Article copyright: UK Column’s Debi Evans Blog 17 January 2023 For the last 75 years since it was originally rolled out in the UK in 1948, the British public have been dependent on the only health service available to them, the National Health Service (NHS). Did you know that the UK isContinue Reading

urine therapy

There is not a great lot of information online on urine therapy, but as someone who has tried this therapy on more than one occasion, and still exists, if it was truly toxic would I not be ill? Two of my most popular posts on this website are possible waysContinue Reading

Following Rishi Sunak’s recent attack on the UK Government’s COVID-19 lockdown policies and his claim that scientists had too much influence, Brian Gerrish interviews psychotherapist Dr Christian Buckland, who warns of the dangers of the use of applied psychology for political purposes. His vital analysis covers the dangers of createdContinue Reading

Things are hotting up on minor media in UK. Kudos in particular to Neil Oliver for standing up for debate. Some excellent & brave colleagues getting stuck into the Gates funded shill. No one talks as he does out of rational argument. Best wishes MikeContinue Reading