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Have you looked up in the sky recently, only to see cloud-like stripes or streaks that don’t seem to dissipate but expand more into a haze? Are these condensation trails or jet fuel exhaust or something else altogether? This is Episode 474, and our guest is Matt Landman. Matt is the man behind the documentary Frankenskies. He’s also a leader of grassroots activism, bringing awareness to issues related to geoengineering and weather modification programs, among other environmental concerns. Matt expounds on all things related to what’s happening in our skies.

He talks about how much the government spends on weather manipulation, for example. He points out that there has also been a lot of flip-flopping on the subject. At first, the government admitted that they were cloud-seeding and experimenting with such things. Later, they said it was simply a conspiracy theory. Now, they admit to it but say that it’s necessary to counter global warming.

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Welcome to the show, Matt.

Thank you so much for having me on.

I can’t help but look up at the skies in the morning. I like to get the morning sunrise. I’m often surprised and perplexed by what I will call stripes in the sky that don’t seem to dissipate but seem to expand to the point where they make it look like a hazy day very often. When did you first realize that something unusual was happening in the skies?

That’s great that you like to look up. It’s important to look up, and that’s the first step to the truth, it seems. My story is that I walked a pretty normal “path” and never thought I’d become an activist, and I never thought it’d be my career or my passion. I am now in my 40s. When I was in my 30s, I knew nothing of this. At around that time, I had worn many hats, had many walks of life, and I had graduated just then with a master’s in business and a film degree as well.

I wanted to go down and explore that path. I was working as a finance analyst, and then finally, I got to work on a farm. It was one of the hats I was wearing. I thought it would be another hat. On the farm, I woke up to a lot of things. For one, I had no idea how many varieties of fruit there were and how limited my information was on that.

I didn’t know that potatoes would grow potatoes. That’s what they were doing in my pantry, trying to grow those eyes. I didn’t know that if you put it in the ground, it would grow. There are so many things that I didn’t know about all these varieties of lemons. You name it. It’s funny. As I got grounded, I also started looking up with my feet in the Earth. I started looking at the skies, and I witnessed weather engineering and weather manipulation firsthand, specifically drought causation.

It was very rural. I don’t know how long you want me to talk about this, but I’ll tell you quick. I lived in a rural community in Northern California, where the jet stream would come through. We were four years into this pretty catastrophic drought for farming. The jet stream was being manipulated. I didn’t know at the time. I didn’t know the word geoengineering or chemtrails or any of these things, but I did witness something firsthand. A couple of weeks later, a friend planted the seed, perfectly timed, synchronized, serendipitously, and coincidentally, maybe, but there are no coincidences. I realized I’d witnessed something. I witnessed a storm being quelled, and then it started from there.

Weather Manipulation

Tell us what that looked like because I’m very curious how you could witness weather manipulation when here, you had no understanding that was maybe even possible.

I saw it, but I didn’t know what I was seeing. Later on, my friend and I were talking on the phone, and he was voicing his frustration about the daily chemtrails and I was like, “What is that? What is that word?” He’s like, “You got to go look it up.” I looked it up and realized I had witnessed it firsthand. I had a memory, but the memory had been tabled as like, “I don’t know what that is.”

What I witnessed is we were expecting a week of rain, like a fierce storm was coming off the ocean. Where I lived in rural Northern California, I could hear the waves crashing at the farm where I worked. That farm was primarily dry farming growing. We don’t have to irrigate. We’re growing squash, pumpkins, potatoes, and a dozen varieties of potatoes. I didn’t even know there were that many. There’s a lot more evidently.

This storm’s coming in, and I’m harvesting food because it was an out-of-season storm. We thought that the food was going to rot. The pumpkins and stuff were going to rot out in the field. This is where we have very sparse air traffic. I graduated top of my class with a Master’s in Business Administration of Focus and Strategic Sustainability, and I did well in statistics.

In statistics, you play with numbers and learn about causal relationships versus not causal. You can line up numbers and say, “This is corollary. There’s a correlation here. Every time I go outside with a blue shirt on, it rains.” Eventually, the numbers stack up. One day, I walked outside with a blue shirt on, and it didn’t rain, then, it was no longer casual. It’s just coincidence that numbers stack up and make sense in that world.

That’s why when I see science being twisted, manipulated, and perverted. There’s a lot of things you can talk about. One thing I like to talk about is fluoride. The science behind fluoride is not even there. It’s funny, if you look at numbers, there’s not any science that says to put it in your drinking water and that it does anything to your teeth. It doesn’t have enough time to bond. It doesn’t do that. It wreaks HAVOC on your digestive system. That’s a whole another story.

The relationship that I witnessed was a regular uptick in air traffic. I’m out there every day working on the farm, and there’s no air traffic. It’s the middle of nowhere. I’d see maybe one or two planes in a day of work. I’m working all day long in the summer, long days. I’m witnessing the world and looking up and looking down. I’m seeing a plane or two fly by in the day. Not a dozen showing up on the edge of a storm, but a lot of planes, an irregular occurrence. A pattern was broken.

The pattern was very sparse air traffic, and then, all of a sudden, all these planes were zigzagging the sky. They were leaving these persistent manure cirrus cloud formations out of the back of the planes, whereas the sparse air traffic that I’d seen previously didn’t leave any. I started watching more. I started to wake up and look. I realized that this was a significant current in a pattern that was broken and whatnot.

The storm was coming off the ocean, looking like it’s going to dump rain. Where I lived, it was in such a drought that amphibious creatures like salamanders and frogs came out from underneath my house, ready for this storm. It was coming. A hundred percent chance of rain for a week. These planes showed up, and my farmer boss has like Doppler radar, and he’s like, “Wear your rain boots. We’ve got to harvest all this and not lose too much of this crop.”

I’m out there, and as these black storm clouds rolled in, these planes showed up. They left lines out of the back of the planes. I didn’t know anything, but come to find out after research, I learned that what likely happened was aluminum being left aerosolized aluminum, which dissipates. It’s the opposite of cloud seeding. If you want to seed a cloud, you put a little seed up there, a little dust particle or silver particle or something that’s small that attracts water.

You can have something that attracts or repels it to make the seed drop the rain or you can make it not drop the rain, evidently, which aluminum will spread out the moisture and make it not rain. I believe I was witnessing the quelling of a rainstorm, creating more drought and manipulating the weather for nefarious purposes.

Everyone wants to be like, “Why?” That’s part of why we’re doing this show, but that’s what got me going. It took years because I went down the “rabbit hole.” What I found was a lot of, not just disinformation and misinformation. Even the activism that I found wasn’t enough that I could even share with my peers back home. I grew up in the Washington, DC area, and then I moved to California.

I moved to California, and I went to Virginia Tech. I grew up in Virginia, Northern Virginia, right outside of DC. There’s a river that separates DC and Virginia. I grew up in the suburbs of Virginia, and when I went to Virginia Tech, I got a Business degree. I finally moved to California and got a master’s in business. As I said, I had all these different walks of life, and finally, I’m on a farm and I’m realizing these things.

When I started realizing that the weather was engineered, I had no resources to share with my friends. I was trying to be like, “You look up, too.” They’re like, “Share something with me.” What I had to share wasn’t very good. It was like one of the movies that I wanted to share. There was a portion in the movie that was like a climactic portion where they were filming a bush that was dead. It’s like, “Obviously, this bush is dead from the chemtrails.” I’m like, “I can’t share that.” That’s not a causal thing. That’s a coincidence. I got a Statistics degree and graduated top of my class from Cal State schools. I’m proud of it. I’m not going to share that. I want to represent the truth with the integrity that it deserves. I honor the truth.


This is one reason that it’s perfect that you’re on the show. The other thing is, Matt, we don’t want people to be unnecessarily afraid, but we want them to be informed because that’s the seed of activism. Talk to us about some of the things you found that you probably included in your Frankenskies documentary, for example, about the weather modification patents.

Also, to talk about not being in fear because all of this can be very dismantling, especially when it’s new. I recommend people do watch my film, please, Frankenskies. This came out in 2017. I wanted it to come out in 2014 and 2015, but God got in the way, is all I can say. Finally, I was able to include some stuff from 2016 and early 2017 in the movie, which was meant to be. It was all in God’s hands.

It was the launch of the media saying that we need chemtrails, aka geoengineering, as a solution to global warming. Before that, it was a conspiracy theory crackpot thing that no one would ever talk about. Now, the scientific community is saying that we need it as a solution to the spring of our skies and the dimming of the sun. The information is very important, and knowing how far back it goes is very important.

To grasp it all, the patents are part of the story and that is important. We’ll have to talk about how we can be empowered by it all and the health and not be dismantled and we’ll get there. The patents, I like to tell the story like this. When the lines in the sky started showing up in like the early ‘90s, because before then, it was very sparse, research wasn’t everywhere like it is now.

The lines started showing up in the early ‘90s, and people before were scratching their heads because they were like, “I didn’t see these lines,” especially in Arizona in the desert, where the skies are like this cobalt dark desert blue. All of a sudden, these planes are leaving these lines where they weren’t before. Kingman, Arizona, this community of Arizonians, came together. They were like, “We want to do something about this.”

They wrote letters to politicians and they did a lot of research, and they found it in the patents of this because there are patents for spraying the skies for purposes like geoengineering to slow down global warming or whatever maybe or to seed the rain and all these different weathers. These things are supposedly not true if you ask your politicians or they’re not true to the degree that we think they are because they’ll say, “Research, not that much.” The things that the activists, the truth-seeking people, have learned to be true. There’s a money trail and there are patents for these things. There are patents for barium-release rockets going back to the early ‘70s.

If you do the research and look at what the patents tell the story, then you can come up with the, “These would be the chemical constituents if they were doing it. It seems like they’re doing it. If they were doing it, these would be the chemical constituents.” You test the rainwater on days where it looks like they’re doing it, and it rains the next day.

The activists and truthers are like grandmothers and normal people. They want you to think it’s tinfoil hat, crazy homeless, crazy insane and silent people, but these are normal soccer moms. I’ve met them. They’re scientists and lawyers and all these sorts of nice people. They came together in Kingman, Arizona, about 30 of them, and they tested their blood. They tested the rainwater consistently, and they matched it up to the patents. They even tested soil. They’re like, “These constituents are spiking. They’re the same that are correlated in the patents for these things.”

Eventually, it comes down to no longer causal. The clouds are white and fluffy, and it rains the next day. You test it for aluminum, barium, strontium, cadmium, and lithium, and certain things. There’s nothing in them because it’s clean rainwater and fluffy clouds, but then you see these abnormal lines in the sky, the irregular uptick, and the traffic of the planes. You catch a day where there are a lot of lines, and then it rains the next day.

This stuff is coming down in the rainwater, and you get a test. It’s got all these crazy spikes and things that shouldn’t be there like aluminum, barium, and strontium, which are these patented things. If you do your research, there’s a NASA program. People don’t like this answer that NASA’s part of it, but they are. I’m sorry. NASA has a budget of $80 million per day.

They have a budget of $80 million per day. If you look up this publicly, they have a program called CARE. It’s an acronym called the Charged Aerosol Release Experiment, where they make noctilucent clouds publicly. They say, “We have a fleet of drones and planes and whatnot. We spray aluminum, barium, and strontium and make noctilucent clouds.” It’s a cloud name that they created. They say it’s aluminum, barium, and strontium. It’s in the patents and rainwater. You have to follow it and put the pieces together on your own.

Nefarious Reasons

Matt, you said something about it being nefarious reasons why they want to do it, but some people genuinely think, “NASA has this program, and so does the Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. These different groups have these programs but they genuinely think it’s going to be good to bring about rain in certain areas or prevent rain or natural disasters.” Do they not realize that perhaps these chemicals could have an unintended consequence for the health of humanity?

Don’t get me wrong with nefarious aspects. A lot of people think that they’re doing good, and it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that people at the top are maybe doing something not good. How it plays out is that a lot of the people at the bottom level are manning the drones or organizing it and whatnot. They’re on a need-to-know basis. They’re compartmentalized. They don’t know everything, and what they do know or are being told is they’re doing good, which is that the world is heating up so fast because of global warming and Al Gore’s movie. His predictions never came true and something needs to be done to act to dim the skies by making this artificial layer of aluminum.

They don’t know that it might create a greenhouse effect. They don’t know that it might be creating the problem. It’s such like an issue that people can’t grasp at all that like, “Why would they do that?” Who and why is in all these things. To look at it from this perspective, there are people at high-up places that do believe that global warming is a bad thing and that there needs to be action or there will be dire consequences. It’s coming from CO2 levels from our emissions.

It is up for debate. I’ll be honest with that. We can debate it, but at the end of the debate, trust me. It results in there being no fear of doing things like dimming the sun because plants and humans need sun and the stuff that’s being sprayed is bad. It could have dire consequences, such as creating a greenhouse effect. Remember that word greenhouse effect.

You create a layer of aluminum. The heat gets in and it can’t bounce out. It can’t get out and you end up creating the problem that you’re trying to solve. There needs to be a discussion on this. We have rights. There are all these rights. We have human rights, a say in our environment and environmental decisions that impact us and all that.

Also, there should be transparency and scrutiny. That’s what’s important here. We deserve transparency and scrutiny. If they’re going to act on something and do something, then we should be in the know. If we’re in the know, then we can take things to chelate these things and get these toxins out of our body or prevent them from being uptaken by mineralizing and whatnot. We should be in the know at least.

Controlled Chem Trail

You’re right. I like the word transparency, as you were saying, and our right to know because there’s a lot of obfuscation. I know people who say, “Those are simply condensation trails up in the sky.” I believe when you were making your documentary, Frankenskies, you could surreptitiously record some of the planes and how they would flip a switch and the chemical spray would start to be released. Is that right?

The story of the chemtrail contrail is how they, great word, upscape. They muddy the waters. What happens is then everyone’s confused by all these scientific terms and they’re like, “I’m not up there.” The facts are that, generally speaking, these engines are not producing blasting hot air anymore. They were up until the ‘60s, and then these engines came out called the high bypass turbofan jet engine.

These things are basically like propellers. Big turbines are spinning and creating lift over wings. That’s how the planes fly. If you put the engine on the back of an F16 and that’s pushing the plane differently. You can end up with a lot of heat and condensation trail out of the jet engine, but these normal engines that we’re dealing with, there’s no heat and contrail at all.

There’s nothing that confuses people because a lot of people are like, “That’s a contrail. That’s a chemtrail.” The short trails are also chemicals. If you watch the sky enough, you’ll see a short one side by side and a long one mixing chemicals together. You’ll see a lot of things if you start to watch the sky. You’ll also see days where there’s nothing going on.

That’s true. It’s like they have the day off. I see some days where I know it’s not a condensation trail. Tell me if you think this is good thinking on my part. When I see a curve in the sky of the trail, I’m like, “If a plane were going from point A to point B and it was a passenger plane. It would have a direct route. It wouldn’t be curving as if it were changing direction.” I’ve seen a lot of curves in the sky with these trails, and I’m like, “That seems almost like a crop-dusting effect.”

The curves in the sky are a good indicator, and it’s great that you’re looking at them. What someone would say is that they got rerouted because they were out of gas or something. There’s always an excuse, but if you look up and trust your instincts and your intuition, you just start to watch the sky. Often, you’ll see planes going by with nothing. Nothing at all.

Later in the day, you’ll see a bunch with short trails. That’s them priming the sky with, I believe, barium. You’ll see later on in the day, the trail starts to stick. You’ll see planes side by side. Sometimes, with one with nothing. One with a long trail at the same altitude. They shouldn’t even be flying in each other’s wake. They shouldn’t be side-by-side.

There are a lot of things, but you’re not going to be told the truth on the subject because if you’re told the truth, then people would object it. People would want transparency. They would say, “Why are you using nanoparticular aluminum? It leads to Alzheimer’s and dementia. You can use sulfur or something else.” There are all these things. I can’t answer the exact why behind the transparency issue aside from nefarious people behind the scenes who don’t want to tell everyone the secrets.

It’s called national security. If you watch my movies, it’s a chronological timeline. Everyone I recommend, please, it should be seen. It’s not about me. It’s not my voiceover. I’m not hard leaving in the movie. The movie starts off 1920s. It goes to the historical chronological timeline of weather engineering, which dates back to the time the Ho Chi Minh trail was flooded in Vietnam’s Operation Popeye.

By the time weather warfare was perfected in Vietnam in the ‘60s, it’s self-evident that it is a sharp tool of the US military-industrial complex. They don’t want the world to know. I know it sounds crazy. They can create drought and earthquakes in Iran. They can do these things to their enemies, but they don’t want everyone to know. There’s things on US soil that need to be discussed.

For instance, back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, it was common knowledge that cloud seeding existed. Farmers could even seed the clouds as they came by with not just silver but what the crops needed. Your crops needed phosphorus or potassium. You could seed the clouds with that. That’s how common knowledge you’d have rain coming down with minerals in it. That’s how common knowledge it was. Now, it’s been swept under the rug, so people are praying for rain. Forest fires come, and people pray for rain. There’s no conversation about we can make rain. We can steer the jet stream and all these stories and discussions that need to be had, especially in instances of drought and fires.

Most Surprising Facts

That’s such a good point. Now, going back to your original movie, I want to get to Frankenskies too in a moment. Going back to the first documentary you made, what was one of the most surprising facts that you learned as you started to uncover and do some of these deep dives into this information?

How far along it’s been going, I couldn’t believe that it had been going on since the 1920s and documented. Filmed and documented by the US Air Force like, “This is how we do it.” It’s so self-evident. If anybody is watching Frankenskies, it clicks once you get 10 to 15 minutes in. If these resources were available, they were sharpening their tools and honing in on the technology. It may be Black Ops, Top Secret, or whether that or not, the technology is there to quell hurricanes, to make hurricanes, steer hurricanes, make drought, and steer jet streams.

All these things were readily available a century ago to think it’s mum now. We talk about things like, “Climate change and the weather’s so bad. We need to push things like fifteen-minute cities, take away rights.” There are a lot of things happening, like blaming cows. If you look at the writing on the wall regarding where the world is going, it seems like not all of the truth is being told while our rights are being stripped away. Look at carbon. It’s so nefarious.

If you see the writing on the wall regarding where the world is going, it seems like not all of the truth is being told while all our rights are being stripped away.

If you look at the bigger picture, starting in the 1990s, a lot of aluminum is being sprayed in the sky. When frequencies are manipulated like harps and whatnot with the technology that they utilize. They use intersecting radio waves. When you put something in the microwave oven, they use intersecting microwaves to oscillate the water molecules to heat your food. It’s intersecting microwaves or radio waves that are clashing into each other in your food.

That exact same technology, intersecting radio waves and intersecting microwaves, is utilized in the atmosphere. You can even see the ripples. The chemtrails would go into a haze, and when they flip it on, there are these ripples, creating heat to create high pressure to steer around. When you watch the weather channel and you see the storms moving around, there’s H’s and L’s. L’s are low-pressure and cold air. H’s are high pressure, hot air, and hot air rising. If you can create those H’s, create the high pressure, you can steer jet streams, move things around, steer the whole weather system that can create high-pressure systems where you want.

When they do that, they spray the aluminum. They heat it up with intersecting radio waves in the atmosphere. Microwave the atmosphere to near the temperature of the sun. They’re heating up the sky to near the temperature of the sun to steer around weather patterns. They’re creating a blanket of metal and creating a greenhouse effect. They’ve been doing this since the ‘90s. They’re saying this word global warming with being transparent about that. They’re going, “Heat wave here. This, that, and there.”

They’re not saying that maybe a geoengineering chemtrail project was happening at the same time, making it 120 degrees. They’re saying, “We need to do something about that. The solution is geoengineering, dimming your skies with aluminum.” The truth of the story is not being told. It seems like they’re using lies to prop up more lies to convince us that they need a solution that’s their solution. I have never heard of a tree-planting campaign. If the real problem was our carbon emissions, there would be global tree-planting campaigns. I’ve yet to hear about it. I’ve heard about taxes potentially taxing me for having a home garden, all these other things.

Frankenskies Part 2

I wanted to say supporting these regenerative farms that are sequestering carbon in magnificent amounts, but no. All the talk is scapegoating the cow intended, like why are you scapegoating the cow and scapegoating us? They tell us that we need to all drive electric cars when, in truth, what they are touting as a solution is causing a lot of problems. I wanted to ask you also, Matt, what are you revealing in Frankenskies 2 that you didn’t cover in the original documentary?

The first one’s very empowering and encouraging. It’s not one of those things that leave you. Every time I do a show or watch anything on the subject, it’s easy to tell where someone’s heart is based on where they put you in the end. If you’re stuck in a place of fear and you’re frozen, if you don’t know what to do with yourself, then that’s not honoring the truth with integrity.

You need to wrap it all up and be able to empower that person. In Frankenskies 1, there are speeches and empowerment through the interviews. I went to politicians’ homes in Canada and interviewed Indigenous tribes and different people who were empowering through the truth. I didn’t hone in on exactly what people can do necessarily. We walk away from Frankenskies empowered, not in a frequency of fear, and that I’m proud of. I’m thankful that we were able to get that out there when we could in 2017.

Frankenskies 2 is going to talk about how we can hone in on ourselves and not be a victim to any of it and to see it for what it is. Some of these topics can be a little dismantling. You don’t even want to address them. There are all these things that we have to be worried about. Let’s focus on the good things in life and the good of people and all that. There is something happening.

There’s plastic in our clothing. Our water, food, and air seem to be under attack. We have to manage these things, not take the medical mafia’s this and that, and have to weigh these waters of deceit. Otherwise, we’d be taking Adderall, Tylenol, and Xanax all day long if we listen to all that stuff. It’s much easier and better to be natural and to walk this path.

It’s important to step back and ask, “Why is the food under attack? The water, the weather, the air, the children’s future, and our sunlight.” It’s because there’s a very small group of greedy, money-grubbing families or whatever you want to call them. A very small group of people are terrified of us, of us truly waking up and seeing it for what it is and coming into our true powers.

Geoengineering Agenda: There is a very small group of greedy and money-grubbing families who are terrified of those who are waking up to the truth and coming into their true powers.

They’re so afraid of that. They’ll taint everything and try to dismantle us through media and everything and control our frequency. To see it for what it is and embrace that they’re so afraid of us coming into our true powers of truth. What’s the truth? How can we flip the chemtrails on their heads? We’re being rained down with toxic metals, but do we need to absorb these things and worry about them? No.

If we’re walking around totally sick and mineral deficient, then our body wants to get other minerals up to speed. We don’t have the magnesium we need in our bones and the calcium we need in our bones. All of a sudden, there’s radioactive cadmium from the chemtrails in the air, and we absorb that because it’s close on the periodic table, cadmium and calcium. They’re close. We get something bad in our bones that we didn’t even need because we’re living unhealthy lifestyles.

Healthy, like healthy self, is healing thyself if you break down the word. It’s up to us to honor it like understand what grounding is, its rhythm, wheatgrass, and what organic is. The reason why organic even exists is because activists got involved. But why? It’s because conventional food was getting sprayed with toxins and poison like glyphosate.

The reason why they had to GMO, the food is the glyphosate would make the food shrivel up and die. You don’t want to ingest something that would make your food die, then activists got involved and they put their necks out there. They fought and now things are labeled for us. If we honor the truth and honor ourselves, we can plant, grow and do things that are in alignment with that and honor the farmers.

Mineralizing and learning about minerals, and taking in bioavailable plant-based minerals. Learning about what our bodies can ingest, and learning about how to honor ourselves and not take things that will strip minerals like big pharma. To get in a regiment where we’re mineralizing our bodies, then we’re not even absorbing the toxins from the toxic environment. We need like 120 minerals each day.

I can’t even read off a dozen of them. One of them is Einsteinium. You know they’re not putting gold, palladium, silver, and Einsteinium in your soil. It takes nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in PK. It takes three things to grow your food. They’re not putting in all these extra things in the soil. The soil is depleted, and it’s up to us to learn how to get these things in our system.

I learned about sea moss, and then I ended up taking this sea moss supplement that has sea moss, bladderwrack, and burdock. By taking in these three things, it’s a root and two seaweeds. Sea moss is just a seaweed. It gets me these 120 bioavailable plant-based minerals that I need. I get up to speed on my minerals, and then my body’s not absorbing toxins from the environment, trying to get the minerals that I need. I honor myself, my body, what I intake, and I’m not taking in bad media. Also, you learn about EMF and I have a whole EMF protection clothing line, and the whole thing I did there.

You learn about mitigating your exposure to toxins. It’s like a lot of these truths. They want to muddy the truths and make it seem like you don’t need to pay attention to these things and trust the scientists, the specialists and Google and listen to the white-suited doctors and don’t trust your intuition or go down these “rabbit holes.” They call these other things conspiracy theories, but there are toxins in our world. We need to learn to mitigate this toxic world. Wade these waters of deceit.

There are a lot of amazing, beautiful things in this world. We live in duality, it seems. There’s as much beauty in the world. We just have to focus on it, but many things are in our power. It’s up to us to be empowered and to embrace these things and to not shrivel up in fear and to not honor yourself. Many people are going to say, “I’m going to die anyway. I’ll eat the pepperoni pizza and drink the beer. Who cares about fluoride and all this stuff?”

A lot of things are in our power. It is up to us to be empowered, embrace our strengths, and not shrivel up in fear.

If there’s fluoride in your water, you can do something about it. You can get a charcoal filter, but it’s not in your shower. It’s not in the chlorine. You’re not taking it in your lungs. There are things that you can do to honor the truth with integrity and those synthetic vitamins. Very quick, throw your synthetic vitamins in the trash. They’re not plant-based. They’re not doing anything for you.

They’re probably bogging down your system. There are things. I have a website,, and I have daily truths. Every day, it’s something. Juicing wheatgrass does this or ditch your peanut butter because it’s rancid or cooking with the right oils. People say, “That didn’t make me sick. I feel fine.” It’s because your body’s used to it. Thank you.

That’s great, Matt. We are on the same page for many of these things that you mentioned. Our people want to show up as their healthiest, most sun-kissed, most grounded, and most nourished people so that they can be strong and they are empowered. One of the phrases I’ve seen on your Instagram account is, “Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies.”

Health Tip

When we are strong, we have the eyes to see what’s going on around us. We also have the strength and the resilience to withstand it and do something about it. Activism is one of the branches of the Weston A. Price Foundation. I’m excited to say we will steer people to your movie. I will put the links to your resources. Now I want to pose the question I would love to pose at the end of the show to you. If the reader could just do one thing to improve their health or to shore up their health, what would you recommend that they do?

I have the answer to that question, and I love my response. Firstly, I want to say that I love that you said that: Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies. It’s a beautiful quote. Also, I like to take it a step further and say, Real Eyes, Realize, Real Skies. You start to look up, and you can see the truth for what it is. You can open up your consciousness and see that beautiful blue, cobalt, and fluffy cloud days. Those are your real skies, and you can see those days that are not.

I like to focus my energy on bringing the truth forward with people. I don’t like to bring up the chemtrails as much. I like to bring up those beautiful days in between to, “Look at this beautiful day. It wasn’t like this. Look at how beautiful this is. Let’s go out and enjoy it.” The answer to your question is that this is the biggest thing I’ve ever done with my life. I know a lot of people do this, but you can do it even more, is knowing your input.

Reading your ingredients is the first step and honoring your inputs in many ways. The programming is deep through the things that you ingest through the media, the people that you surround yourself with and the foods that you ingest. Some people are like, “I have that one vice to diet Pepsi or whatever.” Get it out of your life. Honor yourself. It’s 2024, people. The time is now.

A lot of people are like, “Read your ingredients.” If you can’t read it, don’t eat it and do the research. If you’re going to put that thing in your body, do some research on it. Find the narrative, find the counter-narrative. Find what you feel is the real information. I can find a lot of research saying Cola is more healthy than water even. There’s Coca-Cola-funded research that says that it’s more hydrating than water.

Read your food ingredients. If you cannot read it, do not eat it.

You have to be able to wade these waters of deceit, dig around, and find out what you’re ingesting and feeding your children. It doesn’t have to be, “I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist.” It’s like, no. Aspartame is toxic for a lot of reasons. It was banned for so many reasons. Finally, it was not banned, but it took all these rounds going through the FDA ban. It’s a toxin. It’s a neurotoxin band in all these countries. If you’re handing your child bubblegum with aspartame in it, you’re not honoring yourself or anybody.

There are little things that you can do. The ingredients are your first step. I feel that it’s a very much bigger picture spiritual battle and owning your physical being. Owning your physical vessel so that you can vibrate high enough to own a high vibration, to resonate with your higher purpose and your soul. It starts with your input. That starts with reading your ingredients. If you don’t even know what that thing is, then look it up. You probably have a smartphone in your pocket. If you don’t, that’s great. Go home and look it up.

Closing Words

I love it. Matt, thank you so much for your time. This has been a wonderful conversation.

Thank you. I appreciate you. I look forward to further delving into all this and thanks for caring.

Our guest was Matt Landman. Check out his websites,, or to learn more. 

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