Download the transcription: Safe and Effective:A Second Opinion (2022) Oracle Films | News Uncut SPEAKERS Dr Ros Jones, BBC Pro Vaccine Biased Interviewer, Dr Christian Buckland, Member of Public, NHS Propaganda Vaccine Advert, John Watt, John Bowe, Edwina Currie, Genevieve Florence, General Medical Council (GMC), June Raine, Sir Christopher ChopeContinue Reading


Article Copyright: The Light Paper Issue 7 Page 5, ACAS In these times of uncertainty regarding job security it is to be expected that employees who are forced to comply with mask wearing, covid testing and vaccination reluctantly and unwillingly do so in order to keep their jobs. Many areContinue Reading

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Reiner Fuellmich interviews journalist Sally Beck. Interview June 25th. SPEAKERS Reiner Fuellmich, Sally Beck, Vivienne, Viviane Fischer Reiner Fuellmich  00:00 Sorry Sally to keep you waiting. Sally Beck  00:03 Don’t worry. Reiner Fuellmich  00:05 We’re close to our one year anniversary as the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee. I think inContinue Reading


Update, thanks to Dr Vernon Coleman. See link and link  I am adding Dr Vernon Coleman’s articles in the comments below.   #ivermectin #hcq #HydroxyChloroquine #thegovernmentislying #AmericasFrontlineDoctors #drsimonegold #drsherritenpenny #drchristinanorthrup #drmikeyeadon #restorecommonlaw #awarriorcalls Dr Samuel White  00:01 Hi, everyone. My name is Dr. Sam, I just want to share aContinue Reading

We know that the lock downs planned throughout  inevitably came through the COVID psyop and its various documents, collective medias, and worldwide propaganda into the vaccine rollout that we see today. Who knows what the vaccines are going to do to people long term, but the UK Gov’s MHRA don’tContinue Reading

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The weekly summary of Yellow Card reporting has provided timely and relevant information to patients and healthcare professionals on the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines as they were deployed in the UK throughout the pandemic. In line with the wider government’s Living with COVID-19 agenda strategy, the frequency of publicationContinue Reading

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The Mirror Project have produced its latest film documentary entitled: The Truth about Vaccine Trials. It’s approximately 35 minutes in total. Here are parts of what was said in each episode. Unfortunately I could not download the video so here is the link on where to watch The Truth aboutContinue Reading