The Reform Party – you either love them or hate them, but have you even read their manifesto. It beats Labour and the Conservatives hands down. Here are some great reasons to vote Reform, taken directly from their Manifesto: Reform_UK_Contract_With_The_People.

  1. Scrap Unnecessary Government Quangos and Commissions.
    There are over 600 government departments, Arm’s Length Bodies or Quangos. Many are
    unaccountable to parliament. Quango advisors can charge £1,000 per day. Some bosses are
    paid over £600k per year. Billions of pounds are wasted. The public wouldn’t notice if many
    dozens were scrapped. These savings are part of the £5 in every £100 mentioned above.
  2. Brexit Bonus. Cut Unnecessary Regulations.
    Government red tape and nanny state regulations are estimated to have cost the UK
    economy £143 billion since 2015. That means billions of pounds lost in growth and taxes.
  3. Make Work Pay. Lift the Income Tax Start Point to £20,000 Per Year.
    This frees up to 7 million people from paying income tax and saves every worker almost
    £1,500 per year. This will help many back into work and escape the benefits trap. Basic Tax
    rate stays at 20%. The 40% higher rate should begin at £70,000.
  4. Cut Energy Taxes and Beat the Cost of Living Crisis.
    Save households over £500 per year. Scrap VAT on energy bills. Lower fuel duty by 20p per
    litre. Scrap environmental levies.
  5. Free Over 1.2 Million Small and Medium Sized Businesses from Corporation Tax.
    Lift the minimum profit threshold to £100k. Reduce the main Corporation Tax Rate from
    25% to 20%, then to 15% from year 5
  6. Support Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.
    SMEs represent over 95% of UK business and two thirds of all employment. Abolish
    Business Rates for High Street Based Small & Medium Firms. Offset this with Online
    Delivery Tax at 4% for large, multinational enterprises to create a fairer playing field for high
    streets. Cut entrepreneur’s tax relief to 5%. SME Enterprise Zones for left-behind Areas with
    a period of zero tax for new or existing businesses that are creating jobs.
  7. Freeze Non-Essential Immigration.
    Smart immigration can target the essential skills our economy needs such as doctors,
    nurses and successful business people, earning above the average salary.
  8. Stop the Boats with our 6 Point Plan.
    Recognise a National Security Threat. Leave the European Convention on Human Rights;
    Zero Illegal Immigrants to be Resettled in the UK; Offshore Processing for Illegal Arrivals;
    New Department of Immigration; Pick up Migrants out of Boats and Take Back to France.
    (We are legally allowed to do this under international treaties).
  9. Put Patients in Charge With a New NHS Voucher Scheme..
    Patients will receive a voucher for private treatment if they can’t see a GP within 3 days. For
    a consultant, the time limit would be 3 weeks. For an operation, 9 weeks.
  10. Excess Deaths and Vaccine Harms Public Inquiry.
    Excess deaths are nearly as high as they were during the Covid pandemic. Young people are
  11. Scrap Net Zero and Related Subsidies.
    The UK cost of Net Zero has been estimated by the National Grid and others at some £2
    trillion or more. It is so big that no one really knows. The public sector is spending billions
    each year with no accountability or transparency. Ditching Net Zero would save the public
    sector some £20 billion per year for the next 25 years, possibly more.
  12. Cheap, Secure Energy.
    We must use the energy treasure under our feet. Start fast-track licences of North Sea gas
    and oil. Grant shale gas licences on test sites for 2 years. Then enable major production
    when safety is proven, with local compensation schemes. The value of shale gas is
    potentially hundreds of billions over 30 years to the taxpayer. This could transform our
    nations fortunes and ensure prosperity for generations to come.
  13. Common Sense Policing not ‘Woke’ Policing.
    Scrap all Diversity, Equality and Inclusion roles and regulations to stop two-tier policing.
    Protect the public without fear of favour. Reform the The Independent Office of Police
    Conduct (IOPC) so that the police complaints system works for the law abiding public.
  14. More Bobbies on the Beat.
    Ensure that police return to the beat and use better technology to stop wasting time on
    paperwork. Visible policing stops crime before it starts. Allow PCSOs to become police
    officers before the role is phased out
  15. Urgent Sentencing Review with Automatic Life Imprisonment for Violent Repeat
    Those committing second violent or serious offences will receive mandatory life sentences.
  16. Tackle Organised Crime.
    Foreign gang crime accounts for most organised crime in the UK at a cost of £37 billion per
    year. This includes drugs, people trafficking and money laundering through barber shops,
    car washes and nail bars. Increase budget for both the National Crime Agency and The
    National Drugs Intelligence Unit.
  17. Stop Child Grooming Gangs.
    Systematic child sexual abuse continues unchecked. Child Protection Services needs a
    dedicated National Agency working with local charities, councils and health services.
    Upgraded intelligence can identify high-risk children and filter malicious claims.
  18. Ban Transgender Ideology in Primary and Secondary Schools.
    There are 2 sexes and 2 genders. It is a dangerous safeguarding issue to confuse children
    by suggesting otherwise. No gender questioning, social transitioning or pronoun swapping.
    Inform parents of under 16s about their children’s life decisions. Schools must have single
    sex facilities.
  19. Ban Critical Race Theory in Primary and Secondary Schools.
    It is unacceptable to divide children on grounds of race and teach them to be ashamed of
    their country.
  20. Cut Funding to Universities that Undermine Free Speech.
    The government’s Free Speech Act is toothless. Allowing political bias or cancel culture
    must face heavy financial penalties.
  21. Legislate to Scrap EU Regulations with Immediate Effect.
    British Laws on State Aid, Competition, Employment and the environment are still based on
    EU regulations. Nor have we reversed EU Net Zero laws which are sabotaging our economy.
  22. Independence for Britain’s Armed Forces.
    The government has signed up to the EU Horizon programme. That means we send money
    to the European Defence Fund and part of the EU’s military mobility project. David Cameron
    met his EU counterparts to discuss EU defence policy. Our Armed Forces are at risk of being
    sucked into an EU Command and Control Force.
  23. Introduce new Armed Forces Justice Bill
    Protect our servicemen and women on active duty inside and outside the UK from civil law and human right lawyers. The bill will also create an armed forces watchdog to fast-track complaints and appeals in housing and welfare.
  24. Commence “You serve, You Deserve”.
    A fully recognised national rewards and benefits scheme for veterans and families including
  25. Instigate “Veterans First” priority Status.
    For healthcare, housing, training and education, together with support for dependents
  26. Reform Social Housing Law.
    Prioritise local people and those who have paid into the system. In parts of the UK almost
    half of all social housing is occupied by someone born overseas. Foreign nationals must go to the back of the queue. Not the front.
  27. Incentivise Use of New Construction Technology.
    Such as modular construction, and smart infrastructure.
  28. Support Marriage Through the Tax system.
    Germany and France let married couples with children share their tax allowance. British
    married couples with children deserve the same. As soon as finances allow, introduce a UK
    25% transferable marriage tax allowance. This would mean no tax on the first £25,000 of
    income for either spouse. (Based on our higher income tax starting point of £20,000 per
    person). This will help make work pay, helping people trapped on benefits back into the
    workplace so reducing the benefits bill.
  29. Review the Online Safety Bill.
    Social media giants that push baseless transgender ideology and divisive Critical Race
    theory should have no role in regulating free speech.
  30. Scrap HS2.
    Save £25 billion by scrapping the rest of this bloated vanity project.
  31. Stop the War on Motorists.
    Legislate to ban all ULEZ and Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. We will scrap bans on selling
    petrol and diesel cars and scrap legal requirements for manufacturers to sell electric cars.
  32. National Water Grid and Reservoirs.
    The UK is at risk of water shortages. Build new reservoirs in high rainfall areas. Water can
    be stored and transferred to low rainfall areas when required. Stop the release of sewage
    into our rivers and seas.
  33. A Single Government Infrastructure Funding Stream.
    Overhaul and merge the National Infrastructure Commission and the Infrastructure Bank.
    Scrap all Net Zero related objectives. Simplify the funding process, save time, cut waste,
    boost funding and ensure accountability.
  34. Scrap climate-related farming subsidies.
    Productive land must be farmed, not used for solar farms or rewilding. Replace current subsidies with direct payments. Stop Natural England from taking action that damages farmers.
  35. Farming not form filling.
    Many farmers spend over 15 hours a week on paperwork. Cut red tape from HMRC and the
    British Cattle Movement Service.
  36. Rebuild UK Fish Processing.
    Tax and other incentives to ensure that all fish caught in British waters are landed and
    processed in the UK. Fish caught by foreign vessels in UK waters should also be landed and
    processed here when capacity allows
  37. Stop the Offshore Taxpayer Rip Off
    Some larger care home providers avoiding tax on hundreds of millions of profits through complex offshore property company structures and high interest shareholder loans. At the same time they pay minimal wages to front line care staff.
  38. Commence Reform of the House of Lords
    Replace the crony-filled House of Lords with a much smaller second chamber. Structure to be debated. Immediate end of political appointees.
  39. Commence Reform of the Postal Voting System.
    Postal voting has allowed electoral fraud. We will stop postal voting except for the elderly,
    disabled or those who can’t leave their homes.
  40. A British Bill of Rights.
    Our freedoms must be codified and guaranteed. Political freedom, personal freedom, economic freedom. Never again can our entire country be locked down on shoddy evidence and lies.
  41. Affirm British Sovereignty.
    Reject the influence of the World Economic Forum. We will cancel our membership of the
    World Health Organisation unless there is fundamental reform to its structure and funding. Reform UK also opposes the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). We will legislate if necessary to stop Britain becoming a cashless society.
  42. Propose a Comprehensive Free Speech Bill
    Legislate to stop left-wing bias and ‘woke’ ideology. No more de-banking, cancel culture, left wing hate mobs or political bias in public institutions. Stop Sharia law being used in the UK. All public electoral activity including debates leaflets and other information must be in English.
  43. Launch a Westminster Anti-Corruption Unit.
    The Covid PPE scandal has raised serious questions about integrity in government. The
    public watchdog must close the ‘revolving door’ between government and big business.
    Address potential conflicts of interest. Ask why UK infrastructure costs so much more than
    other countries. Investigate Chinese espionage and influence over politicians, academics
    and key decision-makers which the UK Intelligence and Security Committee says is a major
    threat to national security.


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