Article copyright: UK Column’s Debi Evans Blog 17 January 2023 For the last 75 years since it was originally rolled out in the UK in 1948, the British public have been dependent on the only health service available to them, the National Health Service (NHS). Did you know that the UK isContinue Reading

unfair dismissal

Article Copyright: Was a care home assistant who refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19 a case of unfair dismisal? No, held the Employment Tribunal in Alette v Scarsdale Grange Nursing Home Limited. The claimant was a care home assistant, employed by a family-run business that operated a nursing homeContinue Reading


Grand Jury day 3 of the People’s Court of Public Opinion, which has expert key witnesses discussing the fraudulent Drosten PCR test, remdesivir, midazolam and morphine in this depopulation eugenics programme. Just updated the rest of the interview with Dr Shankara Chetty. SPEAKERS Rui Fonsca E Castro, Dr. Sona Pekova,Continue Reading

Covid-19 AG card

So, I searched for Abbott Covid-19 AG Card, as shown in this video, on DuckDuckGo, and it took me to this PDF BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card – Instructions for Use ( The images are not clear in the video, so I can only assume the man in this video receivedContinue Reading

PCR fraud

Sharing this PCR test fraud documentary. Remember, 45 amplification cycles are being used by the NHS for the PCR test. GUIDANCE-AND-SOP-COVID-19-VIRUS-TESTING-IN-NHS-LABORATORIES-v1-16-march(1) PDF. And according to the pseudoscience testing protocols, if you test positive for a lateral flow, you have to confirm it with a PCR test. People continue with theContinue Reading

depopulation program

Here is a reminder that the NHS has been using Drosten PCR test at an amplification cycle of 45. This complete new religion called covid has been accomplished through psychology, bribing, lying mainstream media, and corrupt politicians. The bible tells us that the love of money is the root ofContinue Reading