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It’s right in our face almost every day when we look up at the sky. Those ugly white trails in the sky that most people call contrails. Seriously, do aeroplanes have to make such shapes like X’s or fly completely vertical? Aeroplanes leave a trail but this disappears almost immediately afterward. Look up at today’s sky, 6 December 2023, for example, and it’s teeming with ugly white trails, some thin, some fatter.

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When are our leaders going to grow some balls? And the excuse of ‘it’s stopping climate change’ is laziness and cowardice. All that is bullshit too. The bible says clearly that Jesus Christ is going to rule and reign on this earth for 1000 years, so  global warming / climate change is a lie and man’s own creation to encourage depopulation. I cannot fail to believe that much of the decisions being made in Governments today are influenced by demons.

Testimony of Rosalind Peterson on the Existence of Chemtrails

Enjoy animal products, dairy, eggs, and raw milk while you still can. That’s what I tell my hubby, because the weather manipulation that is going on in our atmosphere, nothing is going to grow in the ground. I hardly got ten beetroots at my allotment this year with lack of sunshine, and they were tiny beetroots compared to last year when they were larger.

The police have apathy. The councils have apathy toward chemtrails. Just because the media want to censor it and label anyone who opens their mouth about it conspiracy theorists, does not mean it is not true. It’s right in front of your eyes. If only people cared to raise awareness. But there is such apathy on such topics in this world, just like there is with the killer covid jabs.

I’ve raised the issue with my local MP, Tony Lloyd again, as I did in 2022, together with raising it with Greater Manchester Police, who ignored my email, then I raised a complaint, but they didn’t deem it ‘criminal’.

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