Microbz is a small family business I discovered about five years ago. I was searching for a liquid probiotic drink and found Microbz BioLive, which contains cider vinegar, over 11 various bacteria culture, and various herbs. If you sign up for a quarterly subscription you can save several pounds per 1 month bottle What is also impressive about this small business brand is its range of microbial cleaners for the kitchen, floor, glass etc. They also sell microbial skincare too. Its salt soap is luxurious.

I ditched chemical cleaners over twenty years ago and it’s so much easier to go through a fast when the body doesn’t have to rid itselfhe chemical garbage that is found in everyday products like shampoos, body wash, kitchen cleaners, air fresheners, washing powder etc. I keep it simple. Microbial cleansers, plant based washing up liquid, plant based clothes detergent, and soap for skin, body, and hair.

This past twelve months has put much of the population into an OCD state of overcleansing, which can be damaging to skin. Hand sanitisers can cause skin dryness and its alcohol content can lead to fatigue and a host of other health complications when overused. If only we could see what only God can see, there are trillions of bacteria on our skin at any one time, which are there to keep our immune system and skin barrier healthy. It’s called the skin microbiome.

There is a microbial cleaner that I have seen on TV, which states that it continues to kill microbes up to twenty four hours afterward, but my worry is what its ingredients are, and I cannot remember its name, off the top of my head! Any kitchen cleanser or chemical cleaner advertisements rely on  fear driven tools like multipying the size of the microorganism or bacteria to make the product look effective, and using words like ‘kills coronavirus, e-coli, MRSA’ etc. You have got to remember that whatever clemical products you are using to clean your home, it’s getting breathed into your lungs too. Best to keep your home environment as chemical free as possible.

Also, why has there never been a product to kill germs 100 percent, why is it all of this 99.9 percent nonsense? I know it’s to do with damages should the product cause harm etc, but I often wonder! Even before I found the company Microbz, I was making my own kitchen cleansers and using tap water and lemon essential oil, and I’m still alive.

If you would like to try the fermented drinks of which there are many varieties to choose from now, or the microbial cleansers, I can offer you this Microbz voucher code: REFPQYA3DKGDF to save £5 when you spend over £10. If you use this voucher code I will receive £5 too off my next order. The microbial kitchen cleanser, Power Cleaner, for example, is a sachet and costs £1.50. There are various sachets available of various products. In their early days they used to sell a 250ml microbial multi surface concentrate which cost about  £12.50 and it lasted me over a year, but they have discontinued that range and brought in these sachets instead. I normally buy in bulk to give to my friends and family.

Because it is a live cultured product, it is best used within two weeks. You can buy a bottle from the website to compliment the product, or you can use an old bottle of your choice. The Power Cleaner bottle and sachet together is £4.60. The power cleaner is the kitchen cleanser, although the company have mentioned to me in the past that they need to make amendments to its current name and packaging. The Microbz power cleaner works by adding beneficial microbes to the kitchen environment, which aids in creating a healthier bug-less environment.

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When you use a microbial cleaner you instantly deliver live beneficial microbes to the surface or textile within your home.

These beneficial microbes are experts at breaking down grease, fats and dirt naturally. They also neutralise any pathogenic (bad) microbes that might be present. Your surfaces will be clean and the good bacteria will crowd out the harmful bugs.

Cleaning with a chemical cleaner may wipe out all microbes but they come straight back. Science has proven that the more antibacterial products we use the more likely microbes are to mutate and develop resistance.

Their air freshener is lovely. You can add essential oils to both the kitchen cleaner and the air freshener to add a lasting scent. Microbz also make fermented liquids for the garden and a drain cleaner. When you buy from this company you are helping a small business who is using hand-made products to improve the health of every aspect of our lives. Thank you!

When you sign up you too can refer your friends and family to help them save £5 off their first order over £10 with your unique voucher code and they will help to earn £5 off your next orders too. Everyone is a winner. I enjoy finding little companies like this one, which is helping to reduce our dependence on chemical cleansers, and I love writing reviews on helpful products that work.

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