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Dr Simone Gold treated patients with #hydroxychloroquine successfully, but her manager told her that she must stop doing so. This was related to an insurance firm (obviously money as their God). American Frontline Doctors was founded and then came the famous Whitecoat Medical Summit where doctors grouped together to speak of treating their patients successfully for Covid-19 using hydroxychloroquine, which was rapidly censored off all social media channels.

Dr Simone Gold speaks about how LANCET attempted to smear hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19, and the World Health Organisation quickly stopped the administratration of this. The LANCET had to retract their paper, but the damage was already done.

Many people have died unnecessarily (I would say purposely) because of these EVIL policies. Dr Simone Gold refers to the Covid-19 vaccines as #experimentalvaccines, which they are.

No one is being told the truth about them when they get their phone calls for the jab, no one is being told what these vaccines do for the body, they are not told of any possible adverse reactions, including possible death. It’s entirely illegal what the UK Government and NHS is getting away with. I wish lawyers would stand up and hold ALL of these people accountable for this purposeful #covidgenocide.

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  1. Ivermectin is a drug used for parasites for half a century. Like hydroxychloroquine it has incidental anti-Covid effects. But unlike other preventatives such as vaccination it is also a TREATMENT option. And unlike the RNA based vaccines it has no potential for causing prion diseases, most of which are fatal.
    It is illogical not to have done a cross-sectional analysis of ivermectin-taking vs non-ivermectin-taking people for Covid incidence, say in Africa or South America. That would eliminate the requirement for a several month prospective double-blind longitudinal study. Antibody titers should be done as a measure of Covid prevalence, since antigen tests are positve for only 2-3weeks. They miss most of the recent past cases. Perhaps with a little tweaking, AB tests could also detect the more serious virus variants before they metastasize to other regions.

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