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Excellent article by Dr Peter Breggin, who is right on target with taking apart this massive keyword being used in our society today – mass formation. I was totally in agreement with Prof Desmet’s explanation of mass formation when I first heard it, but thinking over it again, it does totally absolve that evil exists in society, when evil certainly does exist, it’s just that most people want to be comfortable and not believe that reality. There is a globalist conspiracy that threatens our freedoms etc through the disguise and lies of pandemics and climate change. Money and fear is all they go, and they influence Governments, leaders, big tech, and small, medium, and large businesses.

The question is, “Who should we blame for the current degradation of constitutional democracies worldwide and the associated vast losses of freedom?” Mass formation or mass psychosis theory says we must blame the people themselves who allegedly yearn for totalitarianism under the spell of mass formation hypnosis or mass psychosis. We believe, instead, that we must hold responsible ⏤ the global totalitarian governance that authoritarian individuals and institutions are inflicting on us.
This is much more than a battle of ideas. This is a confrontation over governance — the politics and policies that govern our lives. The results can determine the fate of each and every person’s life, now and in the future.

What Is Mass Formation

“Mass formation,” otherwise known as mass hypnosis or mass psychosis, is being promoted by Belgian psychoanalyst Matias Desmet, the author of The Psychology of Totalitarianism, and by American physician Robert W. Malone. Malone originally popularized Desmet’s concept of mass psychosis and continues to do so on radio, TV, in print, and at frequent conferences.
Their basic idea behind mass formation or mass psychosis is that totalitarianism originates or arises spontaneously out of 30% of the people who become obsessed with giving away their freedom and becoming dependent. The people literally convert themselves into a totalitarian force of psychotic proportions that will eventually violently attack those who disagree with them while creating dictators like Hitler and Stalin. In his book, Desmet states outright:
The crowd typically tries to impose its will on the society; it seeks control over society. This has always been the case…” (pp. 126-127, italics in original)
In short, it is the people, and not the elite, the political class, or the wealthy and powerful predators, who seek to oppress us. It is the “crowd” — a mythological group that did not even exist during the height of COVID-19 oppression because crowds were illegal.
The Desmet/Malone concepts are a dangerous smokescreen that blinds us to the real threat against all of us — organized totalitarian globalists. Our recent in-depth criticisms of the Desmet/Malone concepts, with links to their publications and ours, can be found on our website.1 It’s easier to go directly to the website section titled “Threats from the Desmet/Malone Mass Formations and Mass Psychosis” at
How can groups generate such self-destructive ideas without being under the influence of a destructive leadership? It is never explained. Instead, mass formations are compared to birds flying in perfect formations and to the madness of groups. They are compared to hypnosis on a mass level for which there is no scientific basis. Mass formation, mass hypnosis, and mass psychosis are such catchy phrases, ladened with gravitas, that the phrases become explanations.
The word “psychosis” is especially captivating. It confirms the observations of people who have been seeing so many others “acting crazy” in their submissiveness to the growing totalitarianism in America and throughout the world. But the Desmet/Malone concepts blind us to the reality that these people are being “driven crazy” — that is, driven into states of terror and submissiveness in the face of overwhelming lies, threats, terrorization, and outright abuse by authorities.

Desmet and Malone Become Extremists in Demoralizing the Freedom Movement

In his book, Desmet attacks anyone who considers the possibility that there may be villains who are making plans to exploit and dominate the “masses” whom he blames for creating their own problems. Desmet writes that people who look for the leadership and planning behind the oppression are suffering from “conspiracy thinking.” They are afflicted with severe “anxiety,” “confusion,” and bewilderment” and have a “need” to blame the “supposed ‘elite’” to escape from their own personal problems (pp. 127-128).
Desmet also invokes a “more general” psychological rule, “The more anger people feel, the more intentional malice they perceive.” So your anger is invalid; you have no enemies, it’s your own “needs” and “anxieties” which drive you to blame people “outside oneself” (p. 128).
Desmet is using name-calling and psychobabble to undermine and discredit researchers, scientists, and thoughtful citizens who examine what is going on beneath the surface with COVID-19 and the growing worldwide totalitarianism. This is a serious assault on anyone who dares study the origins of the oppression being inflicted on us.
In our earlier criticisms of Desmet/Malone, we noted that Malone did not stoop to Desmet’s level of undermining his colleagues in the freedom movement. But then Malone recently outdid Desmet.

Malone has now declared that the conservative movement can be divided into two groups. The “okay” group consists of those who have been “red-pilled” into their beliefs. But the supposed extremists, like those who examine or witness conspiracies, have been “black pilled.”2 It is an ugly accusation. It demeans those who thoughtfully examine the roots of totalitarianism and encourages those who wish to ridicule and condemn them.

Who Has the Power to Originate Totalitarianism?

There is, in fact, one group that does have the opportunity to gin itself up into totalitarian frenzies, which it then inflicts upon people with less power. This group has unlimited access to rapid communication among themselves with the help of well-trained assistants, numerous conferences and committee meetings amongst themselves in which to make plans, vast networks like Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF, nicknamed Davos) and Michael Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum (NEF). This group also has unlimited funds with which to plan and implement their most grandiose ideas. The members, many of whom know each other, believe that, as elite, they are entitled to fantasize and make plans for controlling other people. They are deeply embedded as leaders in institutions throughout the world, including healthcare, science, education, the police and military, and government agencies.
Right now, these global elite are leading the United States of America down the road to totalitarianism through President Joe Biden and his highly politicized and globalized Deep State. These are the global predators who are crushing freedom — the very culprits whom Desmet/Malone are so desperately protecting from our criticism.

Not a Mere Academic Debate and Not Persecution of Desmet and Malone

This is not a mere academic debate to be held within ivory towers. Nor is it a personal attack on Desmet and Malone as they characterize it. It is a clash between two world views — blaming the victimized, nearly enslaved people themselves or holding responsible the powerful globalist predators. It is among the most critical political clashes of our time, because blaming the people cements in place and enables totalitarianism while, in sharp contrast, holding the elite predators responsible encourages and empowers the ageless fight for human freedom from oppression.
It is bizarrely ironic that Desmet/Malone attribute to the “masses” what only the elite can do — cheer themselves on to dominating everyone else. It is an obscene and dangerous irony that Desmet/Malone blame the powerless people for their self-induced mass psychoses while exonerating those enormously powerful globalists who actually do collaborate on exploiting and dominating the “masses.”

The Greatest Threat Today

The greatest threat to humans today is the same one that has crushed freedom and the human spirit, and murdered untold hundreds of millions of people since the dawn of civilization. The greatest threat comes from violent bullies collaborating to dominate and exploit as huge numbers of people as possible. This threat does not arise out of people suffering from a mass psychosis but from violent, authoritarian individuals or groups that conspire to intimidate, overwhelm, and exploit the people.
Our book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, is the most detailed documentation of these global predators, including who they are, their characteristics, their organized plans, and their increasing success in spreading totalitarianism worldwide, recently under the guise of responding to COVID 19.

The most obvious motives of the global predators are to take advantage of and control other human beings. However, an examination of their behavior often reveals a bloodlust to kill as many of us as possible under the guise of fulfilling utopian ideals. The ideals can be purifying race, establishing communism, sacrificing to the sun god of the Egyptian Empire, or sacrificing to the death god of the Aztecs.

Beginning several thousand years ago, even before written history, these grandiose, violent bullies had built and maintained totalitarian empires in ancient India and China. Great empires became so common throughout the world that when the Europeans invaded America, they found two enormous empires already entrenched, the waning empire of Mayans in South America and the thriving blood-thirsty empire of the Aztecs in central America and Mexico.

The False and Self-Destructive Solution

The solution to our constitutional democracies collapsing into totalitarianism is not, as Desmet/Malone suggests, to blame one-third of the population for developing a mass psychosis. The people are not imploding on themselves; they are being crushed.
Instead, we must identify the threatening individuals and organizations who make up the global predators, much as we have done with our book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, and as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has done in his book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.
On his Facebook in Belgium, Desmet addressed my criticism of his concepts. With a stunning, threatening remark, he warned me: “The solution to the impasse we are in is not to forcibly eliminate any elite. On the contrary: that is the recipe for self-destruction.”3 In this remark, Desmet sums up the thrust of the Desmet/Malone ideology — leave the elite alone or else.
A careful reading of most of the writings of Desmet and Malone on mass formation or mass psychosis will confirm that their ideas are most consistent with preventing any recognition or effective response to the elites who are now clamping down upon the citizens of the world with totalitarianism.
Malone may occasionally mention in passing a Gates, Fauci, or Schwab, but he will not describe how the elites have massively organized themselves, for example, to lockstep crush every democracy under the guise of treating COVID-19 and now preventing future pandemics. Malone recently has been blaming groupthink in the administrative state and bad group psychodynamics in the Deep State task force groups4 — utterly ignoring the globalist agendas being pushed on the participants in these groups to make them puppets of the global predators. It is smoke and mirrors to keep our minds off an exploration of the underlying conspiratorial activities that are taking over our world.

The Real Solution

In addition to identifying our real enemies in the real world, we must rebuild the strongest defense against totalitarianism ever created by human minds — constitutional democracies.
Each and every one of us must now take responsibility for the kind of government we want for ourselves and dedicate ourselves to working toward it. Ultimately, we need stronger constitutional democracies that can fearlessly identify, confront, and triumph over the globalist enemies who want to destroy us.
Our Founders gave us the gifts of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and we — along with those nations which have adopted these principles — have been the most successful in the history of the world. Constitutional democracies do not make war upon each other, rarely murder masses of their own citizens, do not suffer famines, have higher standards of living and better health care — and are best at applying justice and preserving personal freedom.<s< sup=””>up>5 We need to restore and strengthen our constitutional democracies. We must Refound America and support constitutional democracies throughout the world.</s<>
1 Our website is Our initial extensive criticism of Desmet’s book is: Mattias Desmet: Mass Hypnosis Expert or Trojan Horse? The Full Story. July 27, 2022. Our more recent criticism of Desmet plus Malone is: The Desmet/Malone Ideology of Mass Psychosis Blames the Citizens and Not the Global Predators. August 22, 2022. The articles first appeared on the above dates on America Out Loud, where the Breggins write weekly columns and have a weekly radio show together., number (13)., number (1)., numbers (9) and (11).
5 Rummel, R. J. (2007). The Blue Book of Freedom: Ending Famine, Poverty, Democide, and War. Nashville, TN: Cumberland House. Rummel has written many books demonstrating the advantages of democracy over authoritarianism and totalitarianism, with several focusing on “democide,” government murder of its own citizens. His work is well-written and documented and it’s been “cancelled” by the progressive academic establishment which wants only to denigrate America.

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