Update, thanks to Dr Vernon Coleman. See link and link  I am adding Dr Vernon Coleman’s articles in the comments below.   #ivermectin #hcq #HydroxyChloroquine #thegovernmentislying #AmericasFrontlineDoctors #drsimonegold #drsherritenpenny #drchristinanorthrup #drmikeyeadon #restorecommonlaw #awarriorcalls Dr Samuel White  00:01 Hi, everyone. My name is Dr. Sam, I just want to share aContinue Reading

james delingpole

This video of James Delingpole interviewing Dr Reiner Fuellmich on 25 May 2021 is a great summary from the start of the investigations and the lawsuits into current events…with more news on the way in two to three weeks, according to Reiner. The successive court cases thus far are spokenContinue Reading

bank bail ins

This article is make the reader aware of bank bail ins. Instead of the Government bailing out busted banks, the Government have implemented bank bail in powers, which gives the banks legality to take the monies of shareholders and depositers to cover its losses, should the economy crash. Here itContinue Reading