When will the PCR lawsuits be found in our favour? So many lawsuits worldwide. Dr Reiner Fuellmich and Juan Pauls are interviewed by Wilheim of Viruswaarheid Live. Published 3 March 2021. 54-minutes.

Juan Pauls, Dr Reiner Fuellmich and Willheim. Other guests join in later. Sorry if the names are incorrect.

W – Willheim

RF – Reiner Fuellmich.

JP – Juan Pauls

F: Frank

K: Karl

I: Isa

RF: In Germany, two cases have been filed, each contain the PCR tests. Dr Fuellmich is about to file twelve more complaints and will try to include motions for a preliminary judgement so that we will not be pushed aside towards the end of the year because this is what happened to both of these complaints. We filed them at the end of last year and we now have gotten trial dates and the trial is scheduled, the oral hearing is scheduled for 9 November 2021.

Obviously, this is an attempt at slowing us down because everybody knows by now that the PCR test are the centrepiece of this entire hoax. It’s Drosden (Christian) who promoted his PCR test as the gold standard for detecting infections and it’s the WHO under Tedros who recommended this worldwide, so this is at the centre of this entire scandal.  If we destroy the PCR test as a means of detecting infections the whole house of cards is going to crash.

You probably know that there’s another PCR test complaint that was filed in New York by our friend Ray Fleurs of CHD Children’s Health Defence. This is seven or eight weeks ago, and we expected the oral hearing was on this motion for preliminary judgement was seven or eight weeks ago, and everybody who saw him argue this case said this is brilliant, he did an excellent job and it was obvious that the judge is going to decide in our favour. This hasn’t happened yet, but that’s because the filing of the case and probably the oral argument got the other side scared shitless, let me put it this way. That’s why the state of NY, not the city of NY this is about school closures, rather about the duty of mandatory of PCR testing for students who want to go to school. Now the state of NY changed its tune and all of a sudden issued a letter saying that no student can be forced to undergo PCR testing in order to go to school.

Now this, at first glance looks as though now the case is moved, but it isn’t because if we do not follow up on this, if we do not keep asking the judge for a decision, they may very well change their tune again, and again make it mandatory for students to take the PCR test and test negative before they can go to school. That’s why we will pursue this case and we still believe that, within a very short period of time, Ray Fleurs, the other (inaudible) in San Diego said probably in ten days we will get a decision in our favour, but what this tells us of course is that the PCR test is the cornerstone of this whole hoax, and the other side is extremely scared about a court of law looking closely at this, in particular hearing expert witnesses talk about this, like the ones we have heard in our corona committee.

This whole effort, this must be emphasised over and over again, the entire legal effort consists of a very close cooperation internationally cooperation between us here in Germany, you in the Netherlands, the Americans under Bobby Kennedy and their CHD group, the lawyer from Italy, the lawyer from France, all the colleagues in Austria and all the other countries, because it is so obvious that any decision, any court decision in any of these countries will be helpful for all the other cases that are pending in all the other countries.

If we agree on concentrating on focusing on the PCR test, it’s only a matter of time when this house of cards will collapse. The class action however is important because it only exists in the Anglo-American countries and it is very very powerful, as everyone knows who has seen American courts decide against Deutche Bank, for example, or VW. They had to pay double digit billions of dollars and this is unheard of here in Germany because the German Judiciary is incapable of dealing with such cases against huge corporations, in particular when the German government deems these corporations to be systemically relevant which has nothing to do with the rule of law, of course.

W: That’s a lot of things. I want to interject. It’s very interesting that it was moved to November, the court case against the PCR because you have a lot of elections, I think it’s September October in Germany. Now our cases are moved to April and we have our elections in March, so it’s clearly, they want to push it over the elections, regardless of whether it is a verdict in their favour because I think they have a lot of judges in their pocket, but because they don’t want the scandal to come out via the court case.

RF: I agree. I absolutely agree. That’s the reason why they’re doing this. It was quite obvious right from the start because when we filed our first complaint it took them weeks to serve this complaint to the other side and they claimed they had made a mistake by booking our court fees as a final payment so that they could close the case. That is so incredible that we just don’t believe it, but it’s very obvious that this is at the centre of everything and that’s why they are so afraid of these PCR cases.

W: And the noose is tightening because we have PCR cases now in many countries, and we’re also trying to attack it on many levels, in the high court but also in the smaller courts. We have another lawyer from Staroman? who will take you about that a little later on. What we’re trying to do now is to try to force the court to speed it up, and why do we think we have a great argument there because two weeks ago, I don’t know if Johann told you but suddenly the state could have a speedy incident in the injunction in four hours. We suddenly had to go to the court so there is such a thing as a turbo speedy appeal and now we want that one as well, of course.

RF: Yeah, I heard about that. It’s quite scandalous actually.

W: Yes. It’s a complete farce, its political theatre this.

JP: Yes, the advantages are that the lawyers have woken up, because everybody who saw this thought “wow we have never seen this in our lives before”. So, everybody’s wondering what plan to have to the court where you can speed up your cases because it’s very convenient to have a number like that.

RF: Yes, it’s also very obvious that they’re under so much pressure that there’s, figuratively speaking taking down their masks now, and it becomes very obvious even to those people who have been in line with the Government that there’s something really really wrong, because if you leave, or if you push aside the rule of law, the next step is of course that you get rid of democracy altogether.

JP: Wow.

W: Well, let’s zoom into a letter that I got from one of our associates, I think you have it as well. This is a letter about Drosden. Drosden, for the people who still don’t know is the correspondent author of the notorious paper that was never peer reviewed, but everybody says it is peer reviewed and this was a German Dutch design published in Euro surveillance. So Drosden, or I should say Osden, has come under a lot of scrutiny and we will publish this, but a few very remarkable things that he admitted himself now is that the PCR above 28 says nothing because you cannot culture viruses above that number. It is pointless to measure anything above that. Some other things is quite important that the cross immunity of the T cell response is tabled against mutated viruses so there’s reason why we should be worried about these mutations. Another point is there is no difference between the wild type and the B117 and this is the UK variant. He’s actually admitting here it’s all a hoax, Reiner.

RF: Yeah. Yeah. Where did he admit this? I think I’ve seen this email before. I think it’s by one of the people who published the retraction paper, right?

W: Yes, correct.

RF: Where did he say this? What is the source of this?

W: This is Drosden NOR folge 76 doc.

RF: Oh yeah, it’s in one of these podcasts.

W: Yes.

RF: It’s great that he leaves such very easily visible tracks.

W: Absolutely. This feels like somebody’s trying to get rid of the trail and tries to sweep his tracks clean, and we see something similar happening with his partner in crime (inaudible) so that’s the Dutch part of it. She went to China last month to research the origin of the virus, but unfortunately, she couldn’t find anything. But we found actually a few things, namely that she has been employed by the One Zone CDC Institute of China for already six years, so there is a bit of a conflict of interest there. Also, there was a great report and we had him on the show as well, Steven Quay who has done a basin analysis looking at the mutations of the virus and his conclusion is it has to be made in a lab, this doesn’t happen with zoonosis. These are very interesting things.

You also mentioned the corruption and it is really, you mentioned it earlier like we’re fighting criminals and gangsters, Reiner has also mentioned now something has surfaced that the state lawyer, or the company that is representing the state in the court cases has been caught laundering money for the last ten years or something, so this is really true. We are fighting gangsters.

RF: Yeah. This kind of match is what we’ve heard from Judge Angelo Georgiani from Italy. He’s a former anti-mafia prosecutor and he says the same thing, this is a huge case of money laundering. Maybe Deutche bank is at the centre of this, there is some pretty concrete evidence that points in that direction, but it’s astonishing that this is going on, even now; and the people get caught red handedly dealing with money laundering, I can’t believe this.

W: And the irony of it is that now our accounts are frozen by one of the banks that has been fined the biggest fine in Dutch history for money laundering. So, tell us something about the Nuremberg trial because a lot of people are cheering like yes, we’re getting a second version, maybe it’s a weird thing to cheer about but I understand the sentiment. People want justice.

RF: Yeah, well the thing is I have nothing to do with the publications that state that I’m at the forefront of the Nuremberg trials, however, it is true that I have been discussing this with all of our international colleagues and I think I mentioned it in our last international zoom call which was, I think, 10 days ago or so when I think I mentioned it when I spoke with Bobby Kennedy and he said I hate to depress you, and I forget what he said but we all believe, all of us believe that our local judiciaries will probably be overwhelmed with this.

None of the local, none of the national judiciaries, we think, can deal with this gigantic crime against humanity. That’s why we’ve been discussing and seriously discussing that sooner or later we will have to set up a Nuremberg 2.0 type court international court and we will have to agree on what substantive law and what procedural law we shall apply, but right now we still have a little bit of time because right now we’re very busy focusing on the PCR test cases, and of course on that class action in Canada, which also has the PCR tests at its core, because we need as many judgements after the hearing of expert witnesses, as many judgements as possible that state that PCR tests contrary to what Drosden and Tedros are saying, cannot tell you anything about infections.

Once that hoax is exposed the next question will automatically be, well if we have no infections what is this about? Who is pushing what agenda? It’s easier for people to understand this and to talk about these new con texts once they know that they have been defrauded with respect to the PCR tests.

W: Yeah, you could also say there’s a notably part to it also the models have been notorious this time around and I think that also exposes a much bigger hoax of the money scandals and of the CO2 and global warming scandals. You see them shifting towards the green new deal, the build back better etc etc, so it becomes very visible what is behind it, I would say.

RF: Yeah, absolutely. Of course, at this point for many people it is difficult to understand. If you have been just like most people here in Germany, if you have been conditioned over the last thirty years or so, or as an older person in their seventies and eighties over the last forty and fifty years, to trust the Government and to trust the mainstream media, then that is the only influence that you’ve been exposed to.

Of course, you may have heard about people who are asking questions who don’t trust the PCR test, who don’t believe that this virus is any more dangerous than a common flu, but most of us as of the counterintelligence, so to speak, have been labelled right wing, nazi’s, martians, or whatever. Of course, no one has ever tried to argue these different opinions with us, but thus far it’s been enough to label us in these terms.

Slowly but surely, and I think part of this is due to the red line that these vaccines, or rather injections, I mean because of the deadly results of the injections, more and more people are very very concerned because most of these cases, including Israel, by the way, cannot completely be swept under the rug. At least the relatives of the people who died they know what happened and many people in the hospitals and in the nursing homes have come forward, and addressed us through our whistle-blower tool.

You’ve heard about the whistle-blower video we made, you’ve heard about the illicitly filmed footage that was sent over to Bobby Kennedy’s CHD and now this entire video. It’s a complete video now with both the interview that we did with the whistle-blower plus the footage, and it shows that the response of the nursing home in Berlin was one great lie, when they claimed there were no soldiers around. Well in the footage you could see the soldiers. When they claimed there was no forced vaccination you can see how one of the women who was lying in bed was trying to fend off her attackers and is being forcefully injected. This is very hard to watch, but it opens people’s eyes.

W: But Reiner it shows what the Nuremberg trials or the Nuremberg code is about, forcing people to take part in an experiment.

RF: That is at the heart of the Nuremberg trials. That is one of the most important outcomes of the Nuremberg trial. The notion of informed consent that no one can be subjected to medical experiments. You need to have a patient’s consent in order to not commit battery, even as a doctor, and this consent is only valid when it’s informed consent. Now, none of these people were ever informed about the fact that these so-called vaccines have only a conditional approval, or in the United States they only have an emergency use approval. Our friend Ray Fleurs the attorney who argued the case before the New York court a couple of days ago, he pointed out (I think it was in San Diego), he pointed out to the audience of many many people, many Californians who are fighting these measures and who are sick and tired of this, he pointed out to them that any medication, any drug, any vaccine (if it were a vaccine) which has only an emergency use approval cannot be mandated. That is impossible. It is completely illegal.

W: Very clear. Let’s stay a bit in the States, we also had some very good news from Texas, of all places.

RF: Yeah, we’re hearing that more and more States are really opening up. Texas is one of them. The last piece of information I got from my friends in California is that 16 states are opening up and getting rid of all the anti-Corona measures.

W: And that’s including the forceful testing and mask mandate, right?

RF: Yes yes, and another piece of information that’s quite interesting is that in California they have a special measure that is called a recall. You can recall a governor if I think 1.4 or 1.5 million people who live in California, California residents vote for it, and I think they have gotten this, I think they have surpassed this number and therefore this is going to be on the ballet, this is quite dangerous for Governor Gavin Newsom.

W: One more thing about the United States, and I wouldn’t say it’s funny but it’s ironic. We saw Dolly Parton and Dolly Parton is of course an iconic figure in the States and she has refurbished her song Jolene to vaccine. And the crazy thing is the Dutch BBC, or the Dutch NBC has even broadcasted this, they have even broadcasted Dolly Parton on our national TV trying to promote its experimental injection as take your vaccine. I’m in close contact with many of those journalists and I sent him this video and said what are you doing, this is this is highly illegal, and they said yeah yeah she looks good for 75 years old was their response, and then somebody else showed me that she’s actually an investor in Moderna.

RF: That’s very embarrassing I think that’s very embarrassing for her. Again, it’s like getting caught red handed but of course everybody knows there’s a reason that she looks so good for 75 years old. She’s quite friendly with the medical industry and the surgical industry, that’s probably why she why she’s in favour of these so-called vaccines, and I think she doesn’t understand what this is really about. She probably really believes that these are vaccines, and she doesn’t know that these are medical genetic experiments.

W: And something about Moderna you told me?

RF: Yeah I learned from an American scientist that one of the founders of Moderna is Fauci. I haven’t checked up on this, but the scientist is someone who I trust.

W: That’s very interesting. So all the players, because if we look at (inaudible) there are affiliates of the University that she is also director of. If we look at (inaudible) I think he’s the director of (inaudible) and (inaudible) is the company which makes the money for the PCR tests. They have licence (inaudible) is doing that all around the world. This is one big corruption scandal.

RF: Yeah it’s incredible, it’s becoming more and more obvious and visible to the general public that we are dealing with a gigantic web of corruption all over the world. Everyone seems to be involved, all of the people who are in this Davos clique are involved, and now that you are telling me the law firm that works for the government in the Netherland is also involved in money laundering. I am pretty much speechless; on the other hand, I am glad this is coming out into the open because this is one of the very few positive outcomes of this crisis.

All these crimes, all of these Government goings on that have been committed, probably over the past thirty years or even longer, this is now being expose. This rug that they used to sweep everything under is being torn away and you can see what’s underneath, it’s just one huge pile of corruption committed by people who have no empathy and who do not even have a problem killing people, because that’s what’s going on in the nursing homes through the so-called vaccines.

W: It’s a grim situation, but I agree that finally the swamp is drained, or everything is surfacing or whatever paradigm you want to call it, but this is the systemic rot and this is our moment, this is our time to clean it up. Johann, can you give us a brief overview for our viewers on what is to be expected in Holland? What is on the menu?

JP: Well, the first is next week we will have the verdict, how do we call it, this information in the trial about the vaccines. I don’t know, Reiner, did you follow that case?

RF: I know what you told us about it, but I don’t, I’m not informed in detail.

JP: Yeah, it was very interesting. A few very interesting items were raised during the hearing, one of them was the state said we are not responsible for disinformation we are spreading because we don’t have a legal duty for the informed consent. It is something between the person taking the vaccine and the person giving it. And this is very interesting because we, a couple of months ago, we sent all the medical doctors a letter informing them that they have the obligation for informed consent, and they should explain to them that it’s a trial and everything we just talked about. But they felt backed up by the state because they are just doing what the state is wanting them to do. It was very interesting for many people to hear them say we don’t take responsibility; you are going to be responsible. So, this went viral this clip, this was very interesting, and there was another very interesting thing which came out there. What was the other thing?

W: Well, there were a few things, they didn’t contest that it was an experiment, or they contested a little bit, like yes it’s already finished until phase three and now I was hearing, but you’re not saying including phase three, so they admitted that it is not a finished project. It is an ongoing experiment until 2023. And they admitted that, or they didn’t contest the fact that it’s gene therapy which is quite obvious because one day after that we were looking through the files of bioNtech the year report and on page fourteen everyone can read, it is considered scientifically, and also legally in the States and in the European Union, gene therapy per definition. Then the third one was that India has now thrown out Pfizer because Pfizer didn’t want to hand over the safety experiments, or the safety papers about this so-called “vaccine” and that is very peculiar that apparently the EMA and the FDA didn’t need those papers, and in India they were a bit more on the details, and they couldn’t supply it so they are not injecting the bioNtech / Pfizer experiment over there. So, already whether we win or lose in the court case, some remarkable results surfaced.

JP: And one more thing which was interesting this was about Switzerland, because it was about the AstraZeneca and they said, well Switzerland is not in the EU, they make another assessment as we do, it doesn’t mean anything that Switzerland is refusing to continue with AstraZeneca.

W: About that, it really looks like Governments are acting like second hand car salesman because now they buy for a certain price, they have haggled their way in, they have taken over the liability of the producer, and the producer has guaranteed them a bottom price and now they have bought these vaccines with these injections and Switzerland doesn’t want to inject its dumb population and now wants to, because they don’t think it’s safe, and they want to sell it to another country? It is really that stupid.

JP: So, this is the first case, we will have next week the verdict and it was many people have watched the hearing. Only on Facebook we are now nearing 100,000 views so that’s going very well. That’s the first thing. As we just mentioned we have on the 14th or 15th April this is the appeal of the PCR case as we don’t have the number (inaudible) we have to wait for months then we have to appeal also in April around the same day. This is also the obligation to present a negative PCR test to travel back to your home country. It’s a very interesting case which is incredibly solid. I’m very curious how they want to get out of that one but if you look at it from a legal side it’s impossible that we would lose, but that’s just on the legal side, of course.

Then we are preparing the next case of the Euro surveillance which we have talked to you about, which I hope in which you will also participate.

RF: We will.

JP: Short term because we want to have this before the appeal of the PCR case because that would be very helpful so this we will start up this week. Then we have the (inaudible) the highest court, you call it the (inaudible) we don’t have that in Germany I believe, but that one is about the night, the head of the curfew case. That one we lost but now we will see what they are going to do, and we tried to get a very speedy hearing there. Then the next one which is going to be prepared now is against the (inaudible), that’s the board who advises the Government about the vaccines and on the basis of their advice they take it in the national vaccine programme. It is really scandalous the quality of its advice, you cannot believe it.

W: Have you looked at the authors? There is another (inaudible), I guess it’s a very common name in Holland?

JP: It is off their advice that they are going to inject 17.5 million people. This already is criminal, so this is the case we will start up now. We are preparing a case to help the retail and the gastro industry to open up, and back them up. We are going to try to make a court case to forbid the local councils to act against bars and restaurants who want to open up. Then we want to start a new case against all the measures, and this is also going to be short term, and this will be a normal procedure but within that we also ask for a provisional claim which can be very short term. All the cases are getting more solid, more and more solid. It’s going to be harder and harder for the courts to slip out of it. So, I think, and we have an appeal for the demonstration from last summer where the people were on the field and were mistreated, but I think this is it.

W: Well, that’s already a very full list. I think also for the viewers and the international viewers, this is the moment, this month and next month. There is still the SARS season, so to say, after April it will be gone, and they will claim victory because of the effectiveness of the vaccines. So, we have to attack them now to make sur they cannot pull these shenanigans again at the beginning of September. We see the pattern and that is why I really urge all people to file a complaint, to sue, to do everything you can legally at this moment. Okay, there are a few people that might have some questions for you Reiner from our legal team, if they have some questions, they can ask it right now.

F: Good evening Mr Fuellmich.

RF: Hello.

F: Hello. The question that I have that puzzles me is it the following. When you prepare a claim against the government for the whole policy and all the measures, especially with PCR or whatever , you’re claiming from an institution which is paid by all of us, the taxpayers so if you claim from the Government, in the end who pays the bill? And that could be a reason to fine other parties whom you can claim from? What’s your vision on that?

RF: We are not suing the government. None of us are suing the government. I know that some attorneys out there are suing the government, I’ve always told them not to do it. Stay away from the administrative law courts and go into the civil law courts. Stay away from prosecutors because we have learnt from The European court that German prosecutors, German district attorneys lack the independence that they need in order to issue an international arrest warrant, let alone enforce one. We’re not suing the Government, we’re suing those people who are out there who are making these false statements, including Drosden, of course, and all of the members of the oldest scientific congregation in the world, I believe it is Leo Pordina ????

We are suing all of these people because they’re the ones who are lying, who are making these false statements of facts by claiming that these PCR tests, the one that Drosden invented, can tell you something about infections. We know of course that they are not the ones who issued the lockdown orders, but they wanted the lockdown orders. They are the most important consultants and the advisors of the Government and I think there’s 7 ad hoc papers that they call it, the Leo Pordina??? people. Well it’s almost putting the government under duress by telling them if you don’t follow our advice for a tough lockdown you’re not taking us seriously. And we know they can be held responsible for this because one of the advisors to our group, professor Schwab, his dissertation is on the subject of legal liability for political consultancy.

F: Yes, but if your ultimate goal is compensation for all those people who suffered the loss of income.

RF: Yes, but you know we think it will be a mistake to go after the government now. Of course, ultimately the people who are suffering damages because of the lockdowns, in particular, the small and medium sized businesses, they can only be made whole through taxpayers money. That is evident. There’s no other way. However, there is no taxpayers money anymore. We’re talking about printed money. We know that the ECB is broke. We know that because the ECB promoted zero interest rates most pension funds are broke and it’s only a matter of time until this comes out into the open and the general public understands this, but this problem cannot deter us from holding those people who are responsible liable in the courts of law. We will have to take power very soon. Us as the people of the resistance, so to speak, and hopefully many of the victims of this scam too, we will have to take control because we will have to keep the other side from getting rid of our currencies and then issuing electronic currency to those people who are in line. That’s why we’re going to have to act very quickly, but the fact that the only way to make people whole again and paying them through taxpayers money cannot deter us from going after the people who are responsible. There’s no other way. We’re all going to be dead more or less, either economically or really if we don’t do anything and let these people take control over us.

W: If I may interject. I think there is another route and we really need to look at that and it’s the anti-cartel laws that we have to break up all these big companies down that are actually the beneficiaries of this crisis, and we’re talking about the big banks, big media big pharma, big data, and all these NGO’s, WEF.

RF: Yeah.

W: Those organisations hold billions or trillions of euros or value and that is of the people. They robbed us and we have to get that back.

RF: Yeah, we have to keep in mind that, and we learnt this by hearing experts like Catherine Austin Fitts. She’s the former secretary of housing and urban development in the United States, and she’s also a former investment banker. I read some of the materials that she sent us and also from what she told in this hearing on the Corona committee, it became very clear that not just in the United States, but also in Europe, billions, no trillions of dollars and euros were stolen from the taxpayers through these corporations and those are the ultimate ones who are going to have to pay for this. That’s why we’re talking about Nuremberg 2, that’s why we’re talking about class actions because they have the, so called, deep pockets, which we will reach into. This may very well mean that the companies and the corporations that were ultimately responsible, pharmaceutical companies, tech companies and of course financial companies that they may have to be dismantled.

W: Absolutely.

JP: Willheim?

W: Yes, I’m looking around. Any other takers, any other questions? Frank, can you tell us a little about what you plan to do to speed up the hearing?

F: The hearing for the PCR appeal?

W: Yeah for the PCR.

F: In the first instance, to explain briefly I drafted the (inaudible) summons for the Dutch listeners and the (inaudible) in which I plan to hold liable the Dutch Government and Mrs Marian (inaudible) and also REVM? for a lot of income for someone who was forced to close his business for a short time after having tested positive for PCR. I want to focus on a case with a small amount, I want to go to a lower court and the claim should be something like a few thousand euros, and my reasoning for that is I want to avoid that the court will appoint expert witnesses and make a lot of costs, so therefore I’m looking for someone who will suffer minor loss of income, a few thousand of euros. If there is someone among the audience, well he may stand up and maybe he can be the claimant. The writ of summons is ready, I drafted it with the input of Mr Peter (inaudible), he has given his consent for the draft so if I can find a claimant then we can start.

W: Okay, so Karl, originally also from Germany. Karl can you ask the question?

K: Reiner, I’m interested in the development of the case you had in the session number 6 from the committee where the man from Berlin, Spandau told you about the situations in the home from the dementia sufferers. His voice was deformed, so to say. (Inaudible) told us that she reported this to the police and the police responded, “no we don’t do anything, no we wait.” Is there any development in this situation?

RF: Oh, you’re talking about our whistle-blower case with respect to the Berlin nursing home?

F: Yes.

RF: Yes, that’s one of the cases that is making people quite angry right now, and they’re shocked, not just in Germany, but all over the world because this whistle-blower video, we first filmed this video this interview with the whistle-blower and then when it was published pretty much all over the world with English subtitles, either the whistle-blower or someone else from this nursing home mailed secretly filmed footage to CHD either in the United States to Bobby Kennedy or Mary Holland or to the French or the Europe CHD. In the meantime, he showed it when we last spoke with Robert Kennedy ten days ago or so. It is now a complete video that is shown all over the world, including our interview of the whistle-blower plus the illicitly filmed footage, and this secretly filmed footage shows that the nursing home, when they were interviewed by the mainstream media, was lying when it said that there were no soldiers around, you can see the soldiers.

When they said that no one was being vaccinated or getting the injections with force, you can see one of the women who’s lying in bed trying to fight off the people who are trying to vaccinate her. Now, as a consequence of this, Vivienna filed a criminal complaint and then the prosecutor said “nah, we don’t see any reason to take a closer look at this but we will as soon as one of the doctors who is involved in this comes forward and tells us something’s wrong”.

Now that’s just like asking a prosecutor asking the murderer to come forward and then he will finally look into the case. That is so ridiculous if it weren’t so sad it would be really ridiculous. Now, the same thing is happening all over this country. We’re getting more and more whistle-blowers through our whistle-blower tool who are telling us the very same story.

In our last session this past Friday, a doctor, I think a pathologist, some whistle-blower told us about this case, a pathologist a high-ranking pathologist in the state of (inaudible) addressed the director of the local police force telling him that he was extremely worried about all these cases of people dying after getting the shots who were, up until then, healthy. I mean under the circumstances, healthy because they were all in nursing homes, but they all tested negative before they got the injections. Now the director of the local police there forwarded this complaint, or the letter to the District Attorney, yes, the high-ranking district attorney, and the got same rection just like the one we saw in Berlin, “nah, we’re not going to look into these cases just because people died after vaccination. There may be correlation but not necessarily causation”. We’re going to come and look into these cases as soon as one of the doctors comes forward. This is euthanasia, this is clearly euthanasia and we are probably going to be able to hold these prosecutors criminally liable in a court of law.

R: Thank you. We have crossed fingers that a doctor will come to you as a whistle-blower.

RF: Yes, some are come forward already yes.

I: Good evening Reiner.

RF: Hi Ina.

I: Do you expect any solution from international courts of justice?

RF: Well, I myself am not part of any of the complaints at the international court of justice, but if you’re talking about the international criminal court of justice, we know that two people who we collaborated with and who have, I think, been on the committee, they are about to file one of those complaints with the international criminal court for crimes against humanity. I think in my inbox I saw the draft of the complaint because they asked us to look over it and see if something needs to be changed or if something needs to be added.

We’re probably going to join them for the very first time because it does seem to make sense for us as an NGO, the corona committee as an NGO, to write a letter that accompanies this complaint to the council of the court, something like that, I’m not quite clear about that I’m going to have to take a closer look at the email. I know that there are other efforts going on. There’s a French colleague who is filing a complaint with the International or the European Court for Human Rights and of course there’s the nullification complaint that was filed by our friend Doctor (inaudible) from Italy against the European Commission for the injections.

I: Yes, thank you so much.

W: Let’s not get our hopes us because you know where the International Criminal Courts is, Reiner?

RF: I know yeah. From those two people who were, I think they call themselves human rights defenders or something, they’re not lawyers, but they’re pretty experienced. From them we’ve heard they have written a number of similar complaints, or in some cases just letters to inform the International Criminal Court and the response has been very positive, they are telling us, so we are getting our hopes up a little.

I: Yes, I’m especially asking it because ten years ago the European Court of Human Rights said protection of life does not justify inhuman treatment of other people.

RF: Yeah.

I: In the case of (inaudible) yeah.

RF: Yeah, so I do think there is reason for optimism.

W: Yes, and we have that advantage that they can (inaudible) themselves here on a bicycle, they don’t travel far.

I: Thank you so much.

RF: You’re welcome.

W: Great. If there are no more questions then, I would like to give the final Word to you, (inaudible).

JP: Yes, what do you want to hear from me, Willheim?

W: When are we going to win, Juan?

J: Soon. No, we have a lot of work to do in the next few days and we go for it. Reiner, thank you very much for being with us and we will hopefully see you again with some positive news.

RF: Thank you very much, it’s always a pleasure.

W: See you soon and thank you all for watching and contributing. Until tomorrow, because tomorrow we have a well and renowned German doctor and that is Wolfgang Wodarg.

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  1. I thank you from the bottom of my Heart. I am so grateful that we have such competent and morally well founded lawyers who have taken up the very hard work of fighting for FREEDOM for all of Humanity. Together we are going to spread the LIGHT. And together we are going to make sure, that all of Humanity will stay free. Or become more free than ever. The Future lies ahead. The Promised Land. We shall have the possibility of building a New World – in FREEDOM.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your lovely message, Tove. Yes, we can only continue to hope that justice will prevail soon.

  2. Hope these people are right and truth prevails.

  3. Thank you Dr Fuellmich – March 2021 – I am crossing my fingers and hoping for a positive verdict in our favor and also hoping that the verdict(s) be given soon, real soon as our lives depend on it and because our governments are deciding to mandate the vaccine of which I want NOTHING of it. Please hurry. Thank you soooo much again.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, Diane. There are many cases going on, not just in Germany, but the class action lawsuits in America and Canada, and it’s hopefully it’s just a matter of time before the criminality of these entire Covid mandates are brought to the light. It was a bit saddening to see that it would be taxpayers who would have to pay those small businesses that have been wronged, as it should be the greedy globalist NGOs that compendate those who have been wronged by these fraudulent lies.

      1. Freedom from tyranny is worth any monetary price. The small businesses will flourish free from the shackles of the heart dead.

        1. Author

          They will, I just hope more small businesses stand strong. Thank you for your comment, Newman.

  4. Mr Fuellmich, would it not help your case at one point is you could take the video of Bill Gates 2010 presentation about DEPOPULATING the world with a vaccine and where he promotes the Health Services to enforce the vaccines onto the population ? This video is still accessible on the Internet – Length of 3:43.

    1. Author

      I know, Diane. What a psycho mind Bill Gates has. I cannot believe people believe him to be some kind of a saviour figure just because he has wealth. He has the BBC to do that for him with the money he gives them.

  5. What about the damage from the pcr test. It was jus reported A woman had brain fluid leak into her nose after getting this nasal test. Why do they need this vile nasal probe. I read spit is fine. I’ve also read others complaining of headaches they never had before after getting this nasal swab.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, Elizabeth. I know, it’s such a dangerous process using the swab during the PcR test. There is a UK website set up called https://www.pcrclaims.co.uk. No way that children should be having this done to them.

  6. Hi – I truly and sincerely hope we can win these lawsuits in our favor. I am sooo worried but now, today, March 14, I just found out that there is more to this and just the Covid propaganda…… It is what’s coming in a very near future that involves, once again, our elites of the Covid war and the Bilderberg documents that have been released recently and so I thought to share this 35-minute video with R Fuellmich (and Assoc) : ….. https://www.facebook.com/101215311428265/videos/2704020569918845
    Hope there is light at the end of the tunnel and hope it won’t be a train coming to his us hard

  7. What if you know someone who has taken the test and believe that they gotten infected where can they go for help?

  8. God bless Fuellmich and all the international lawyers, thank you Lord !

  9. Really Thankyou for what you doing to all of ud

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, Alda. I’m sure that Dr Fuellmich and his lawyer colleagues will have another update soon.

  10. Hi,is there any news from the verdict ?God bless Dr Fuellmich !

    1. Author

      I am not sure yet, Fred. I think Dr Fuellmich mentioned that the case would be heard in November, but there were other cases going on with the other persons in this interview.

  11. I’m so grateful someone is making a stand on this matter.Wishing you much success.Thank you do much.

  12. You can bet that the government will be pursuing every approach to legal and extralegal to influence the judiciary. Their necks are up on the chopping blocks. Is there any way of assessing that the judiciary is acting and ruling independently? Are there legal organizations that monitor and protect the independence of the judiciary? How can we be sure these agencies, if they exist, aren’t being quashed or intimidated by powerful governmental forces that are fighting opposition to the mass vaccination program?

    Thank you for your heroic efforts. The whole world owes you a debt of gratitude. You are angels protecting humanity, even as the others are criminals against humanity.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, Mark. I realise that the judiciary may be bribed with monies, but I continue to pray that there are some God-fearing members of the judiciary left who will do their job to protect the people from evil and expose evil, as Governments should be doing too. The weimar case is positive, even though this judge may pay for it with his or her life. I pray for their salvation. Let’s keep praying that the light will continue to shine upon the corruption and darkness, because the light of Jesus Christ, God our Saviour, has defeated the enemy for ever. We cannot fight this invisibile spiritual war alone, but there is power in the Word of God when we remember to use it. Speak it with faith knowing that the Word of God will not return unto Him void Isaiah 55:11. I can do all things through Christ that strengtheneth me.

  13. Hi, not sure if this is helpful but the UK Government have a document that clearly states that RT-PCR CANNOT detect infectious virus which is of course what SARSCov2 is alleged to be…

    here is a reference:
    Government Claim: SARSCov2 is an infectious virus

    Excerpt from Government publication “understanding Cycle threshold Ct in SARSCov2 RTPCR” (p6)

    “RT-PCR detects presence of viral genetic material in a sample but is not able to distinguish whether infectious virus is present”


    Thus: PCR cannot detect SARSCov2

    Yet all governmental measures have been based on a PCR that by their own admission cannot detect SARSCov2… thus All is fraud…. QED.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, Minister Emoven, and for this document. I think I have seen this document before, but yes it states quite clearly on page 6

      RT-PCR detects presence of viral genetic material in a sample but is not able to distinguish whether infectious virus is present.The quantity of intact virus in upper respiratory swabs will be affected by factors that are endogenous and exogenous to laboratory methods.

      It’s all a fraud, but the brainwashing through the media has occured in billions of people. They are under a spell and even true facts cannot shake them out of their delusion of the ‘virus’. They act on autopilot. I saw it today in the hospital amongst the staff. It’s very saddening to see the compliance. They have no idea of what is coming for themselves, and for their children.

  14. I’m just afraid that judges are in their pockets, and those that are not will be get rid of in any way possible.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment, Branko. I hope not all of the judges can be bought. We can pray for God’s hedge of protection over those who are standing against the evil.

  15. First of all immense thanks and respect for what you are all doing- I can’t think of anything more important. I’ve been wondering , besides posting articles on Facebook which few people read, if there’s anything more practical I can do. At all! I live alone in Scotland and have time on my hands – predictably – and these matters fill my mind continuously. I’m fairly well informed about the science (I’ve read Dr Bahakti’s books and articles and watched all kinds of videos where available. I could list other names like Mike Yeadon but I’m sure you get the picture! So please email me – I’d love to help. Once again massive thanks and all power to you all


    Martin John Dutton

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for your comment, Martin. I am planning on sending a transcribed Mike Yeadon video to all MPs and House of Lords. I mean I have emailed them all in the past with similar content, but if they continue with this charade of lies then may the good Lord give them no rest night or day while they are engaging in this purposeful genoYcide. You could help me if you wish to email our parliament. Some housee of lord members have their own generic email, which would not reach them, but some have websites and personal emails. There is a wonderful transcrition software, otter.ai that transcribes videos and it is very accurate. I have a language translate on my website and I think it could be helpful for those who are non-english, so we can use what tools the global google has for good too. Just transcribed the latest Reiner Fuellmich speaking to James Delingpole, which pretty much gives a summary of what is going on. I’m about ten minutes into the Mike Yeadon, so really just need to edit for accuracy, but planning on sending them to MPs, house of lords, Boris…all the usual crew.

      We must not give up against this satanic agenda.

  16. So, now that they ADMIT the pcr didn’t work, Bill gates bought a manufacturer and the narrative is now “theres a new test” coming AFTER dec 2021 that “is accurate”. In the meantime, they’re still using the fraud tests in justifying VACCINE PASSPORTS AND MANDATES! we know the elections are all rigged. Canadas is sep 20. And trudeau intends to mandate vax for anyone who wishes to travel across the border or by plane, I’m assuming that is even within Canada. And all of these cases are scheduled long into the future. So much so bc judges will toss the cases as moot if the govt can manipulate the stats longer.

    1. Author

      The level of lies is the most hypnotic witchcraft of events ever to happen upon humanity. Shame on the judges who are bought and who fail to protect people from evil, and protect people.

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