connecting the dots of Covid-19 to money

Connecting the dots of Covid-19 to money – Bill Gates, Deborah R Birx, Anthony S Fauci – all related. Love of money and selfish desires, not a love to help and protect the lives of humans. For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while someContinue Reading

Is Not Coronavirus The Strangest Virus Ever

Is not Coronavirus the strangest virus ever? Had to let people know: This coronavirus is the strangest virus I’ve ever heard of. It’s very dangerous in the way it spreads. It is so mysterious the way it lurks in schools, but then dies at Home Depot. It can wreak havocContinue Reading

the corbett report on bill gates

It is by no random chance that Bill Gates and the Covid-19 corruption can make him and the pharmaceutical companies very rich. Covid-19 has been a constant ear and eye-ache for four straight months, and every day, according to the mainstream media and Governments, it just seems to get worse.Continue Reading

use cash

We should use cash as much as possible during Covid-19. It’s so refreshing when I enter a shop that says they accept cash only. I just want to hug them and say, ‘good on you’, thanks for not caving into the demands of these wealthy bankers and forcing people toContinue Reading

rockefeller foundation

I will say outright that this post is not conspiracy. The evidence is here in the two White Papers by the Rockefeller Foundation and one by the United Nations. Both the Rockefeller Foundation and United Nations exist today, but because news like this is not reported by the mainstream media,Continue Reading