fuellmich has done a great interview with James Delingpole, so go and check that out please, it’s great and will give you a lot of reassurance as well. Okay. Remember, we have the treatments, we’re just not allowed to use them. I’m trying to find ways to work around that, believe me I am, I’m not in that system anymore, I’m gonna be, something I’ve been working on for a while is a career in functional medicine, which moves away from Big Pharma altogether. Hopefully, my website will be up and running soon and I’ll be sharing with you how to keep your body in tip top shape as well and a dietary plan as well, which I used I was two stone heavier a few years ago, thinking all the while that I was eating well, you know, because I was a doctor. I can’t remember ever having any nutritional lectures in medical school it was a long time ago, but it took me going through a process of being ill myself to find out how to really kind of look after your body.


Dr Samuel White  06:09

So please don’t have this [vaccine] just because you think they’ll let you go on holiday, okay. It’s time for us to re establish common law. Okay. I’m jumping around a lot here because there’s a lot to cover. Now, common law is actually the highest law in the land. And what it means is the Rules of Civil Procedure do not apply to living men or women. So please go and check out the great work that Christopher James in Canada is doing and chap called Jesse Perez in South Africa. Christopher James’s website is called awarriorcalls. I know he’s helping people as well in the UK. So any of these civil rules statutes, regarding this pandemic, where you’ve been forced to lock down your business, forced to mask yourself, and masks do nothing by the way, they do absolutely nothing – they don’t help you and they don’t help anyone else.

Dr Samuel White  07:08

When I was in practice I was giving patients the exemption sticker, the badge sorry, to take away because I didn’t want to see people, my patients struggling to breathe and they are frail and elderly most of the time with respiratory, cardiovascular conditions. That’s the worst thing you can do. Okay. So take off the mask. If you’re worried about being confronted, just say you’ve got an exemption, download it from the government website or buy one of these badges. You’d be surprised actually when you go shopping, how many people just get out of your way when you’re not wearing a mask, because I’ve never worn a mask. Okay, and I don’t intend to start. Okay, so I’m gonna tag some key people, I just want you to do your own research. Don’t take my word for it you, but there was a reason why I had to leave.

Dr Samuel White has written a letter to NHS CEO Sir Simon Stevens. Letter-to-Sir-Simon-Stevens

For whistleblowers who need support, the Covid 19 Assembly has been set up through barrister Francis Hoar.


  1. Great honesty, truth, and bravery being shown here. I hope more leave the NHS and fly solo with their healing careers, we need them. And doctors who understand nutrition will be vital for the nation’s health going forward. Unfortunately in many ways the NHS is a hostage to Big Pharma and Political behaviour nowadays and that’s just not right. As a nation our health has declines in recent decades while we should all be healthier with each passing decade and would be if the NHS was interested enough or had the freedom to be. This Covid response disaster has sadly revealed all the weaknesses of the system in one fair swoop. More people are waking up to this by the day fortunately.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, Ian. I am glad people are seeing the tyranny. Operation lock step was written about in the Rockefeller Paper Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development and the more they put the countries into lock down, the more there was pushback from the people. It’s all being done on purpose because they think they can predict human behaviour, and it works. They use their psychologists and behaviour modifications to cast a spell. Peacefully protesting may not be what they had in mind. I think they want something like BLM and antifa tactics, but these are terrorists funded by Open Society and others. God sees all. I pray he exposes these wicked governments and NGOs.

    2. Excellent writing Ian. I’ve become a keyboard warrior of late trying to spread some truth and expose all the lies. Dr. Sam’s video was heartfelt and there will be so many doctors and nurses and care home workers who deeply feel his pain.
      Big pHarma has done some wonderful things but here they’ve gone berserk. At least now people know that vaccines aren’t quite so safe and aren’t quite so effective. 1,403 people in the UK in the last 6 months ( up to 23rd June 2021 ) know that they can kill you.

      1. Author

        And if ever the truth of how many people died of Covid (without the needing a positive test and then it being put on the death certificate), I believe the vaccines have killed and injured more than the actual disease. The lies keep coming. We sure need discernment in this age of disinformation.

        1. The problem is so many people think the misinformation is the right info and we’re the ones being fed lies by people like you! It’s become so divided…just as they knew it would be. Any attempt at discourse and civil argument devolves into attack and they won’t believe you anyway. One guy I linked you to just before said you were just trying to make money and that you are an ant compared to fauci. As if giants all have integrity. I’d believe someone willing to lose their jobs or quit a long career over him anyday!

          1. Author

            Thanks for your comment, Phillipa. Yes, the MSM claim that they have the only correct information, and everything else scientific and fact has been censored. Yes, the devil certain divides, it is his job to divide mankind. He hates everyone because his fate is sealed in the lake of fire, and yet he still believes that he can defeat God. How foolish his pride. The good thing is that YOU have integrity and wisdom to know right from wrong, and if the people you tell in love do not want to hear, just lift them up to Almighty God. I know this prayer may not resonate with everyone, but there is a scripture in 2 Peter 3:9 that says: the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as all men count slackness, but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. Coming to that point of repentance is to have a change of mind of Who God is and what He has done for us in sending His Son Jesus the Messiah to die in our place, yet He rose from the dead on the third day showing that all sins for mankind were taken care of. That’s why religion will never save anyone because it’s a system of man trying to pay for sins through self-effort, but Jesus tells us in John 3 that we must be born again and we are born again when we believe the record that God gave of His Son – Jesus is the righteous one, the promised Messiah of mankind and he promises to save all those who trust in His finished work by his death, burial and resurrection. The devil hates the simplicity that is in Christ, while he why there are so many false accursed gospel messages. What my burden is most of all for is for people to be saved forever and the gift of salvation is available to everyone.

          2. Well done Dr Sam for coming forward and having the courage to do what so many will not! The truth will set us free. Good will overcome this evil! Keep the faith.

      2. You have our backs so I have your and I believe many others will too.
        I’m in Leeds and can rally around troops if needed

  2. Thank you for standing up and being a part of the solution. Retired RN here, recognized the Fauci fraud from day 1. It was and is bad theater. So obvious to an honest health care provider. Hard to understand how other caregivers are following the govt shills rather than the Hippocratic oath. How far we have drifted from morality. Denying access and lying about effective, inexpensive early treatment, and now pushing death and destruction thru the fake vaccine is truly the evil horror movie you want to turn off but it’s not a movie. Again, your courage is admirable and appreciated. Thank you. Doing right is always right. Standing for truth has its rewards.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, L Thielen. Great that you saw through the narrative. Perhaps set up your own video channel to encourage health professionals to speak out, or get in touch in Debi Evans through UK Column. She is very knowledgeable, as you are and two minds I’m sure can help a great many others.

      1. Thankyou Sam for stepping up on this. My friend and I are holding out with the vaccines at the moment. We need as many medics and law professionals as possible to have their eyes open.
        How can we purchase Ivermectin? Can it be kept at home to be used as and when? Is it easy to use?

  3. Dear Sam, you are a complete star! You’ve read the books, listened and researched. How many people have read Dr. John Coleman. We are both behind you.we are both committed to freedom. Very scared for the future and for our futures as a retired couple. Husband has Prostate cancer, currently doing well. Both well over 60, living well, self sufficient growing our own food.
    Power to you and likeminded people. We have listened to Mike Yeadon, Dr Vernon Coleman and many others.
    This situation is very concerning, I fear for the future of our children.
    God bless you Sam.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, Chris. Yes, we sure do need brave souls like Dr Sam speaking out. I am sure more brave souls exist, but fear may have pushed them into compliance.

  4. Dear Sam, you are a complete star! You’ve read the books, listened and researched. How many people have read Dr. John Coleman. We are both behind you.we are both committed to freedom. Very scared for the future and for our futures as a retired couple. Husband has Prostate cancer, currently doing well. Both well over 60, living well, self sufficient growing our own food.
    Power to you and likeminded people. We have listened to Mike Yeadon, Dr Vernon Coleman and many others.
    This situation is very concerning, I fear for the future of our children.
    God bless you Sam.

  5. Thank Dr Sam for speaking out. I have been very disillusioned with main stream medicine for some time and stumbled across functional medicine in the book disease delusion by jeffrey bland. Our GP here in France just informed us that if we didn’t get the vaccine we would not be able to visit England again, when we raised concerns about having it. The pressures on GPs in France appears to be the same as in the UK. It is very worrying, since the next logical step in the coercion is to refuse medical treatment for the unvaccinated. Needless to say, we are now looking for another GP.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, Christina. So sorry to hear about the horrible coersion you have received from your GP. I do hope that you find a better more open minded GP, but the money that these GPs are making from these vaccines, I am sure thosse people who are not swayed by the big pay offs, will be very rare.

  6. The NHS was never a health organisation for the people. It is a Nationalised sickness Service run by politicians and civil servants. If anyone had any doubts they would have woken up when they heard the Government lockdown advice “Save the NHS” – not the people – who were denied access to hospitals, left undiagnosed (for eg Cancer) and untested patients with COVID were sent to care homes causing record deaths. Hospitals were emptied and nurses even danced in the wards – obscene!

    I know no-one who has died of COVID but 4 people who have died because of undiagnosed disease, lack of treatment and heart attacks brought on by their businesses going bankrupt. Pure evil.

    The unlicensed experimental vaccine is resulting in a greater chance of death than COVID itself for all ages up to 50.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment, Rodney. The NHS is surely showing itself up as a sick institution with its focus only on Covid. What a brainwashing evercise. It is tragic to see. I believe Mike Yeadon in an interview done in June or July of 2020 in which he says the pandemic is over, if there ever was one, because the WHO changed the definition of a pandemic as no longer a disease that passes around the world causing mass deaths, but to just a disease that spreads worldwide, but Dr Yeadon said people just need to stop going through with the testing, but there has been such a psychological brainwashing operation been done on people who believe that they are helping, doing their bit, all that crap, that it’s become built in within them. The unvaccinated, the unmasked will be blamed for the next variant, they are not original with their lies, but the vaccinated may then be displaying signs of the spike protein affecting their immune system.

  7. I’ve only just got here and like what I see. Lots of the kind of things I’ve been seeing lately. I see tags and names that I know but one name I haven’t seen yet is Del Bigtree and The Highwire. I’ve been watching this weekly show for years now but as expected it was deleted from You Tube. Now totally free of corporate control on Del has gone from strength to strength. Recently he’s had some top people including Dr. Richard Fleming , Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr. Roger Hodkinson and Dr. Robert Malone. I was stunned by them all but Roger was simply amazing.
    I look forward to this site going from strength to strength too.

    1. Author

      Thank you, Alan. I did watch the four hour video by Dr Fleming, and I do think he is controlled opposition. He is painting a picture of how terrible Covid is, saying that it has been purified etc, when lots of other scientists and doctors state otherwise. He just pops up after 18 months as an ‘expert’. Good that he speaks against the masks and vaccines, but never mentions once the pCR tests, which is what this entire ‘pandemic’ is based on and it is all fraudulent data, yet people are still foolishly taking the test believing that they are going to return the world to normal. Del also was pushing Geert Vanden Boosche, and he was also painting a picture of how dangerous Covid was, so I think these two are controllled opposition with painting a picture of Covid as this dangerous infectious disease, when it was downgraded by the UK Government back in March 2020 even before the first lockdown. They need to keep up the pretence of a public emergency, as even the testing has only emergency use authorisation, as do the vaccines.

  8. Thank you for being our voice! It is a difficult choice to stand for the facts in a world that seems to have lost it’s reason. Great courage. My life was, I am quite sure, saved by ivermectin, amongst other meds. It is devastating to see that that option is not readily available to all.

    1. Author

      Wonderful to hear of your testimony with Ivermectin. I bet ‘they’ will be making ivermectin difficult to buy in pharmacies or online now because of the positive evidence for it. It most certainly is murderous and evil.

  9. What a lot of gibbering nonsense. No data, just opinion. My main gripe is talking about treatments. The idea of the vaccine (which by the way only 68 people have died from 80million given) is to stop people needing the treatment in the 1st place.

    His comments on PCR’s. I am sure they are not 100% accurate, but tell me what the 75k exra people that died compared to last 5 yr average in UK dies of if it wasn’t Coovid as per governments ONS statistics?

    1. Author

      I think you need to look at the statistics on the Yellow Card by MHRA. There have been over 1300 deaths currently from the vaccines and almost a million vaccine adverse effects. It is not healthy to just listen to the mainstream media, but then again the other side has been censored heavily. PCR tests are terribly inaccurate, and the NHS use the Drosten test, which is at 45 cycles, so all the data from March until now is questionable and it is fraud. There is no pandemic, just the pretence of a pandemic through the testing, but then again the WHO changed the definition of what a pandemic is in 2009. The lockdown deaths were through people not receiving treatments, or people not visiting the hospitals for treatmentn becuaase of the lie to stay at home. As if the government has ever cared about the NHS. They have been stripping it of funding for years. There have been mass suicides becuase of the lockdowns, but then again that was planned by the Rockefeller Foundation. Paper can be found in my links here in scenarios for the future The Government do not care about saving lives. It’s a depopuluation agenda, if uou haven’t already noticed. Who knows what damage the vaccines have been done to those who have foolishly taken them by blind faith, believing just what the Government and media has told you.

      1. Deaths after does not equate to deaths from. Anyone with basic epidemiological and biostatistical knowledge knows this. One thing you guys all share is a lack (perhaps intentional at times) of basic statistical concepts.

  10. I found you on Bitchute. thanks for all your doing

  11. Thanks for your dedication to this. You maybe savings hundreds of lives with this info

  12. I left banking in 2001 because I no longer felt the system was serving the customers. It was initially a difficult road but over time I found that I was surviving and even thriving. Living outside the system enables you to clearly see the absurdities and lies that are used as a form of mind control. Nothing is worth the loss of your integrity, so I wish to thank you for your courage in taking the road less travelled. If your story/actions save just one life then you have won big.

    1. Can I ask where the reputable evidence that hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment comes from. A Cochrane report I have read recently states otherwise. This drug was being advocated by Trump in March 2020 and the pandemic had only just started then really so I don’t understand how the evidence could have been collated.
      I have heard Dr. Whites concerns about future health problems for those wearing masks all day and intuitively I agree with him. However I don’t think there is any evidence that it’s harmful to wear a mask for a short period of time and if it reassures a shop worker for example who is having a lot of exposure what is the harm in showing some compromise.

      1. Author

        Thanks for your comment, Ann. If you listen to the Frontline Doctors they say that hydroxychloroquine has been used for a long time as an early preventative against flu, so that’s likely where the information came from Trump, but we know that the Lancet smeared hydroxychloroquine in those in the clinical tests who were given too high a dose, and they may do the same with the Ivermectin trials, the wicked deceiving murders because to suppress an effective treatment that can save lives is complicit to murder. These are some good sites for you look at: and Regarding masks, the surgical masks should only be used in a sterile environment, put on and never touched. Taht is not what I have seen in the world over the past 18 months. In fact, people touch their masks, move it about, wear it on chins, wear it on their wrist. It’s unhealthy and no one should be forced to breathe in the CO2 that they breathe out. It’s backward science and as I remember one teacher saying who was interviewed on the UK Column, long term mask wearing will be the next asbestos. Covid has become a cult, just like mask wearing. There are promask wearers and there are those like myself who see it as absolutely dehumanising and the ‘love thy neighbour’ mantras is again an religion of self-righteousness that will save no one. It’s all been about harming people, putting fear into them through applied psychology so that you see the vaccine as the saviour, but it is not. This is conditioning for the future beast system under the reign of the antichrist one world government leader. Only Jesus Christ is the solution.

        1. The Lancet did not smear Hydroxychloroquine. The authors were fraudulent and the Lancet retracted the article when it came to light.

          Hydroxychloroquine failed in a statistically significant worthwhile signal for benefit across every single blinded placebo-controlled randomised controlled trial.

          Same goes for Ivermectin, and especially with the recent retraction of the largest Ivermectin trial. Now the meta-analysis highly reliant on said trial has also become redundant.

          Flogging dead horses to tacitly dissuade people from evidence-supported vaccination isn’t going to work.

          1. Author

            Thanks for your comment, Omar. I disagree, but then again I don’t listen to the mainstrean media who are liars and have conflicts of interest. I doubt you would think the same if you listened to the experts who have been censored. The desperation to vaccinate everyone stinks of the lying devil, which the Bible says is the current god of this world system and he hates everyone. Only Jesus Christ is the true light and the Saviour of mankind and he would not be encouraging anyone to take an experimental vaccine that could cause a pro-inflammatory response and leave them dependent on pharmaceutical drugs or even cause premature death. Listen to the Frontline Doctors who have treated people with hydroxychloroquine. I doubt Tess Laurie and her evidence based medicine is a liar too in what she says about Ivermectin and its effeciveness against Covid and long Covid. Anything to say about that?

  13. A paleo diet is complete nonsense and this shill doc is promoting it on his website along with promoting a nutrients company. But don’t worry he’ll sort you right out for around 500 quid, yeah right.

    1. Author

      The paleo diet may be for some, and not for others. If that’s what this doctor wants to do together with encouraging supplements, that is okay. It is far better than the Government and mainstream media who have not provided any good health advice like taking Vitamin D or getting out for a walk, which is a preventative against mental illness. Try to look at the good. Dr Samuel has done more than most doctors and nurses in speaking out and warning people. In such a tight squeezed environment of peer pressure and bullying, he is one of the brave ones. Are you going to perhaps attack Jane of the Jane Plan next whose diet plans are not cheap?

      1. The Government and mainstream media all reported or advised on taking Vitamin D and going out for daily walks… how did you miss that? it was literally told to us everyday for months. And Jemail has hit the nail on the head, its very sad but a lot of people are being sucked in by these type of charalatans who dont care about ‘the truth’ they just want you buying into their own agenda. If we really were being lied to like he suggests, then the majority of doctors and nurses would be speaking out, and using the ‘theres loads more but are too scared to speak’ is so easy to say, but has no real evidence.

        1. Author

          I disagree. The populatio were told to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives, then it was hands, face space. People have been psycholgically brainwashed to actually fear people. Instead people were fed daily fear and fear actually suppresses the immune system. the last thing that the Gov want is a healthy population. It’s been a depopulation agenda from day one by these satanist psychopaths. Go and set up your own website if you want to ‘tell the truth’ but no point trying to persuade me that the mainstream media and Government are telling the truth. No way are they trustworthy. Liars just like their father the devil.

  14. I believed in the official information I didn’t know exactly what the vaccine would do to my body but ultimately I believed that the science behind it would produce a safe vaccine or safe enough given an emergency. Now I have had both jabs and since then, by chance, as I have had more time on my hands I have come across sites like this and listened to webcasts by Dr Peter McCulloch and Doctors 4Covid Ethics, what I am discovering has shocked me. I am horrified and saddened that national and international organisations that are supposed to vet and be so careful about public safety and welfare are the very people killing and harming us with no regard! and they want to vaccinate young people and children! Yes you are so right this is not an informed decision I like everyone else was fed lies and cover-ups, manipulated information that made sense but was false and wrong and didn’t give me all the options or give me a thorough picture of the reality of the pandemic. Now I don’t know what mid to long term consequences I along with all the other millions of people will suffer, for nothing!

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, Ella. I am so sorry that you were deceived by the media. Please see this post that I added several weeks ago, which may help you. There is something that you can do. You can hold the centre or whoever gave you the shot accountable. You can tell them that they failed to provide you with adequate information in order that you could make an informed decision. For example, were you told that the ‘vaccine’ was experimental? Were you told that it is not a traditional vaccine, but creates a spike protein and did they explain what this does? Did they explain that the vaccine has only emergency use authorisation? Did they warn you of any possible adverse reactions? I am going to email you a letter that I wrote for my friend, who was actually threatened to be sectioned if she did not take the vaccine as she has mental health issues, and they did not give her the shot. I am not sure that she has received the second shot since then, but by golly we must make these GPs, doctors, vaccine centres accountable. I realise that there are others higher up like SAGE, gov, but you need to firmly state that you were provided with not enough information for you to make an informed decision and this is medical malpractice. I am sure there are many lawyers who will take on a case of clinical negligence, medical malpractice, which is what this is.

    2. you’d suffer more if you caught covid and didn’t have your jabs. The websites and their creators are doing more damage to your mental health than the vaccines ever could!

      1. Author

        Where is your evidence that this poison that you promote actually works? BBC? Channel 4? Be careful that you do not slander those who are trying to share the truth because the propaganda news outlets have a murderous agenda to censor doctors and scientists. Always follow the money, then you will see that people like the ‘independent’ fact checkers are actually funded by Facebook, BBC, and others. Look at who Bill Gates has funded and then your eyes may be opened to the conflicts of interest. It’s never been about a virus, but getting this biotechnological medicine (the vaccine) into people. When I die, that’s up to God. The way the vaccine is promoted like it’s a saviour is suspect to me, and I have not been living in fear because I do not watch the horrible fear-driven news. Fear drivel is all they got and it doesn’t work on everyone. The bible tells us who the god of this world system is and he’s called Satan, a liar and a deceiver and murderer from the beginning. Why should I trust man over God? Also, why does the Gov and media have to label people anti-vaxxers because they have the common sense to see that people are not dropping like flies, and that the statistics do not add up to any pandemic? It’s alwasy been a PCR testing pandemic, same with the way deaths were reported after a PCR test. All fraudulent.

  15. How do I get in contact with Dr Samuel White?

    1. Author

      I am not sure. Perhaps Dr White has a website, as he is setting up a centre to help people so there must be a way for people to get in touch with him.

  16. Please know that I support you. I’m a qualified nurse, holistic therapist and alternative medicine practitioner, it is the way forward. Please look up Lyn thyer in relation to cancers.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, Deborah. Yes, Lyn Thyer and David Noakes were persecuted by the evil MHRA for their evidence on GcMAF on cancer.

  17. Hi there; do you know the original source of this video as he says there are links to check out and other doctors in the comments but I can’t seem to find them

    Thank you

    1. Author

      Many thanks for your comment, Danielle. I am afraid I do not. Perhaps have a look at the legal letter that he has sent to thhe CEO of the NHS and see if that incldues anything on doctor’s names etc.

  18. I fully support Dr. white’s principled stand, and that of other medics similarly.
    This site is invaluable in publicity Dr? White’s story and also in its stand for the
    truth in medicine to be heard.
    I have a question concerning the availability of Ivermectin. I have tried to get
    this in the U.K. but have been met with opposition and refusal at every point.
    Does anyone here know of a source, either here in the U.K. or elsewhere?
    I would be most grateful for this information.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment, Graham. I believe that they have suppressed where to buy Ivermectin, and it is risky to buy online and they may overcharge. Such psychopaths big pharma, Governments etc. My partner and I even went to a local pharmacist several months ago to ask if we could buy hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, and he asked what did we need it for, but mentioned that he could get hold of it. I will give you the name of the pharmacy, Yorkshire Street Pharmacy, 01706 559002. I think this is the correct one if I remember from memory, it’s close to a doctor’s surgery. I am going past it today so I’ll double check for you later.

      1. CT Thanks for your very prompt and helpful reply. I went to three pharmacies in York where I live and just got fobbed off with lame excuses re Ivermectin and the general fact that Ivermectin and HCQ are only available on prescription. Fair enough!
        Thanks too for going a step further with making enquiry and wait to see what you come up with. Incidentally, if positive it would be useful to recommend to others on this and other sites.
        For your interest I have just received warm thanks from two posters on the excellent The Conservative Woman site responding to my strong recommendation of this one.
        Psalm 33:10,11.

        1. Author

          That’s so wonderful to hear, Graham. I think it is easier to get Ivermectin in the USA, but it’s evil that it’s suppressed over here in the UK and only available under a prescription when most GPS are showing who they serve – the god of money. They have completely failed in their oath to help people. I do believe that SerraEnzyme containing serrapeptase could be a great aid to those who have been vaccinated, especially if it does cause the pro inflammatory immune conditions in the coming months that people like Dr Sherri Tenpenny speak of, because serrapeptase is a potent anti-inflammatory.

    2. The online Canada Pharmacy sells Ivermectol under the brand name Stromectol in three strengths at The product is shipped from India. It cost me about £68 for 10 tablets (I am based in the UK).

      1. PS – The purchase did not require a prescription. I just hope it is a reputable company!

  19. Well done to all who are working to give the information to the public. Thank You.
    Personally I will not have the injection. The Governments statement that there would
    Be No comeback No Resposibilty for the Jab to end of live. Should ring alarm bells.
    My gorgeous husband has stage four Prostrate Cancer and the treatment has has received
    We have had at Private Hospitals. The NHS let him down and millions of others.
    I am not aggrieved just glad that the right people treated him and he is now comfortable.
    This is my Truth.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment Hilary. I am so glad that you were able to recieve private treatment for your husband’s cancer. Yes, the NHS has let down the public. I hate these rainbow NHS statutes that are going up everywhere. It’s become a religion in itself and it’s wicked and a shame to those who have or are suffering with mental illness, disease, or who have been refused treatment because they choose to say no. IT IS GOOD TO SAY NO.

  20. So, why shouldn’t we wear masks?

    1. Author

      Masks, especially the surgical masks, should only be used in a sterilised environment where the user will not touch the mask. For example, dentists and surgeons adn they also work in an extra oxygenated environment. See the interview with Tammy K Herrera. It most certainly is not healhy when people are wearing masks on their chins, wrists or wherever else, but the psychology has been that wearing a mask helps others and saves lives. It’s become a religion of self-righteousness. This video might help you to see that the masks were only pushed through political lobbying. It was never about protecting people, but you might want to look into what the Behavioural Insights Team are doing as they are the ones who have been largely using applied psychology to alter the behaviour in the population. Absolutely wicked and evil. It’s a depopulation agenda. As a Christian, it is getting the world conditioning for the beast system and its required mark for buying and selling.

  21. I can vouch for other medications and their effectiveness in treating covid symptoms. My son was admitted to Grimsby hospital in February 2020 where he was diagnosed with gastroenteritis. He was soon discharged with a 3 week prescribed course of Hydroxychloroquine. His health improved 10 days into the course but he continued to take the medication to complete the course.

    At the beginning of his final week of the prescribed course, I contracted covid and was suffering with shortness of breath, difficulties breathing at night, a continuous cough and aches and pains. I used a full budesonide inhaler (I have very occasional mild asthma) plus probably half of another budesonide spray and was able to make a full recovery.

    My son was also infected a few days after me but was still taking the hydroxychloroquine. He had a fever for 24 hours and then made a full recovery with no long term symptoms. He has a 6 weekly immunosuppressant bio medicine Vedolizumab for Crohn’s disease.

    We certainly wont be taking any vaccines!!

    I also will be unable to work on 11 November when the requirement will be for double vaccinations. I am a social worker and enter into care homes to complete assessments.

    1. Author

      Excellent that you have refused these horrible vaccines and have had success with these cheaper treatments. It is absolutely wicked that these cheap treatments have been censored in favour of the vaccines.

  22. I fully support Dr Sam and all he has said, and for all he will continue to say. Exposing the truth

  23. Hernia Mesh
    POLYPROPYLENE pp05 made from Petroleum byproduct
    Used in over 300 operations worldwide.
    They don’t need consent.
    Not inert in the human body
    Cultivates antibiotic resistant biofilm capable of infection propagation.

  24. The attack of GMC against Dr. Sam White proves for another time that “it is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.” (Voltaire)
    We must protect Dr. Sam White from the medical inquisition of GMC. And –having more than 45 years of work on the level of psychiatry– I would like to say that we must protect him from the totalitarian institutional psychiatry, if we would like to refuse another “Semmelweiss Effect”.
    GMC has a long tradition as medical inquisition, as partner of the Big Pharma and as organizer political show trials for the vaccine industry.
    Remember the case of Professor John Walker-Smith and Andrew Wakefield: in 2010, GMC found them guilty and erased them from the medical registry, losing their license to practice. But, in 2012, Professor Walker-Smith appealed the GMC verdict to the High Court and the High Court decision unequivocally overturned all of the verdicts against Professor Walker-Smith. [Note that the cost of the appeal of Prof. Walker-Smith was paid by the Medical Protection Society – MPS. But MPS refused to cover the fees for Dr. Wakefield who, at the time was unable to meet the prohibitive cost of mounting such an appeal as an individual].
    We must stop the new Kafkaesque GMC prosecution against Dr. Sam White…
    Kleanthis Grivas, MD, PhD

    1. Author

      I really respect Dr Andrew Wakefield, and so horrible how they persecute those who tell the truth. They (the MHRA of the UK) have done the same with Lyn Thyer and David Noakes over their GcMAF treatment aganist cancer. Stay bold and courageous. God bless you.

  25. 2
    July 2021 update this is from the NUREMBURG TRIALS CALLING BORIS THE NUREMBURG FOUR AND MORE INFO ON HOW TO STOP MANDATED VAX AND LINKS FOR THE PAPERWORK FOR TRIAL. CANT POST IN YOUR FB FEED AS IM ONE WHO HAs also fighting behind closed doors and fb has blocked me from commenting or sharing on there. only way i can get up to date info to you is through this method . telephone 07874283287 and i can uppdate you with a lot of research this last 18 months bro.

  26. A team of over 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich have begun legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO & the Davos Group for crimes against humanity.

    Fuellmich and his team present the faulty PCR test and the order for doctors to label any comorbidity death as a Covid death as fraud. The PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is 100% faulty at 35 cycles.

    All the PCR tests overseen by the CDC are set at 37 to 45 cycles. The CDC admits that any tests over 28 cycles are not admissible for a positive reliable result.

    This alone invalidates over 90% of the alleged covid cases / ”infections” tracked by the use of this faulty test.

    In addition to the flawed tests and fraudulent death certificates, the “experimental” vaccine itself is in violation of Article 32 of the Geneva Convention. Under Article 32 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV, “mutilation and medical or scientific experiments not necessitated by the medical treatment of a protected person” are prohibited.

    According to Article 147, conducting biological experiments on protected persons is a grave breach of the Convention.

    The “experimental” vaccine is in violation of all 10 of the Nuremberg Codes which carry the death penalty for those who seek to violate these International Laws.

    The “vaccine” fails to meet the following five requirements to be considered a vaccine and is by definition a medical “experiment” and trial:

    Provides immunity to the virus

    This is a “leaky” gene therapy that does not provide immunity to Covid and claims to reduce symptoms yet double-vaccinated are now 60% of the patients requiring ER or ICU with covid infections.

    Protects recipients from getting the virus

    This gene-therapy does not provide immunity and double-vaccinated can still catch and spread the virus.

    Reduces deaths from the virus infection

    This gene-therapy does not reduce deaths from the infection. Double-Vaccinated infected with Covid have also died.

    Reduces circulation of the virus

    This gene-therapy still permits the spread of the virus as it offers zero immunity to the virus.

    Reduces transmission of the virus

    This gene-therapy still permits the transmission of the virus as it offers zero immunity to the virus.

    Read More-The New Nuremberg Trials 2021 -Update

    1. Author

      I certainly hope these trials will put these psychos away for life, or the death sentence.

  27. Author

    Important News about Dr Sam White
    7 September 2021

    Dr Vernon Coleman

    Since I wrote and spoke about Dr Sam White, I have heard very little about him except that he and a solicitor appear to have raised a fairly huge amount of money.

    Today, I wrote to Dr White saying this:

    `Because I promoted you, I’m getting questions about the money you’ve raised. I think people want to know what’s happening to it all.’

    I received the following in response:

    `I have been unsuspended, but it is conditional on me not saying anything online about Covid and with conditions attached to my practice. Only the barrister was paid from the fund for that work (MDU refused to help), but I don’t know that that has been paid yet.’

    (There is a note on the solicitor’s page appearing to confirm that £4,000 was paid out for something.)

    Dr White also said that when money is spent from the fund it will be updated on his solicitor’s webpage and accounted for.

    He has now presumably agreed not to mention covid and he has presumably accepted conditions on his practice. And, as a result, he is no longer suspended from the NHS.

    I hope that Dr Sam White will return all the money he has raised – and that he will immediately stop asking people for money.

    The Resistance Movement is desperate for funds and I believe it is vital that any money available is spent wisely and quickly in ways which will help further our cause, promote the truth and save the vulnerable and the children.

    (For the record I have never asked for or accepted money as donations, advertising, sponsorship etc.)

    In his reply to me, Dr White did not tell me he was appealing. If he’d subsequently asked me to mention it, I would have happily done so. But lawyers were instructed instead.

    Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2021

    1. Author

      Dr Sam White
      16th September 2021

      The following statement prepared by Dr White’s solicitors relates to my previous article about Dr Sam White published on 7th September 2021. Please read the note headed Important Note at the bottom of this page.

      ‘Since I last wrote an article regarding Dr White, Philip Hyland of PJH Law Solicitors has contacted me to correct a number of inadvertent omissions from my last article.

      I apologise for these omissions.

      I now know that Dr White is appealing the conditions placed on him by the MPTS to the High Court with a hearing likely to be heard in the next six weeks. This appeal is very important as it concerns free speech and Doctors ability to speak out freely without repercussion.

      Pending the appeal outcome Dr White is still speaking out against the covid response online in the same terms as before but not using his own social medial platform to do so. Dr White has appeared on Reiner Fullmich’s roundtable since the MPTS hearing and has a further interview pending with a large US independent newspaper.

      With regard to the sums raised on the crowd justice site these are being prudently spent with further legal actions under review as per the terms of the fundraising. Dr White and his Solicitors wish me to make clear that any sums not spent on legal costs will be donated to a vaccine injury charity. Again this was detailed on the crowd justice site from the start of the fundraising campaign.

      I accept that both PJH Law Solicitors, Dr White’s solicitors, and Dr White have been transparent on how the funds raised have been spent by publishing the invoices that have been paid on PJH Law’s website. I am unaware of any other legal fund raising campaign that has this level of transparency and I note that PJH Law Solicitors has no raised any invoice in relation to their work to date.

      May I wish Dr Sam White and his legal team all the best for the battles ahead and thank them for the amicable way this misunderstanding has been resolved.’

      Important Note

      In his reply to me (reported on September 7th) Dr White did not tell me he was appealing. If he’d subsequently asked me to mention it, I would have happily done so. But lawyers were instructed instead. Having the time available to fight for the elderly and for the children in this war is far more important to me than spending months fighting in court – especially since, at 75, my own allotted years are clearly running out.

      They’ll be coming after the three-year-olds next. And there will be endless booster jabs for everybody. And, as I warned in July, more lockdowns and more mask rules. NHS waiting lists are going to get longer and longer and millions are going to die untreated. DNR notices are on millions – many of whom do not even know they have been abandoned by the health service. Vaccine passports will be here soon. And then they’ll become full digital passports.

      These are crucial issues; worth fighting for. We have to fight now for those who cannot fight for themselves.

      Join Vernon’s Army, all you have to do to be a member is to share videos and articles every day to people outside of the Resistance Movement to try to wake them up.

      My latest free book is entitled Covid 19: Exposing the Lies is available on this website (

  28. Dear Sam ….I hear you and I feel your pain . I’m a nurse and I totally understand where you’re coming from !
    I admire your courage in standing up for your beliefs. So few doctors or nurses are willing to speak out about these crimes against humanity being committed globally. Informed consent…. What a joke ! We are not being informed truthfully at all ! It is disgusting ! I’ve seen people with the strangest symptoms and I know these are not being reported. Countless adverse reactions are being overlooked .
    It’s impossible to speak freely without repercussions and risking ridicule, suspicion, and a swift kick out of the NHS door !
    I’m scared ! But I won’t be coerced into having the jab …. Even if I lose everything ….. better that that lose my health ! And someone has to fight fir our children and grandchildren !!!!
    So please take heart ! You have more support than you can possibly imagine 🙏💖
    I hope others will come together very soon to stand up against this tyranny.

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