criminal investigation

QR Code link 1: QR Code link 2: QR Code link 3: Criminal Investigation Emergency Broadcast Video More information can be found in this link. Please share far and wide.  Continue Reading

questons to ask before covid vaccination

With the current way the world is going, the segregation of society, the inability to make an informed decision, here are some useful questions to ask before Covid vaccination. It is actually reasonable and sane to ask questions before taking an experimental vaccine, as mRNA vaccines have never before beenContinue Reading


Article copyright: Bill Koenig’s Eyeview Melbourne, Australia, has become the most locked-down city in the world. Melbourne, situated in the south-eastern part of Australia, used to be called the most liveable city in the world, with its layback and relaxed lifestyle. The nation of Australia has enjoyed stable government, whereContinue Reading

dr peter mccullough

SPEAKERS Dr Peter McCullough Dr Peter McCullough  00:00 I’m Dr. Peter McCullough and I’m an internist and cardiologist and academic physician, professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine on the Baylor Dallas campus. I think this whole pandemic, from the beginning was about the vaccine. So I thinkContinue Reading