When I first discovered Microbz around ten years ago, I fell in love with this company. Back then, their Biolive liquid probiotics drink was far cheaper, but I guess the cost of ingredients goes up for everything. They have broadened their range of their probiotic drink to include Kids, Women, Fitness, and even a sleep one. Here is a post on their liquid probiotics selection.

But then, I discovered that they have probiotic cleaners, and I’ve never gone back. Prior to this I was just using tap water mixed with essential oil, as those chemical cleaners in the supermarkets might advertise themselves as effective, but they have to microscopically blow up the baddy bacteria in order to sell the product. Plus they smell so awful.

The best thing about using probiotic cleaners in the kitchen and bathroom is that they leave beneficial microbes on the surface so the product is making those areas healthier and safer, and you can add your own essential oils to create your own fragrance.

Microbz is a company I have been recommending to my friends and family for years, and I’ve even given out bottles of probiotics, which were never used by some. This is disheartening to me, as these were costing me £15 to £18 each time. The last time I gave out half a bottle of the Simple 1 litre probiotic drink, it was received with thanks, and used, but this same person would not reinvest in her own gut health, and she has food intolerance issues. Sometimes you have to invest in your health. I mean hubby and I are paying £3.40 for two pints of raw milk and we order between 10 and 14 pints every week. When we first joined the milk round, the two pints of raw milk was £2.65, but we want to support our local farmer, and we are drinking a super food.

If you would like to invest in your gut health, why not sign up for a Microbz subscription. Or perhaps you want to invest in both your gut health and use beneficial microbes on your home surfaces, and even in the air. Please support this small company, and let these chemical cleaner brands go out of business.

Use Microbz discount code: LUVMICROBZ for 20% off.

If this past four years has taught me anything, it is to protect the health of both myself and my family starting with our insides, because these killer jabs are just ruining immune systems, and it baffles me as to why so many people still trust these evil leaders and medias. Here  is an excellent website that discusses the dangers of vaccines.

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