dr robert malone controlled opposition

Why would I call Dr Robert Malone controlled opposition? Well, he’s pro-vaccine (as so many of these outspoken ‘banned from Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn’ ‘doctors’ are, but he’s subliminally being used to plant the seed of better vaccines to beat COVID, just like Gert Vanden Bossche. They are controlled opposition. They have an agenda to earn trust, while spreading misinformation like vaccines are positive and can be bettered. Vaccines / big pharma = big money.

Hence, Malone appears to be a highly credentialed and ostensibly trustworthy Trojan horse who was strategically positioned within the Truth Movement in order to ensure that confidence is not lost by parents in the overwhelming childhood vaccination schedules which are vital to the timely implementation of the New World Order agenda – Source

dr robert malone controlled opposition

However, the way they are worked by big pharma makes it look like they are on the side of the ‘good’. He’s also received these COVID mRNA vaccines himself, so I wonder which vaccine lot or batch he received? Was it the killer batch, or the harmless saline batch? These people do not care about you. This is how Lucifer, the false light, works.

People like Dr Robert Malone controlled opposition actually become ‘saviour’ figures. Just because they are thrown off social media, people automatically think that they are telling the truth, when people like Prof Sucharit Bhakti has been telling the world about these dangerous vaccines early on, as have many others. Dr Mike Yeadon too, although he has a background with Pfizer, says he is vaccine pro-safe and may also be controlled opposition, but his body language makes it look like he is genuinely concerned for humanity to stay away from these COVID vaccines. I would love to share the gospel of Christ with Dr Mike Yeadon, but not sure how to contact him.

I could be wrong about Dr Robert Malone, but the fact that he’s alerting people to the dangers of the ‘vaccine’ and yet he took it himself, speaks volumes.

The natural immune system that God has given us is key, not some artificial vaccine that is causing injury to tens of millions of people, and killing tens of thousands. This is not safe, so why try to perfect these COVID vaccines when immunity trumps COVID vaccines any day. All they care about is money. Yes, it is about money AND control AND bringing forth the false light of lucifer in order to usher in a luciferian golden age most people call the new world order where the false messiah (the antichrist) will bring in ‘peace’ but will later demand worship by taking the mark of his name or number in order to participate in that society. However, biblical prophecy is ignored by truthers.

All of these vaccine injury claims, court claims against Governments etc are part of the false light of lucifer. It entices people to take part, and perhaps with this website I have even helped to forward this agenda and I shall have to give account to Jesus at the Judgement Seat of Christ for participating toward this false light, instead of leading people to the Saviour, however, there will be no deliverance in this world without the true Messiah, Jesus Christ, and the world is hardening their heart toward the true light, Jesus Christ, and instead believing in the I AM (WillIAM etc) of themselves that they can bring justice and unity to this corrupt sinful world. It is NOT going to happen. NOT without an awakening toward the true Saviour Jesus Christ.

This documentary is an excellent analysis of the dark spirit of Satan vs the false light of lucifer. The latter seems like it’s the ‘winner’, but it’s the same side.

In the new age movement there is another Jesus, an ascended master who tells you to develop your Christ consciousness.  This is not biblical. I know this because I used to be a new ager. I was heavy heavy into crystals, meditation, raising my kundalini, alternate nose breathing, calling sin negative energy, but I was lost. However, I was still searching for truth and God send the gospel message to me through His faithful servants, and today I know I am born again and will be with Jesus either at the rapture, or at my death because my salvation is not dependent on how I live, or what I do for God or others. It is dependent on God the Son who died in my place and gives eternal life to whosoever will believe on His finished work by his death, burial and resurrection. He has defeated sin for me and I am sinless in the eyes of God because I trusted in Jesus who gave me His very righteousness. What a mighty gift.

I may lose subscribers for saying this, but I do not think there will be any justice on this world in our lifetime. The god of this world is Satan/Lucifer. He needs a digital society, he needs a cash less society, and if there are countless claims for vaccine injury claims, or government members sued, who pays for these claims. THE TAXPAYER. This is being used to bring down the system so that the cashless society can be ushered in, and it’s not going to be pleasant when every transaction you make will be known by the banks and control freaks. The false light will be a great deception, it will feel good, it will look good, but it is not of God.

There will come a point during that 7-year tribulation, after the two witnesses from God who prophesy for three and a half years, have been killed by the antichrist, when the false prophet of the world religion (everything but biblical Christianity) will require people take a mark of the name or number of the beast in order to buy or sell in that controlled beast system society. The people of the world will have been given ample warning not to participate in that system, to receive Jesus Christ as Saviour by believing the gospel how that Christ died for our sins, according to the scriptures, and that he was buried and that he rose from the dead on the third day, according to the scriptures. It is very simple. Yes, the antichrist and his army may very likely kill you for your faith in Jesus, but you will be straight with the Lord upon your death. You chose truth. There is no other way to heaven.

New age religion may very well usher in the golden age, but it will be an age without the Christ of the Bible. It will be a false gospel of I AM where everyone is told that they can achieve Godhead. The bible is very clear that those deceived into taking this beast’s mark receive the full wrath of God and it will lead to eternal damnation.

Here is an excellent PDF on the deception of Dr Robert Malone controlled opposition. DR.-ROBERT-MALONE-DARK-VACCINE-WIZARD

He is painted like a savior today and this raises question marks for me. He is infiltrating groups like the Corona Investigative Committee, but then again what if Reiner Fuellmich is just another group of people of controlled opposition to give people false hope, as I sent him the gospel message in 2020 and yet he still promotes spirituality and that we will win. Yes, I believe that they have exposed the fraud of the PCR tests, the dangerous ‘vaccines’, even part of the ‘dark side’ of the bankers, but flesh cannot fight Satan wtih a false light. Just like the pharisees accused Jesus of performing miracles by the power of Beezelbub,  Satan cannot be defeated by his light counterpart Lucifer. They are the same power source: a false I AM light deceiving people from the light of Jesus Christ. Same with Dr Vernon Coleman? Do these people think that they are fighting flesh and blood men and women?

The bible tells us in Eph 6:12, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

The battle is certainly spiritual, it’s for the souls of mankind, but it’s already won by Jesus Christ. The world is crumbling under corruption, fraud, power, love of money etc, but this is all because of sin. The flesh nature cannot win. That’s why we need a savior. These ‘elitists’ are just pawns of lucifer/satan.

So back onto Dr Vernon Coleman and Reiner Fuellmich telling their audience that we will win. Win what? Win the war against ‘Mr Global’. Mr Global is Satan, why are people afraid to state who the enemy is? No human being can defeat Satan and his armies. However, Jesus did with His resurrection, and there is only victory in Him, but yet the world rejects the true light and instead human pride makes people think that they are in control of this narrative. If there is real justice granted through a Nuremberg 2.0 then this is only by our longsuffering Almighty God who is granting us more grace and time for people to receive Jesus as Saviour.

The bible tells us to expose evil because the evil today is called good, while good is called evil, but let us be careful about where we are putting our faith. This world is crumbling because of the curse of sin. Satan will build his kingdom, even though it will be only for a short time before Jesus returns and defeats Satan and his armies with His Word.

However, do not be deceived by the false light of lucifer.  Do not trust ‘the plan’ of Q.  Do not put your trust in a healthier financial system under NESARA/GESARA, as these are not biblical. It is from a false antichrist spirit called St Germain. The bible tells us to test the spirits whether they are of God. The Lord Jesus, God in the Flesh is the only solution to sin and if you would like to learn how to you can go to heaven today and how to know that you have eternal life, please watch the following video, or read the PDF. Time is short.


The way of truth will always be narrow because it’s by the Lord Jesus Christ alone, and yet it seems like the ‘truth movement’ is growing in power today with the protests, court claims etc, but it is doubtful that the Rothchilds will lose their wealth and power, hidden behind bond villians like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates. Evil is here through this covid narrative, but resisting the Lord Jesus Christ only brings judgement upon the nations.

Which power is leading the truth movement? In the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, the true light, the defeater of Satan and is my prayer that there be more labourers planting the gospel message and encouraging growth in grace coming true, according to this scripture verse,, therefore said he unto them, the harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few. Pray ye the Lord of the harvest that he send forth labourers into his harvest, or is lucifer the false light making it appear like humanity is on the winning side. Do not let yourself be deceived by Satan who appears as an angel of light, as do his ministers, 2 Cor 11:13-16. The word minister is 1249, diakonos , one who executes the comands of another, especialy of a master, a servant, attendant, minister.

To the lovers of vaccines and believe that they are the greatest invention for mankind, you might want to watch Plandemic II: Indoctornation. Keep a tissue handy.

How can we fight back?

God does it for us through the power of the Holy Spirit who indwells all born again believers.

1. Share the gospel in faith.

2. Pray for leaders, for the nation of Israel/Jerusalem, pray for friends and family.

3. Attend a biblically sound church for teaching and fellowship, if you can find it.

4. Walk in the spirit and not fulfil the lusts of the flesh.

5. Warn the world of what is coming. Be a warner, as Noah was.

6. Fast as in Isaiah 58.

Therein lies the power of God. Remember God works through the humility of believers, not pride. I can do all things who Christ that strengtheneth me.




  1. Dr. Robert Malone on posted irrefutable proof of the Ivermectin success story in India. Ivermectin needs to be allowed for medical use and for doctors to prescribe it immediately in United States. It is an act of criminal malfeasance to keep up the sham in the face of overwhelming proof and overwhelming harm to the people of this nation. If you want you can get it from https://ivmpharmacy.com

  2. Ich bin es leid, dieses Gerede von der kontrollierten Opposition. Jeder ist kontrolliert durch seine Weltanschauung und seine spezifischen Erfahrungen. Das ist auch nicht schlimm, wenn man damit transparent umgeht – und das tun GVB wie auch Malone doch durchaus: Beide sind Vaxxinisten, die weder mRNA noch Impfungen ablehnen. Aber beide lehnen DIESE Impfungen in DIESER Pandemie ab, und dafür tragen sie sachliche Argumente vor. Die Argumente aber sind unabhängig von persönlichen Sympathien zu bewerten – und was die Sachkunde angeht, überzeugen beide mehr als jene lieben, aufgeregten Menschenfreunde, die oft genug nur ahnen, aber kaum begründen können. Zudem ist Paranoia ein Übel, weil es am Ende jeden verleumdet, sogar – sich selbst. Also lasst es doch lieber bleiben, in den Eingeweiden anderer zu wühlen. Das gilt auch für den oft verdächtigten Füllmich: er ist, wer er ist! Ein Jurist, der an Gerechtigkeit glaubt. Wer also kontrolliert denn??

    1. Author

      I had to translate your message. Here it is for others to read. Comment: I’m tired of this talk of the controlled opposition. Everyone is controlled by their worldview and their specific experiences. That’s not a bad thing if you deal with it transparently – and both GVB and Malone certainly do: Both are vaxxinists who do not reject mRNA or vaccinations. But both reject THESE vaccinations in THIS pandemic, and they make factual arguments for it. The arguments, however, are to be evaluated independently of personal sympathies – and as far as expertise is concerned, both convince more than those dear, excited humanitarians who often enough only suspect, but can hardly justify. In addition, paranoia is an evil because in the end it slanders everyone, even oneself. So let it stay to rummage in the bowels of others. This also applies to the often suspected Füllmich: he is who he is! A lawyer who believes in justice. So who controls??

      Thanks for your comment, GoAlive. Controlled opposition is real. People planted within the truth movement to make it seem like they are on your side, but it’s a controlled narrative, just like there are wolves in sheep’s clothing in Christianity who butcher the simple gospel message. It matters. For example, I see NONE of our British MPs or HOUSE OF LORD members, NONE OF THEM (and please correct me if I’m wrong) who have called this agenda out for what it is. I emailed them each, personnally where there was am actual email address provided. Two responses out of over 1500 emails. One from a member of the House of Lords who said he was a Christian and my message was offensive to him and that I was a goat and be dealt with God as a goat, which means unbeliever. Another member of the House of Lord who said the vaccines were positive, but they should not be mandatory. Either these people are ignorant, or they suppress the knowledge of the truth because it’s easier to believe a lie. The evidence for depopulation is overwhelming. I may not be vaccinated, or wear a mask, but the psychological torture that has been bestowed upon humanity amongst those who have not yet been desensitised is tragic. I was refused service by my local GP for a smear test because I was not wearing a mask, and they respond by saying they “are trying to create a safe environment for patients”. It’s torture being around such people, and yet they are so desensitised to see who they have become. This is why I have been saying media channels like Anna Brees and Talk Radio are controlled opposition too, because they NEVER speak about the genocide being caused by these poison vaccines. I have had about 5 videos removed from YouTube warning about this narrative, and I only have 31 subscribers. Most videos have not even had ten views and most contain a lot of scripture. It’s desperation.

  3. You make a solid point. Maybe Dr Malone had adverse reaction but also it’s important to be aware you can detox they slime proteins out. You need a myriad off supplements but it can be done which would reverse the damage. My holistic doctor gave us the protocol in case we got vivid also. We’ve had neither covid or the vax but it’s good to know there’s a detox if we need it .

    1. Author

      Yes, it certainly is helpful and people should be made aware of these detox protocols. The mainstream media certainly isn’t going to share anything that promotes health but promotes anything that causes illness, disease and death.

  4. That should have said he MAY have had a reaction but we don’t know. I know people who died from the vax and others have been fine. Who knows …

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