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Catherine Austin Fitts talks to the German Corona Investigative Committee, comprising of lawyers, Dr Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Justus P. Hoffmann, Antonia Fischer, Marcel Templin, and Cathrin Behn about the attack on people and society. Published 25 February 2021. The above link will transfer the German website text to English if you use Google Chrome or Bing. I didn’t have much luck with Firefox though through Duck Duck Go.

Catherine Austin Fitts is courageous, smart and a whistleblower living at war with agencies of the U.S. government.

Catherine talks to the Corona Committee about the importance of awareness of the physical forces we are dealing with against a global control system and exactly how it implements such control past, present and future!

Dr. Fuellmich is one of four founding members of the German Corona Investigative Committee, founded on July 10, 2020, to find answers to critical questions regarding the so-called Corona crisis, which he thinks should be more appropriately called the Corona fraud scandal. He proposes an international network of lawyers to argue the biggest tort case ever, which has unfolded into one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever committed.


  1. I hear what C. A. F is saying about missing money/ 1995, and the assets were taken out, and then predatory lending, etc. And then in 1998, the trillions that were missing. I do recall in 2000/2001 there was a significant amount missing before 9/11 I heard of this. So I want to ask:
    Why was trump able to SNAP IS FINGERS and give MEGA CORPORATIONS trillions in 2017/2018?
    Why was that possible? And why can that money not be taken back?
    I don’t get it. Ps: thank you GERMAN CORONA VIRUS COMMITTEE… YOU ARE BRILLIANT AND I HOPE YOU KEEP ON KEEPIN ON as we say in NYC (I am a new yorker in berlin) i think what mr. wolfgang said: EVERYONE IN GERMANY SHOULD JUST OPEN THEIR SHOPS. ENDPOINT!
    Just do it. There are not enough police to arrest millions of people. There should be an underground statement to all shopkeepers / cafes / etc.. OPEN UP EVERYTHING AND THEY CANNOT STOP MILLIONS FROM DOING THIS!! ENDPOINT.

    ps: This needs to get into MAINSTREAM MEDIA!! WHY WON’T die zest cover you guys? Der Spiegel!! I’m twittering all the time!! As the vaccine deaths go up.. MERKEL will say that the DEATHS ARE UP SO WE STAY IN LOCKDOWN? How much longer? This is insanity as mILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING and losing their businesses!! ALL THIS NEEDS TO BE PUBLICIZED… that there is a PLAN!! This is not all a coincidence!! But it must STOP by OPENING UP ALL THE SHOPS.. and everyone should know they have t cells that are immune, if anyone has ever had a flu/ or cold.. THEY ARE IMMUNE.. and the ones who get sick need to just keep taking massive amounts of vitD, C 2000 ml zinc, curcumin, MEGA.. I was in NYC in the eye of the storm with 20,000 dead in 4 months..and i am fine… 50 plus and super power immune system.. (but why 20,000 dead? sars Cov 2 does not cause HYPOXIA, NOR BLOOD CLOTTING, ETC as per DR. JUDY MIKOVITs ) SO we need to hear WHY ARE POEPLE DYING… and that is what people needs to know.. from you guys.. because no one is talking WHY ARE POEPLE DYING (not the vaccinate people.. but the ones they say are dying of COVID 19 please.. one must come up with an answer for the PUBLIC)That is important… as no one will listen, because so many people have family that have died!! There has to be an EXPLANATION!!
    Is it the FLU VACCINE? THEN we need data to show how many of the DEAD had gotten a flu vaccine, like ITALY, as per DR. JUDY… or is it GENETICS with the virus slamming the immunity system with a faulty gene?) Anyway.. THANK U AND TELLING EVERYONE ABOUT YOU GUYS!! Much respect !!!! FIGHT THE POWER!! And may the force be with you!!

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, Kathi. I think the trouble is that we put too much trust in man to fix this world, and forget about our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, God in the flesh. I don’t know much of President Trump, but a lot of corruption exists at the top. Satan uses people to accomplish his gains, and ultimately he hates all of mankind (especially Christians) and wants to control and kill. Sadly, it’s being done under the disguise of climate emergency, which is a lie of Satan. The world is not overpopulated, according to God, but to globalists like Bill Gates, and our current PM Boris Johnson, they need to fix it through various means. It is evil. I wish it would stop, but it’s up to us to expose the evil bringing it into the light, no matter what happens, no matter what we are called. The most important thing is where we spend eternity, and we can know right now that we have eternal life if we have put our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and his finished work by his death, burial and resurrection for our sin. Religion teaches that works can save us. They cannot. The Bible says: for by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: It is a gift of God; not of works, lest any man should boast – Ephesians 2:8-9. All it takes is simple faith in Jesus Christ who saves us and seals us with the Holy Spirit (born again into God’s Family). It is so wonderful and yet so much deception exists today through the false gospels that turn people away from the truth and God our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Thank you all for what you do. You give me hope for a better future during these dark times.

    In an attempt to provide help in your research for answers regarding the issue of space weapons here are two individuals you may not know about. They may answer questions raised about the 2004 Indonesian earthquake/tsunami (can that be foreseen or caused), and other weather related destruction prevalent around the planet.

    Dane Wigington – – known worldwide for his efforts to warn the populous about the ongoing weather modification destruction of the biosphere by the “controllers” (his term).

    Michael Janitch (Dutchsinse) – – For over a decade Dutchsinse has taught ordinary people all over the world how to forecast earthquakes and provided regular alerts to help populations prepare for coming events. Michael has continually battled threats, manipulation and shutdowns of his data, revenue streams and sites in an attempt to silence him.

    Both men are adept in earth science challenges including issues like: HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and DEW (Direct Energy Weapons).

    Hope this helps.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, Melita. I have forwarded your information onto Dr Fuellmich and other members of the Corona investigative Committee. Thank you for your information on these experts.

  3. Thankyou for this.
    We pray for redemption of the land and victory over the evil one.
    In the name of Emanuel.
    David Ballard

    1. Author

      Thank you for your kind comment, David. I agree, continued prayers to the Most High God.

  4. Pre and post game information is relevant.
    1. Flu vaccines for the last 5-6 years created specific viral interference for coronavirus and pneumovirus strains. That term is “priming” according to biological warfare operations. This is supported by the manufacturers papers and US military studies.
    2. The same individuals, institutions, NGOs, and pharmaceutical companies researched, developed, and produced the flu shots.
    3. PCR tests were shipped by the tens of millions in 2017-18 according to import/export records.
    4. Hauwei thermal imaging and facial recognition equipment was already dispersed around the planet in 2018-19, warehoused, and ready for purchase and installation. Should be noted that these are wireless capable and therefore can upload data remotely without any hardline or WiFi access. Also of note, with masks, 6 feet spacing required for the systems to correctly identity individuals and store their biological signature (thermal mapping).
    4. Suppression of research on mRNA injections and misrepresentation by institutions across the board. Since SARS 1, accidentally (or intentionally released from CDC in India) these have had known effects (if they can be listed, are expected, and lab results show them, they are not side effects. Acute immune dependent enhancement, acute neurological inflammatory response debilitating immediately or over time, permanent myelitis, strokes, heart attacks, damage to neurological system of various natures, developmental disabilities are the short list.
    That lab animals injected resulted in only severe impediment to life or death is enough; however, all exposed to wild pathogen variants in labs died from cytokinesis or physiological self-consumption as immune system attacked ALL major systems of the body.
    I also point out the sterilization agenda. Hcg used by same individuals, foundations, NGOs, and pharmaceutical companies including UN and WHO, USAID, GAVI and foundations of “philanthropists”. Kenya specifically, however, the same process was used in Kenya, much of Africa, India, Asia, South America, and squaline was attempted by the same in 2009 swine flu injections.
    See Sir John from GAVI and Oxford interview with expectation of 60-70% sterilization, disappointed it wasn’t much higher. Another blatant violation of international law and Nuremberg Code.
    Hopefully, this background and consequently, the pre-installed support (thermal imaging and facial recognition, PCR tests, pre-manufactered mRNA injections) brings light to the three phase biological and sociological attack on everyone on the planet.
    Prayers and support for you and your organization.

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for your in depth comment and additions to this Covid hoax. The vaccination programme is a huge evil. I wish more and more people would turn off the terrorvision. I haven’t watched the news for 20+ years and it’s been illuminating not to have those fear driven lies on my shoulders. I know the devil is a liar and the current god of this world system, but we have to keep going, keep shining our lights in the darkness, continue to expose the corruption.

    1. Author

      That’s terrible to hear. He must have been in a very dark place to hurt himself in such a way. Let’s pray for his family to be comforted, and that it would lead them to see their need for Christ. Suicide is the work of Satan who prowls and seeks to destroy whom he may. The armour of God is necessary. This is why there is only protection in the Lord Jesus Christ. Man offers absolutely zero hope.

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