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This article is copyright of Europe Reloaded, entitled: How To Become Part of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s Class Action Law Suit.

Please, if you are not familar with this history of this recent class action law suit, please watch this video about the PCR fraud that lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich uncovered with his team at Germany’s Extra-Parliamentary Coronavirus Investigative Commission (a role that its German Government should have been undertaking), this fraud which has been the scientific ‘evidence’ for the lockdowns, masks, and social distancing etc amongst the Governments of the world.

Dr Fuellmich and his team have spent months listening to the expert advice from hundreds of professionals, including Dr Mike Yeadon and Prof Dolores Cahill, most of whom have been censored by big tech when speaking against the official WHO narrative of Covid-19 especially related to the unreliable PCR test that has being encouraged by all Governments for en masse testing.

Crimes Against Humanity Dr Reiner Fuellmich

On his site, you’ll see this German announcement: Wir beraten und unterstutzen aktiv die Aktivitaten zu der Corona Schadensersatzklage. Which translates as: We actively advise and support the activities regarding the Corona claim for damages. Below which is a green message (Zur Corona Schadensersatzklage Seite – To the Corona Claim for Damages page) which takes you to this site. Or it is here:  Which translates as ‘Corona action for damages’.

They replied that they themselves are only representing German clients, but plan to publish names of lawyers and law firms internationally who will be taking part in legal action for redress against the corona measures. We will be staying tuned to this and publishing updates as they come out.

If you don’t have German (and neither do we), the translation site DeepL isn’t bad for giving decent translations in a variety of languages. We recommend it over Google.

Visit Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s YouTube channel.

This article is copyright of Europe Reloaded, entitled  Germany’s Extra-Parliamentary CV Investigative Commission Launching CLASS ACTION SUIT Against Corona Criminals and it was originally published at by Peter Koenig.

Reiner Fuellmich, who practices law in California as well as Germany, belongs to the ACU2020 organization, also comprising German doctors Heiko Schoning, Bodo Schiffmann and the Austrian doctor Martin Haditsch. Dr. Heiko Schoning was the one who welcomed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Berlin at the end of August, and the one who was arrested two weekends ago as he began his speech in Trafalgar Square to a large protest group.


The basis of Fuellmich’s class action law suit against those responsible for the corona scandal rests on the following premises (taken from the video below):

  • Companies and persons who suffered damage during lockdown, & etc. are entitled to full recovery of said damages.
  • Not only are those officials who made the decision to lockdown, &etc. responsible, but also the manufacturers of the PCR test, upon which the coronavirus measures were largely based, and which is completely unsuitable for detecting an infection. It is not even licensed or approved for diagnostic purposes. This is contrary to all official assurances, including those made by the WHO.
  • There is no valid factual or legal basis for the corona measures, including face masks, which need to be ended immediately.
  • The biggest wave of bankruptcies of all time is threatening the world economy right now, which greatly affects small and medium business and the self-employed.
  • (The German judiciary is not sufficiently independent politically to judge cases against big corporate players, so cases are now being referred to the EU Court of Justice.)
  • A US-style class-action lawsuit can really help in this situation, which must be publicized throughout the general media in order to attempt to include all relevant participants (Fuellmich explains additional advantages of class-action suits, including low cost, speed and simpler legal procedures).
  • The aim is to get hundreds of thousands or even millions of people involved in this suit, who have suffered the same type of damage, with a very large price tag attached, all of which is likely to bring the madness to an end much faster.
  • ACU2020’s main POLITICAL goal is to start the long overdue scientific discussion about the true danger of the virus, the reliability of the test and the collateral damage (health and economic) caused by anti-coronavirus measures. It will be achieved faster, however, if a loud BANG is heard by means of a successful class-action suit involving perhaps millions of people.
  • It is possible to make the victims of the anti-coronavirus measures ‘whole’ again.

Germany is again in the forefront in fighting the devastating, unjustified, illegal, economy-destructive, people-debilitating and outright genocidal – Corona Measures. The German COVID-19 Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee – in German – ACU – German acronym for Ausserparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss – (see diagram from website, on the left) is planning to launch a Class Action Suit against not only governments and government officials, but specifically against the manufacturers of the infamous PCR test (PCR – Polymerase Chain Reaction – is a technique used to “amplify” small segments of DNA) which, according to honest virologists all over the world, is absolutely unsuitable for covid-19 testing. It has actually not even been licensed to carry out such tests.

Nevertheless, the PCR test has been and is being touted and promoted by WHO – and by other leading health institutions in the western world, such as the US NIAID / NIH and CDC, as well as by researchers from the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) at Charité Hospital, Berlin. It was Dr. Christian Drosten (pictured), Director of the Institute of Virology at “Charité,” who propagated this test, which eventually was taken over by the respect German government and health authorities, who made it a mandatory panacea to test and count “cases”, mostly to manipulate statistics – which the media then uses to implant fear in the population. (ER: Drosten was another one of those Establishment scare merchants who predicted thousands of deaths due to an ‘even deadlier second wave‘. Which of course hasn’t materialised. He pushed the use of the PCR test heavily in Germany.)

Other countries followed similar instructions from their highest health authorities and used the test results for the same purpose – planting fear in the clueless population. The media never tell us, for example, that the error rate of these tests, the so-called “positive negatives”, can be as high 50%. However, all “positives” are automatically absorbed into the “case” statistics. People get often tested several times and may also be reported several times.

That’s how the “case” rates can be manufactured and manipulated. FEAR is the Name of the Game. So that the governments are justified in closing their iron fists even stronger around your personal neck; and by cutting the countries’ economic lifeline – causing countless bankruptcies and unemployment in proportions never seen in modern history – and often deadly misery, famine and suicide.

The iron fist around the peoples’ throats include face mask, social distancing, working from home, semi- or full lockdowns, i.e. keeping people purposefully apart (the separate-to-conquer principle), discrimination against the elderly, who in their loneliness get depressed, sick and may die earlier. Yes, elderly people, especially with co-morbidities, are in a higher risk group, but in the same as with the common flu every year, which has never been a reason to discriminate against them.

The results we are already seeing today. And the worst is yet to come. This fall and winter in the Global North, the merging of flu and “covid” may spell even more disaster in data manipulative mastery, and consequential measures that may, wittingly or unwittlingly, be copied in the Global South, although the coming warmer summer climate would suggest the contrary. It’s a nasty and criminal Game that, if we don’t stop, will not end soon.

Enough introduction. Listen for yourself what Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, lawyer of ACU, has to say about the Class Action Suit, and how it might bring these destructive measures to a halt and reverse them, by compensating the damaged people and small and medium size enterprises that had no choice but to declare bankruptcy and lay off their employees.

As Dr. Füellmich explains, this could happen with what he calls a BANG, if millions around the world join in the Class Action Law Suit. Since in Germany and other European countries, Class Action Law Suits are not well known, especially because they are complicated, lacking a similar legal basis that they have in the US, this Class Action Law Suit would be filed in the US, representing the world population.

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    1. Author

      Hi Michael. Thank you for your comment. I await updates from Dr Reiner too. I just look for new interviews. There is not much else I know, I’m sorry.

      1. I went to the Superior court of justice Ontario website and tried to lookup the case that had been filed under court file number : CV-21-00085478-00CP. This produced no result. I also put in the name of Michael Swinwood the lawyer who filed the class action suit in the court and again no result. Has the court restricted access to this or is there another reason that I cannot find the case registered ? It would give me comfort to know that it had been filed and was awaiting judgement. Thanks.

        1. Author

          Thank you for your comment, Daisy. I have no idea. I am sure others are wondering how these cases are getting on and if they have been filed.

        2. I need some help . I’d like this reported in the press and I would like help perusing a. Law suit. I have contacted a few lawyers and cannot find any that seem willing to take this on! My rights were violated! On September 20th, 2022 I was admitted to the psych wing of the hospital.
          I suffer from severe depression and anxiety and have a medical record that does show this. On the night of September 19th I had a very severe episode. I had taken some pills and drank quite a bit of alcohol and had beaten myself in the face. My kids ended up forcing me to go to the ER to ensure something did not happen to me during the night. I guess you could say I was suicidal. My son took me into Logan Regional Hospital in Logan, Utah in the early morning hours of September 20th. It was here the real problems began. They had asked me to take a Covid test in which I told them I was not comfortable doing and declined the test. They continued to try to coerce me to get it even though I stood my ground and was very firm in my decline. They then proceeded to tell me they were going to “blue sheet” me and would then force it even if that meant holding me down to do so. I continued to tell them I was declining the test so the promptly brought in 6 other people to restrain me and hold me down while forcing this test up my nose. One of the extra people they brought in to hold me down, happened to be a very very large security guard who cornered me and told me again that they would hold me down and do the test anyways. After being continuously  Coerced and even bullied, I finally gave in if they would allow me to swab myself to ensure they did not force it too deep. I have watched your show and am petrified of everything hospital and Covid! I am NOT jabbed!! I asked them prior to this to remove my son. “I no longer want any visitors! I told them I didn’t want him to be apart of what was happening! This was to protect my privacy but mainly to protect my family from seeing me this way and seeing me forced and possibly restrained. Instead of making my son leave they put him outside the door where they allowed him to stay and hear everything going on thus breaking HIPAA laws for my privacy as well traumatizing him by allowing him to hear everything. He knows how i feel about the test and I don’t want him to see me . He believes i over react and that there is nothing to worry about with the jabs and the tests! They did allow me to swab myself eventually as they continued to coerce me into taking it- which goes against the CDC’s rules of the testing protocol per their guidelines. They then forced an ambulance transfer from Logan Regional to McKay-Dee hospital in Ogden Utah as Logan Regionals psych unit was full. I specifically asked if I could have family transfer me as we are well aware how expensive ambulance rides are, but they declined. It was at the Ogden psych hospital that I was informed by the attending psychologist that it should have never been forced especially on a psych patient who was in the midst of an episode and that they could have and should have just required me to be quarantined since I had declined the test.
          The attending physician at Logan Regional was a Dr. Lance M Dickey. I told them to make sure every individual whom was present to force me to take the test against my will were named in the report and that it was noted that I persistently declined the test and was forced/coerced into taking it against my will. I’ve been wanting to make a complaint with my insurance and the hospital but want to discuss everything with an attorney prior to doing so.
          My phone (435770-4517) is broken and works on and off so if you are unable to reach me, please reach out to my daughter Mallory Hunter to have her give me your information to get in contact with you. Her number is 3853895948. Thank you so very much.

  2. When is something going to actually happen ?

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, Kenneth. Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s website is, so I’m not sure if he is updating content on there. I have emailed him to alert him that I have a lot of views on my website about his cases and could he provide me with an update, but no word yet. He has said in an interview that he gets hundreds of emails per day. He is involved with the Pam Popper case too, and there is paperwork to view on her website.

      1. Thank you for your January 1 update. I believe that many are frustrated by the German website, the lack of updates for U.S. English-speaking citizens, and we’re mainly looking forward to supporting the efforts to file a lawsuit. A quick database check tells me there has been no filing. I have tried following several links to an application for joining the class action but found nothing I could read (German) or anything current. Troubling as well is reading a post that places a 800 euro fee on participation – with something this large and a 10% split of recovery, this seems to be a discouragement from the obvious potential for millions of participants worldwide.

        1. Author

          Hi Michael, thank you for your comment. I know what you mean. I was discouraged too to see those fees, and ten percent of the agreed sum. If Dr Fuellmich and others laywers were so confident of their success, why are they not offering a no win no fee offer. I know this might sound sinister, but perhaps it’s a money making operation with the judge that has offered to help them ‘apply the law’. People are dying, mass fraud is occuring worldwide, and it’s still all about money. I am sorry that this post has troubled you. I just get a few emails asking for updates, and I just try the best that I can do to try to find updates on the case. There was something I read about the Pam Popper case several days ago, I’ll send the video link

  3. i was restricted by facebook for 24 hrs because i shared an article by the americas front line doctors.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your message, Julie. Yes, Nazi Twitter, YouTube and Facebook will censor anything that tells the truth. They neeed to keep up with the fear narrative and it’s working with the clear brainwashing upon the population who cannot think or research facts for themselves. Sad times.

      1. Do NOT let injustice and power intimidate you. Be complimented that face book feels a threat by the information you share in truth. Keep pursuing justice and DO NOT let that effect your sharing what others need to know.

    2. Unbelievable
      Do let injustice and power intimidate you. Be encouraged because if they are shutting you down they feel threatened by the information.

  4. Please help us all!! How can I join in ?? The World needs to be saved!

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment, Denise, and your kindness. I think the best thing we can do is to share the information that the mainstream media is suppressing or censoring. We scare them, that’s why the fact checkers are rampant. Even twitter has stopped me from sharing Yellow Card MHRA officlal Gov data, which is plain stupid, but they do it anyway. They are just digging their own graves by continuing to lie.

      1. Hi all, I can’t wait till they arrest Justin Trudeau here in Canada 🇨🇦 because I assure you that he will CRY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!!!!

        1. Author

          I am sure he will. I am sure they all will. The level of criminality is insane.

        2. Let’s hope it happens. Sooner than later!

  5. This is a beautiful blessing – Thank you so much for your strength in sharing this much needed information and support for us 🙂

  6. This is a blessing. I was vaccinated and have been sick since January 11, been to multiple doctors mini lab test rheumatologist now my neurologist tells me I have Gillians beret syndrome. Have taken in Nuro conducting test, bloodwork now MRI. I work at a healthcare facility which highly recommended me getting the Pfizer vaccine. I can really use your help

  7. With the greatest of respect; I cannot help but think this is at best a huge psyop; at worst a scam. As soon as I read the money angle it was warning bells.
    I’ve been wondering:
    – why the EU Court when we know these are totally corrupt? I note reference to the ICC (international criminal court) in Rome is NOT where they are headed; though that is likely corrupt also.
    – why no regular updates of where things are at? Ostensibly proceedings began Oct 2020; seven months ago!
    – why are they seeking money from people? If 1000 lawyers were truly behind this and chipped in 500 Euros; that’d well cover the first dozen cases.

    I do wonder if this is more talk talk talk to make those of us who wish to see action; sit back and wait to be rescued by Herr Fuelmich.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your message, Mark. I know a few who have asked questions because of the money aspect. Strange how that Oval Media asks for donations now when on the FAQ of the fuellmich website it said they accept no donations. He has done a lot of interviews over the year with multiple experts like Mike Yeadon, Dolores Cahill (I think) Sucharet Bhakti, and Catherine Austin Fitts. I’m still on this one. I don’t know much about the courts, but it’s likely that most of the courts have people who are bought, but I continue to pray for God fearing judiciary. They may be few but I hope that they still exist. What people need the most apart from putting hope in a broken court system is the Lord Jesus Christ. I do believe that the Church / the bride (believers) will be snatched away soon, then will be the worst seven yearse to come upon this earth. It’s so easy to be saved. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. He died for the sin of all mankind, and we all stand guilty before God because all have sinned. The wages of sin is death, so we have all earned death and separation from God in an eternal hell. God provided the solution in the Lord Jesus Christ, the sinless Son of God, the only perfect God-Man who could die in our place to reconcile us with God the Father. He died and rose again the third day proving that when he said “it is finished” in John 19:30, eternal life was bought and paid for by Himself. Upon trusting in Christ as our personal Saviour (his finished work on the cross), we are born again into God’s family and this is the only reason why we go to heaven. Humans as we are are tainted with sin and God cannot accept us as we are because sin separates us from Him. Pastor Tom Cucuzza gives the gospel so clearly and simply.

  8. Hi all,
    As I understand, no need to join as a country or individuals to this class action as dr. Fuellmich’s office represents the people all over the world. Am I right with this understanding?
    Thank you

  9. A dear old friend was forced to get a Covid “vaccine” because he is a house inspector, and the idiots living in his community refused to let him into their homes without “proof of vaccination”. He got the Pfizer shots; soon after went into seizure, collapsed, and woke up in the hospital. His doctors told him his heart had stopped 4 times. He was put on a pacemaker and has gone from being a healthy active man to being sick, tired, frightened about his future and unable to work. Because Pfizer and the doctor who administered the “vaccine” aren’t liable for anything, he must pay huge medical bills and face a life where he cannot work anymore. There will be hundreds of thousands of cases like this, and eventually, millions. What Reiner Fuellmich is doing is so very important and necessary. If governments don’t enforce the Covid shots, businesses, universities, and other institutions do….to the harm of citizens. We must stop this horror at all costs. Bravo for Reiner Fuellmich. May he win big/

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, Ellen. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. How terrible he has been treated. Dependent on where you live, please register his details with the relevant lawyer, as this is definately coersion and manipulation considering he probably was not told that the ‘vaccines’ have only temporary authorisation and are therefore not mandatory and people can refuse them. He probably was also not informed that the vaccines were experimental amd not a traditional vaccine. I also doubt he was warned about vaccine adverse effects and possible death, therfore it may be possible that the health professional administring the vaccines could be held liable. They most certainly can here in the UK, but people must imply that they will be held liable if they go forward (especially since correct procedures are not being carried out). I wrote a letter for a friend who was threatened to be sectioned (put in hospital) if she did not take the 2nd Pfizer jab, so I put a four page letter together making the GP and the vaccine manager liable as they provided no warning with the first vaccine, so they had already broken their own policies. They left her alone. These are breaches of the Nuremberg Code 1947.

      Also, please share the gospel message with him. We all need Jesus.

      1. Amazing, thank you for this info. Also- I would be happy to donate time in legal research for this case and offer a small monetary contribution. I see many complain about the financial aspect, but they need to understand that it costs money to commence legal action , as well as time and effort- and unless someone is an heir to an enormous fortune, one needs to earn money for their efforts.

        1. Author

          Thank for your comment, Jonnell. Because much of the globalists are using their wealth for selfish gains, there is a push for people to help one another through these funds and donations, which I hope do go toward good. But I do think some of them like gofundme are corrupt, as they removed the fund for Lyn Thyer and for what reason? Absolutely disgraceful behaviour. PayPal is the same for some people who have received help off their subscribers, and yet since this COVID controlavirus many have had their accounts closed. Talk about being ungrateful to the hand that feeds them. Without people using their services, they would be non-existant overnight.

  10. I’m reading all the comments and like them, I too, am frustrated with the lack of solid updates or actual court registration/hearing dates etc…In Canada, our cruel and evil psychopathic pm has announced 200 million investment in a plant or production of MRNA vaccine!! I this is actually taking place, why on earth is all this being carried out and no signs of slowing down…???? I read, listen and the information keeps pouring out from various truth sources yet the luciferians continue….Makes ZERO sense. WHAT IS HAPPENING????

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, Tania. As a Christian, all I can do is to lead people to the Saviour, because things are going to get a whole lot worse in the future. If there is any success against these corrupt Governments, it will be only by the grace of God, but to be honest much of the world is athiest, being led astray by religion, and Satan is at the head of it as the hater of humanity. He doesn’t want people to hear about the simplicity that is in Jesus Christ and he corrupts the gospels with works for salvation messages. The gospel is such great news, hear it for yourself

  11. Dr. R. Fuellmick, Thank you for your work, for humanity!

    I just watched the video you made with, Doninic Desjarlais and Stevhane Blais, very heart lifting for me.

    You are correct, we need to wake up humanity, to what is happening! It has been in the planning a very long time.

    I don’t know if you have ever heard of a man named, Alex Jones? He started to try to wake up the world to the new world order, about 24 or so yrs, ago. He has a TV, and radio show daily. (,… It is a world wide communications system. Perhaps contact him, and go on his show, to help get the word out, on what you are working on? He is very informed on what is happening in the world, and this so called great reset. Perhaps you can help each other? I hope and pray that we all can work together, and overcome this great evil.

    Feel free to contact me anytime if you like? Very Best Regards, Wayne.

  12. I am wanting to know how they cheat and manipulate the antigen tests at Airports?
    Also I have just read on “What really happened” site about Spanish and Russian planes telling people not to travel on their planes if they have taken the 666 chemical biological weapon jab, aka Covid 19 vaccine that is supposed to give you immunity? The 30 million vaccinated? in the UK will not fly with them as they may die or have strokes/blood clots from cabin pressure and electronic or radiation influence. Yes it is a big story not on MSM and idiots who took the jab think they will fly again!
    This 5G stuff is explained by Mark Steele, a weapon’s expert (, on his site or on New Tube.
    I now doubt Reiner Fuellmich. My wife and I wrote two e-mails that took over an hour to compose. No reply. People are UNRELIABLE that is why I think we are all going to be murdered by the jab.

    1. Author

      Hi Peter. I think Reiner Fuellmich is so busy, which is why he probably hasn’t had the time to respond. We are not all going to be murdered by the jab because God will not allow that. Please, let Jesus save you. He loves you so much that he died so that he would not spend a second apart from you, because we are created as eternal beings, but sin separates us. It is man that has corrupted the gospel from its simplicity and added a mountain of religion to it which turns people away from God. The Gospel:

  13. Hi again
    3 BA pilots just had the second jab and died over the last 7 days.
    They tricked people to commit suicide .CV19 with a jab The people are not allowed to fly or are blocked with PCR blackmail, and they are even being jailed and like at Heathrow.
    Lockdown equals martial law, and jail time.
    They want to link us all to the internet of things and prevent anyone from doing a responsible job. And you cannot turn a Tree into a computer, nor a human being.
    The BAR law is an anachronism

    1. Author

      Certainly it looks like they want to paint a picture of fear. Patrick Henningson did a poll and thousands of people said they would not fly if the airlines made people show a vaccine passport. WE know that people are not being given the correct information in order to receive full consent and it’s sad that these poisons have killed more people.

  14. It would be a good idea if on The Corona Committee website people can list the corporations supporting and giving the dangerous genocidal injections such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and many more. Those giving the injection should be included in the lawsuits, those corporations and those human beings actually giving the injections. Letters to these corporations from attorneys may help to stop the injections. We the People also need to be taking actions and start calling these pharmacies giving the jab and ask for the manager and tell him he is now added to a lawsuit.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment, Cheri. Yes, I am sure that is what the Nuremberg trials will be about – everyone who has been complicit in this corona scam.

  15. Covid Truths – Your comment – “Hi Peter. I think Reiner Fuellmich is so busy, which is why he probably hasn’t had the time to respond. We are not all going to be murdered by the jab because God will not allow that. Please, let Jesus save you. He loves you so much that he died so that he would not spend a second apart from you, because we are created as eternal beings, but sin separates us. It is man that has corrupted the gospel from its simplicity and added a mountain of religion to it which turns people away from God. The Gospel:

    I wonder if you understand, this is all something you have been told? And accepted? It is not, any spiritual understanding you have found for yourself, in life. It is a traditional repetition of a the dogma of a movement which has been dictated to children for two thousand years. You are obviously, one of these people. You continue telling the world, of your facts, As told to you. That Jesus is salvation for the world. And another, will tell you it is Mohammed, or Allah. Or they will be Buddhist, and tell you God does not even exist. And you will all fight among each other, as you always have, and you will deny the very love you all love to talk about so much, yet is so very rarely evidenced in daily life, in this world, brutally torn apart, by exactly such divisions.

    It is rather childish, I fear, to accept, that the only thing a person need do, to engage in a spiritual side of life, is to believe in the name of someone.

    I fear, the truth, is rather different, from the postulations. And far more arduous to reach in nature, than being merely a matter of belief.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment. If you had the cure for cancer, would you keep that knowledge to yourself, or would you share it? The truth of humankind is that we are all condemned John 3:18, but the solution is a Saviour in the Lord Jesus Christ. He bore our sin on the cross. By his blood my sins are washed away and I am redeemed by His finished work. I am sinless in the eyes of God because of the one who died for me. That is the wonderful news of the gospel and why would I not share this precious news with a lost condemned world when the wages of sin is death and works cannot save us Ephesians 2:8-9. Heaven is a perfect place (Revelation 21:27) and we have inherited the sin nature from Adam. We cannot enter heaven in this state, that’s why we need to be born again (John 3). We need a new nature that cannot sin. That nature is the nature of God through the Holy Spirit.

      So I care for souls. That’s why I share a message that is hated so much. That’s why I share Jesus who is hated by prideful mankind who believes that he or she can be good enough to enter a Holy Heaven.

      The heart is deceitful above all else and desperately wicked, who can know it. Too many people focus on feelings and experiences instead of the promises of God’s word. If you think it is childish to have to believe in the name of someone, the only condition for salvation is to believe that Jesus is God your Saviour (as that is what Jesus means), then it is a shame because the gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes – Romans 1:16.

      In one moment of faith in the right Saviour (not Mohammed, Allah, Buddah or other false gods of religion), God will bring you from eternal death unto eterhal life, your sins forgiven by The Son who came to pay the debt of sin that none of us can pay on our own. However, God gives each person free will to either believe in Jesus and the work he has done for us, or to reject Jesus and die in their sins which will lead to eternal misery.

      No one ever will love you like God loves you. It is unconditional that’s why salvation is offered as a free gift, by the grace of God because no one deserves it or can earn it. If only people would enbrace that message, see that their good works cannot save them in this sinking ship of a world, and when the solution comes to them in the gospel (how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, that he was buried and rose on the third day according to the scriptures), but the hardheartedness of mankind (and the lies of Satan) will ultimately leave them still under the wrath and condemnation of God.

      For God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved – John 3:17. That’s why Jesus bore our sins, to save us from an eternity in conscious torment. That is the love of God. That is the gospel I share with this lost world. I do not add works of any kind because that is a false gospel. It is all of Jesus, and nothing of ourselves. I hope you see this one day.

  16. Habakkuk 1:4-5

    4 The law has become paralyzed,
    and there is no justice in the courts.
    The wicked far outnumber the righteous,
    so that justice has become perverted.

    5 The Lord replied,

    “Look around at the nations;
    look and be amazed![a]
    For I am doing something in your own day,
    something you wouldn’t believe
    even if someone told you about it.

  17. What we can do here in the UK? We are entrapped within the UK and ” Covid” abused with false reasons..

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment, Laszlo. I hear your plea and I am with you. First and foremost, all people need forgiveness from sin and that’s why Jesus Christ came. Please listen to the gospel message and believe it through faith. This world is being conditioning for the beast system and its mark (of the beast) for buying and selling. The vaccine is the conditioning largely done through fear, coersion, manipulation, and making people believe that ‘playing their part’ will return the world to normality. It’s spiritual warfare. However, God promises to save us from the wrath to come through the snatching away of the church.

  18. fuellmich is involved with robert kennedy and david martin, both of whom are connected to the united nations. i am wondering if that is why nothing has happened, the un-connected being controlled opposition. is fuellmich himself controlled opposition? if not, why are there no lawsuits etc?
    my gut tells me there will be none.

    1. Author

      It does seem to be taking a very long time, but I heard him mention November in one of the last long interviews (I think the 2nd Legal Offensive could be). They had filed a claim, but it was closed so there was some internal corruption going on. Look into Thomas Renz, he has been doing some updates on Bitchute. It’s a very slow process the courts sytem, but I see the elite more desperate than ever to get everyone poisoned with the technology, and those who don’t play along are persecuted and blamed for society not getting back to normal. The United Nations are not good. They want to be gods, but they never will be.

      1. thanks for your good words and thoughts.

        there will always be ‘problems’, set-backs and
        mistakes when the un essentially sues itself. it
        is not difficult to predict who the winner will be
        in such staged and vile events – eg the ‘label-it’
        debacle years ago. the movement, as all rights
        movements are, was led by un ngos. the oca
        was the big one – lost the lawsuit due to
        amateurish ‘mistakes’. it was totally staged.

        i hope they will never be our gods but we are
        giving them a leg up as long as we forfeit our
        personal power and energy to them and continue
        to feed the machine that is crushing us.

        cheers ~

        1. Author

          I fully agree, Peggy. It is still sad to see people wearing masks in shops. These psychos in power know that the less oxygen that the brain receives the more damaging it is for the person and, in effect, a large proportion of the world is under a psychological spell. Why are they so afraid of death. They need Jesus, the giver of life. I need Him. We all do.

  19. Human-Machine.
    To know holistically the bigger picture on Earth right now. What are the contents of the jabs ultimate intent? Please see

    Discord. Vedic Awakening.

    From Amazon, Terms of Service, 42.10; to Human Systems Roadmap Review; to Julia 1968 electrodes placed in her brain. Human to machine. This site has brought all the loose ends together.
    Kind regards
    Lynn from Australia

  20. hi

    i have shared information via R.F Whistleblowers email address 3-4 months ago now, no response or acknowledgement from R.F’s ‘team’.
    as you can appreciate many people are beginning to lose patience with R.F’s CLAIMS of class action because there is NO EVIDENCE to support he has made any steps to raise the claims against the guilty.

    if you have ANY INFORMATION on what is happening or even if R.F is alive and well, please let us all know. many thanks.

    1. Author

      Hi Kay

      I am so sorry to hear that you have not heard from Reiner Fuellmich and his team. One of the last interviews I saw him on was with Maria Zeee. He has a telegram channel and and there is a website

      I realise that nothing has been done about Drosden or Tedros. I doubt anything will be done, as there is so much corruption in the courts, and too many humans are still asleep. However, the only hope we have is in the Lord Jesus, who will bring justice against this corruption in His time. In fact, he will erase all evil from the earth before his reign upon Earth, and the Lord is waiting for more to come to Him.

      Here is the simplicity of the gospel message, if you have never heard.

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